Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you.

I apologize in advance for late replies. I'm doing things on the side~

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest

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I went off all my vices at roughly the same time and holy crap am i emotionally unstable.

I just discovered that one of my female friends at uni is having sexual intercourse with her students, who are about 15 years old. It bugs me because there is a golden rule when you are a techer, which states that you should not have any kind relationship with your students outside of school, but the worst thing is not her breaking the rule, but the fact that she is doing so with minors. I shouldn't mind, really, but the thing that worries me is that she has been experiencing the flu and coughing on a regular basis for about 9 months now, so she probably has some kind of std.

i've been sad lately
also stopped feeling hunger at all, wich is really weird because i'm high all day

30 minutes pretending that i work and I will have 21 day off from work

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those boys are prob in heaven rn but yea its kinda fucked up

Not OP, but I suggest exercise when stressed (pushups, dancing, lifting, etc.), stay hydrated (so your body and thus mind can adjust quicker [spring > purified]), and... -Oh, sunlight. And deep breathing, too.
Any combination of the above will help, and the more, the better (in moderation, of course).
You're doing great, user. Keep up the good work.

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What happened to cause it and what are "all your vices"?

Friend that is super gross of her and for the safety of the kids, report her. I'm sure one of the students will fess up if you're an adult and tell them you know what's going on. Do not hold the responsibility upon yourself of what's happening to the students but know that you have the power to make it stop. If it was a male adult with 15 year old females, I'm sure you would be fuming. This is quite literally no different.

Why do you smoke so much, friend? Especially if you're on it all day and still feeling sad. Why do you do it if the buzz is gone?

Ahhh that's great, friend! Do you plan to do anything in the meantime? Any plans for Christmas or New Years?

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Hey OP, did you lose access to a Discord you run about a week to a week and a half ago?

it makes my mind get some rest
and get distracted
when I don't smoke start thinking too much and my head hurts, it's like noise you can't stop

>Do you plan to do anything in the meantime?
I saved some money so I will probably make trip to Hungary and spend the new year there. I will be alone on Christmas

I'm mad! I can't get a gf!, every time I talk to one my mental illness spews all over the place and she ignores me!. Did I mention I'm mad?!!!

not OP here,
you might be interested to know of other sources of phytocannabinoids.
Like black pepper, and chocolate!

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thanks but I rather smoke

Yes I did. I lost access to the account shortly after I bought my graphics card and had to reinstall windows. I'm hoping to get some more people in it so I can regain ownership of the server.

Ah the trip to Hungary sounds fun at least~ Do you know anyone there or just going to travel and have fun? You can always drop by here on Christmas! I might make a long thread on the day~

Well would you rather a partner that ignores you for being you or one that supports you through your troubles, friend? Having an abusive partner can be, at times, more lonely than being alone.

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not OP here,
have you tried extended periods of nofap?
Also, physical exercises and breathing exercises help regulate mood, and dark chocolate has a myriad of phytochemicals that help to improve mood.

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>Do you know anyone there or just going to travel and have fun?
only travel, I had few friends there but that was 9 years ago. for sure i will make friends there, we are like brothers to each other
>You can always drop by here on Christmas!
that's my plan from begin

So it Is you...
Fucking namefag. I'm gonna enjoy this.

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You're welcome, but how do you know cannabis is not the cause of your rut? I wasn't originally encouraging quitting, but now I'm curious... I know cannabis affects mood and appetite.
In any case, I would imagine exercise to help with appetite, and proper hydration works wonders all the way around.

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My cat died suddenly a few nights ago, he was only 4 and healthy. They said that sometimes their hearts just fail, something with abnormal heart muscles. He was the best fucking guy ever, I miss him so goddamn much

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I understand where you're getting at it just seems pointless because I don't have many ways of meeting or conversing with chicks, I live in an apartment complex where it's all just men and I won't use dating apps, plus social media friends which are women seem stagnate. I only have one girl I'm interested in but she won't even acknowledge my existence. How do I find women without going up to them in public and putting them off? I think I can keep my mental health problems to a minimal but what's the point when she eventually finds out I have issues?
Yeah I've done no fap before for 3-5 weeks and I didn't notice much improvements(maybe that's because I was in the ward at that time dealing with psychosis) I haven't tried it since and I fap roughly 3 times a week, but if you think it would help I could give a month ago but I won't be involved with any girls at that time and I doubt it would change my brain chemistry to make me view everything in a different light.
>physical exercises and breathing exercises help regulate mood
I have meds that regulate my mood and I'm too lazy and paranoid to start at a gym.
>dark chocolate has a myriad of phytochemicals that help to improve mood
Sorry user but I really don't like dark chocolate unfortunately...

it makes me feel a little better and in control of myself
i do exercise and drink water
just stoped feeling hunger
smoking also helped with that but it's not working anymore

Omg its been so long since I've seen this thread
There's been plenty times I've needed to talk to someone but it wasn't up
Hello feels user

You're probably right about the ward being the primary cause of you not noticing the difference it makes.
A gym is not required to do pushups, to dance, or to lift things.
Sometimes the best medicine is the most bitter. Conversely, citrus fruits contain limonene.

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>A gym is not required to do pushups, to dance, or to lift things.
I guess you're right, I can do exercise in my room and go for early morning jogs to get the required fitness I need. Limonene seems interesting I just might give it a go, also yeah being in the ward definitely didn't help because I was trying to regain sanity and wasn't focusing on anything else. The only thing in my way right now is finding the motivation to exercise, I'm pretty chubby but when I was normal weight I was actually quite attractive, how did you get to a point where you found exercise necessary and didn't make excuses so you could train. I'm genuinely interested

Well I hope you have safe travels and everything goes according to plan. Make sure not to take all your money when you go out. I made that mistake once and lost it haha

I'm very very sorry to hear, friend. I can't give great advice on death but you should take as much time as you need to grief over him. He sounds like he was more than just a pet but a really close friend to you. But there will come a time where it may be best to let go of him. You can't hang onto past memories and let the opportunity to make new ones pass by. You wouldn't have loved him and miss him as much as you do if you were busy mourning another cat. I'm not saying that has to happen now but don't let it take over your life for too long.

If she won't acknowledge you, why do you keep pursuing her, friend? If it's essentially talking to a brick wall, you won't get answers no matter how hard you try. Why not find someone who WILL acknowledge and appreciate you?

On finding people, why not go to a social space where approaching people is acceptable? Conventions if you're into that, bars if you're into drinking, or even jazz bars if you're not.

Ah how have you been, friend? I'm sorry for being gone for soooooo long. I'm glad you came back and you're still around~

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I just browse Sup Forums all day and I happen to come across this thread
Maybe you remember me, I'm the user who had to wait a couple months for my relationship partner to be ready for me


It murders my sould knowing I will never make love to her.

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I listen to music that makes me feel pumped!

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hoi isabelle user chan!!~
people liked my drawings everywhere!!
maby i dont suck at it like i think i do..................................
anyway have excelent day!!!!

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>why do you keep pursuing her, friend?
Because she's a head fuck, one minute she seems into me and we get along well and the next she does her best to keep the conversation to a minimum, I just need to focus on finding someone else who can deal with the baggage I carry.
>why not go to a social space where approaching people is acceptable?
Because I'm extremely paranoid(actually diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic) I know I know, don't use mental illness as an excuse, but it's very hard to keep them interested enough to continue wanting to get in touch with me. I guess I just need to work on my social skills and hope that God provides me with someone who shares similar interests as me, I always thought that the only way to get a gf is to find a chick who has problems her self so we can work on improving each other. I might be soon moving into another apartment complex that is for youths 16-25yrs mixed with girls and boys, and me being 22 I think it would be a perfect opportunity to find a mate. Since we'll be constantly surrounded by each other and if I play my cards right surely someone nice will come my way

Conversely, I do 10 reps with 10lbs with each arm in whatever movement occurs to me to do, whenever I'm feeling upset.

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I need to go to bed now, so I'll let Isanamefag (Isabelle>You) take back over.
Good luck with your problems, Anons! Light and love to you.

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That is the go to choice but you want to know what is fucked up about me? I'm a drunk that can't get motivated without alcohol, so what does that mean for me? Being tipsy every time I want to train? Yeah it's pretty bad, maybe I should indulge in another drug or try to remove the stressful anxiety by my own willpower(if I can) For now though I'll just try some motivational music and see if that alone is enough, if that doesn't work I'm fucked!
So you train your body and mind into exercising whenever you're low in mood, how long did it take you to achieve such a feat? I guess the brain isn't so complicated, when fat people feel depressed they eat junk food but with you, you substitute that for something positive. Good for you user:)

Ahhh I vaguely do! I'm sorry for not remembering the details, my memory is fairly bad. How have you been, friend? How is your partner
Heya again, friend! I'm glad people like your art! I'm sure it's far better than you think it is~ how have you been?

You definitely should move on and find someone else, friend. Finally getting with her, you'd spend the entire time worrying about whether she's going to flip flop again and leave. Find someone who realizes you have the problems you do and wants to stay and help you out with them because that person does exist.

If the person doesn't find you interesting, then don't try to impress them. If you need to try to impress them, you'd never be able to stop having to try. Relationships shouldn't be work. You should be able to be yourself and not this super cool super hero who works at 15 fire stations and drives a super cool sports car. Be yourself and find a person who doesn't need impressing. It may take a while and you may need to go through quite a lot of people but if you're looking for a long-term partner, being yourself, as cliche as it sounds, is definitely the way to go. As far as talking to people and approaching them, have you ever tried going out with a friend?

Ah well thank you for helping everyone out, friend~ I hope you have a great weekend.

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We're great
I'm meeting him again over Christmas and I'm super excited albeit super nervous as well
Thing that has been getting me down recently is my awful self image and I can't live with how I look and he deserves better

You shouldn't speak for him! I'm sure you look fine and I'm sure he thinks the same thing. He has self respect and he has his own thoughts and opinions. If he didn't find you attractive, he wouldn't be with you. It's not like it's suddenly going to pop up like "hey I don't find you attractive". If that was going to happen, it would have happened before anything happened between you two. So as far as I'm concerned, you already won. You got him and he thinks you're beautiful. I'm sure if many people saw you, they'd agree. And if you've already got him, you don't need anyone else haha. That's my thought process anyway~

Keep me updated!! I'd love to hear about you 2 meeting again I hope you have tons of fun and have some great meals together.

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i has been drawing alot!!
i think ill draw alot today too!!
i kinda enjoy it -.-
but im too perfectionist they say -.-

i got new tv too cause old one was kinda not work n stuff
but i has this feel
i just wanna punch it to see what happens -.-
gotta resist grrr

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A lot*

thats rood im trying my best ok -.-


Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it, you're right I need to find someone who I can be myself around and not put on a fake mask. It shouldn't matter if it takes long, finding a partner takes time and thanks to you I know that now
>have you ever tried going out with a friend?
I don't have many friends... I can go with my uncle but he's a bit loopy. I know I can't do this on my own and need someone with me because of my symptoms but I as I previously mentioned I can be alone for a while longer, it's best to get the right match than going to chicks which will only break up with you after a couple of weeks. Thanks for being a good fren and supportive

are attached images your drawings? :0

Same for my dog bro. It's always going to be hard to let go of your furry friend. I'm not very good with words but you have my condolences and I hope there's peace in the afterlife.

I'm glad you've been enjoying it so much, friend. You should totally post your art some time! And I hope you don't stress over the little details too much.

And maybe it's best not to punch your tv, friend. Whether you break it or not, you can very very seriously injure yourself. Take care of yourself and resist the urge! If you want, you can use a bat or something to bash it up before throwing it away if it'll satisfy you, but again do be careful with touching it.

Ah I wish you great luck on your quest to find someone, friend. You sound like you have a lot of love to give and a partner would make you very happy. Good luck finding someone when you move. It may be difficult but try and push yourself to reeeeeally try and talk to people. Even if it's something like leaving a note or baking something small to give you a topic to talk about.

Please do keep me updated!

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Thing is, its not just my appearance on the surface but the "sexual" parts about my body I absolutely hate. And he hasn't seen those yet since we decided not to do anything last time since it'd be too soon

I'll try to remember posting here, though you gotta promise to make this thread more often

you guys always ignoring my posts ;_;

Well if he can't accept your insecurities, maybe he's not the right one for you. Or a very nice person. I'm sure if he likes you as much as I imagine he does, you'd have no problem whatsoever! Don't worry about it too much, friend. Worrying won't change it. I know that won't stop you worrying but hopefully you realize that there's no point even thinking about it.

Haha and I promise to make these more often than I did the past few months. Sorry again about that!

Ah which one was your post, friend? I generally try to respond to everyone unless it's a conversation I'm not part of or they already got a reply

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People will give you love for who you are or will be. Whatever you do, you'll never be able to stop being yourself, so stop pretending like people who love you expect you to act a specific way to fill their standards, as they measure these standards by you, not the other way around.
just like in the real world, huh, maybe you will have to start applying your own advice to yourself, and be kind and caring to yourself, at the very least

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mo im not that good....

thats all i do!! stress over smoll details!!!

and i ment my new tv!!! it just brain think
man smack tv smacking tv good tv bad smack tv grr >:(
so i has to resist caveman me

my drawing atached its the one people say is their fav out off the ones i show

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I really believe he can accept me but I don't know if I can accept me
He might be fine with me not being able to satisfy him but then what's the use

whats your fav picture you made?

this one
it my fren hiirinyymi means mouse user

story is
somebody take picture off mouse user!! mous user is like what the heck nooo akwards i dont like pictures >.<
so that is story

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If he told you he had the same insecurity about himself, what would your response be?

These look great, friend! How long do they take you and have you coloured any?

I do hope you don't damage your new TV, friend. Maybe don't get near it if you have those thoughts

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I've been jobless for 5 months. I graduated college back in May with a degree in English. I was working as a technical writer part time, but the company decided to hire someone else for the full time position since I was not "enthusiastic enough." I've had 12 phone interviews and 5 in person ones. I've had 3 places tell me they're not going to hire until January. I don't know why, but I'm never happy with doing things for myself. I find I get more joy or pleasure from having a greater purpose or challenging myself to learn something as long as it benefits more than myself. Realistically, i have it pretty sweet. My biggest worry is paying off a credit card bill for $800. I should get a regular job just to pay for food and stuff, but I don't have the self confidence or drive to actually do that. I'll pull up to a bar or someplace and I have to give myself a 20 min pep talk to ask someone if they are hiring. It sounds fucking pathetic, but it just fucking sucks. Whenever I get depressed I usually know that it will get better, but this spurt is rough man. If I didn't have a loving gf, I would probably have anheroed by now.

compare yourself to your former version
… also meditate a bit :)
Love you

i dont have coloring pens .-.

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Idk it'd be different
We serve a different purpose sexual wise

may be a bit generic, but i miss her.
even after dozens of failed relationships prior, she felt like my first real one.
we lived together, managed bills, worked near each other, slept in the same bed. we were planning a wedding, picking out our dress and our decorations, flowers, food. we went to the zoo because she thought it would be a nice place to get married. that was one of the purest days of my life.
i came from a small town filled with mentally ill hicks, poor family and terribly education. she was raised in the city, wealthy family and schools that were in top 10s all across the country. she taught me everything i needed to know to succeed, possibly without even realizing it.

she made me feel normal.

i miss her.

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You'll land a job eventually as long as you're putting in the effort, it might be a waiting game till the christmas season is over but the pay off will be worth it. It's good that you're in a stable relationship, it puts the stress off if even a little bit having someone who loves you unconditionally, tbqh killing yourself after less than half a year of no job is a waste of your potential. Don't focus on suicidal ideation so much and if that comes from Sup Forums giving you that unrealistic view on life maybe you need to stay away from here for a little while

I suppose she was the one true love that no one else could fill that void for you, you could try talking to her again and if that's not an option I guess it's time to move on. I know she's unforgettable and you'd always remember the good times but since you have the know how and been in multiple relationships it shouldn't be too difficult to find someone else who can be an even greater partner than your ex

Ah why not grab pencils, friend~? You can get quite a lot for fairly cheap.

Would it be different? It doesn't sound too fair on you , friend, and I can almost guarantee even if he's fine, he's having the same insecurities. It's part of being together and accepting each other, friend. It's not not something to stress this much over. You'll both be fine.

I'm sorry for not replying more, friends. It's almost 4am and I'm very very sleepy. I hope to see you all soon. Please stay safe and have a wonderful weekend. If I don't see you, have a fantastic Christmas and I hope you get everything you want!

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im not planning on killing myself. It just fuckign sucks man.

that story is adorable weeb cringe and I'm happy you chose a meaningful picture, creativity shouldnt be about being good, it should be about doing good, which you obviously excel at

Nice, an isabelle thread. I've got an official plush of her.

So my live is a bit shot and my fams furnace is busted. Kind of wish I had social connections to go spend time at another house and just get away from it all.

Thanks for the kind words
I'll try to stop worrying
Sweet dreams feels user

this feeling you describe is worse than being suicidal, because depressfags have an easy way out, and we dont

if you guys dont have anything else to share from your heart I could turn this into a greentext/screencap/habbenings -thread so you can have some laughs.

I found a new therapist to go to soon, but i'm kind of nervous
I've had some really shitty experiences with therapy in the past, i just wasn't helped in any way
And i don't know, it's so hard to tell to someone's who's in front of you that you want to kill yourself, i tremble a lot trying to express myself in person
I don't even know what i have or what i could actually have that's been making me so miserable for the past 5 years
I just want to go already, i'm scared and i need help

really, what's the worst that can happen
when I'm anxious about the outcome of a situation, I just assume everything will inevitably go to shit, and then plan accordingly
if you're well prepared for the worst, then you have nothing left to do but to give it a shot, and who knows, maybe your new therapist is one in a million, and will figure out the reason youre scared and give you help