Someone decided to make the internet fun again

Someone decided to make the internet fun again

The internet is our home and domain once more, and nothing can stand in our way

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How do they deal with people posting illegal content?

Okay why do you have that flower next to your name, flower user? inb4newfag

Only global moderators can delete that. Their job is to delete only spam or illegal content and they are not allowed to delete anything else. Global moderators do not own boards.

Board owners don't have any means whatsoever to delete content or punish someone. All they do is sort a thread as on topic or off topic

It's Sup Forums pass.

Oh boy , are we in for another anontalk. Because that went so well last time

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That went fabulously. It was fucking hilarious. Don't get my hopes up.

Oh shut Up Kimmo

please do not compare a glorious enterprise, that is well planned and fleshed out and is bringing something truly unique to the internet that was never done before, to a shitty proto-reddit with even more moderation than Sup Forums

Well, OP, i gotta admit i'm interested. Skeptical. Cynical. But interested.

Bruh anontalk was pedo central

If someone creates new post of this dead chick on b I'll pay them $25 you must have PayPal tho

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This seems like something to look forward to, hell yeah, dudes.

Well, thanks for showing us enrive.

I'll stick working on the P2P concept and post it on github, probably in a month I'll re-post it here. The concept my friends thought of was to use the bittorrent protocol to transfer website data back and forth. I wonder how well it would work, we'd need our own browser, so most of the time will be spent on looking at foos browsers. I fear ISPs blocking that protocol/port, so maybe in the future, we would encapsulate it with TLS, so they wouldn't know. Either way, thanks flower user for giving us a project to work out. The other thread 404'd.

didn't the owner ban everyone he disliked though? An echo chamber is an echo chamber, doesn't matter if for normies, libtards, nazis, pedos, furries or whatever. It is still a place where mods drive the narrative.

At enrive there isn't anyone that can steer a narrative, it is the only free market of ideas place on the internet, and where interesting content will start to congregate because of that, since many things cannot exist anywhere else including Sup Forums

p2p websites would be nice, but p2p is not guarantee of no moderation and being free of mods deleting what they dislike. We definitely need p2p support for the whole internet though, it is another game changer.

And we need meshnets as well, so ISPs no longer control internet access

Nevermind, damn. is your P2P browser. Looks interesting

I wasn't entirely looking for a no-moderation website. I wanted to enable non-ISP-based websites, since that's what I hate more than moderation. I'm fine with a little moderation, but I don't trust ISPs much.

I think there are many attemps of p2p browsing but nobody made something that caught on so far. Perhaps nothing truly works yet and people need to collaborate to solve all details

look into the concept of meshnet as well if you haven't yet. It is basically P2P ISPs

>mods can’t delete content
>but they can
>your freedom of speech is all directed to the dedicated trash spam section

Yeah great job 100% different, it’s way more hypocrite than this site

The meshnet does look interesting. I appreciate these, thanks. I don't believe P2P is unachievable, it will just be a slow adoption... like everything on the internet.

>your freedom of speech is all directed to the dedicated trash spam section

The "trash spam section" is actually a fixed number of threads shown on every single board page. Something you'd know if you read the image. Both off topic threads and on topic threads display almost equally, off topic threads just have a little less number per board page

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Yes Kimmo was a fucking idiot and an autist

Fuck it, I'm in.

Scratch that, fix the goddamn catalog and then I'll be in.

There's like 6 threads on the whole site, what kinda operation are you running here?

>6 threads

wut? Sup Forums alone has more than 100 pages of threads

Nice try sheila on dodging the most important point, thanks for proving the hypocrisy. Best of the best if you’re one of those politically correct faggots in charge of it, since you’re here advertising

>Nice try sheila on dodging the most important point

which is? You are not being clear

Yea I did some more looking and I take it back, just weird to see dates on threads be from 2018 and 2017. On /k/ there was one from 2015.

it is from 2013, has been slowly under development. Never had a lot of simultaneous users but always had a community

Anyone going to point out theres illegal comtent on the recent content page?


but there isn't

nice dubs

Cuck* pass

Look at the lotuscult theres some real sketchy looking shit on that


You've been too long a Sup Forums.

What if I told you that mods delete legal things on Sup Forums and there is a whole world of things you are not allowed to know and see?

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Yah thats all well and good but im not to keen for the feds to come over after seeing that shit

>he fell for it

lmao at this point your IP has already been reported to the police. Throw away your computer at the furthest dump ASAP

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I’m a lurker, and so with that, I never post. But the rabbit hole I just climbed my way out of was gut wrenching! I literally feel sick to my stomach, and to think that there are actually ppl like this. It’s sad man

everything is still too under construction there, gotta step it up and make it not shit

Ok so i did some research and since you seem to be in the know... why the hell hasn't this shit been taken down? Doesn't google have people who take this shit down? I found an /x/ thread from fucking 2017 talking about this shit.

I'm seriously fucking sick to my stomach right now. How the hell is this shit on image search. There's no fucking way Chris Hansen and the party vans should allow this shit to exist.