my ex girlfriend n i had sex last night but she locked me in a fucking chastity cage overnight while i was asleep

i got a text message saying this is what u get for fucking them girls behind my back and she isnt picking up her phone or responding

how the fuck do i get this thing off without injuring myself its entirely made out of steel

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Call a locksmith.

I'll take "Things that only happen in OP's imagination" for $500 please, Alex

id rather do this without involving anyone else

fuck off retard if u got no input

Then start learning how to pick a lock.

pics and a timestamp or we won't help you

with a bobby pin?

>fuck off retard if u got no input
>Ruse rumbled
>Jimmies rustled
>LARPing faggot identified

No idea. I don't feel shame about getting my dick issues taken care of.

Pic or it did not happen.

im not taking a pic of my dick locked in something like this are u mental

go find fetish fuel something else u faggot

Because the advice of someone who pays money to post here is always worth listening to

do you happen to have any instructional image on how to pick a lock

You really never heard of bolt cutter to destroy the lock?

>im not taking a pic of my dick locked in something like this are u mental
>cant u see im lying on the internet u faggot

Try youtube.

id rather not injure myself user

You never heard of OP lying for (You)'s?

Closeted homo samefagging all over OP’s thread.

There is enough chastity porn for you on the web gayboy.

This guy and OP are raging faggots.

Convincing, but falls short.
Fake news.
Pics w timestamp or gtfo

>5 posters
Go to another thread already. Closet boy. You’re a bigger fag than OP.

That really depends on the locking system, we need a picture of the cage to help effectively.

Because you are a complete moron unable to safely use a simple tool? Ok, you got what you deserve. Hope your dick will rot away in that thing.

OP is a liar and a fag.

I'd find her and beat her to a pulp

op is a massive faggot

>Closeted homo samefagging all over OP’s thread.

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this is the closest one i could find on the web to it

infact i believe this might exactly be it

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Try the wrench trick if it's a padlock. Just find a couple open end wrenches and leverage the heads of them against eachother with the shackle of the lock spread by the "forks". Open end wrenches come in all sizes so I'm sure you can find something that works.

No one believes you op, sorry.

i couldnt care less if people believe me or not

i just need safe methods to get out of this predicament

How do you have the nerve to call someone a retard when you got yourself in this situation. Fucking autistic fucking idiot. Don’t worry about the cage. To get it off simply wash your mouth out with a shotgun shell you fucking sperg baby.

>i couldnt care less if people believe me or not
>i just need safe methods to get (You)'s out of this thread

drill lock and just fucking open it with a match or some other bullshit

>Taking the bait this deeply

Cut your dick off. Problem solved.

The locking cylinder has 3 pins, and opens with a 90 degree turn counter clockwise. Bobby pin can help with tensioning, for picking just use a bend paperclip.

>go to hardware store
>buy boltcutters

Hey retard there's no magic fix. You deserved this if you're going to be so gay about it.

alright ill see what i can do and hope this works

Thanks anons

My wife had a chastity belt with that exact locking zylinder, when we lost the keys I had no luck picking it, we got it off in the end tho. Here's what we've done.
- Inserted a bobby pin into the lock.
- Filled hole with superglue
- with some plyers I ripped the pins right out of the fragile locking mechanism.
- the cylinder was destroyed afterwards, but I got my wife free.

it worked user appparently i just drilled through the hole and it fell off like an apple out a tree

thanks again

now that you're free what are you going to do about the ex


Go KILL that cunt

Chainsaw works best

If it were to be true, go to the police IMMEDIATELY before that fucking bitch does.

Sue her fucking ass and block her on all media after taking pictures and logs of everyfuckingthing. Report to the police what she's done and show them your dick because that way they will just believe you.

If you don't do this, you'll have to tell the story to a lockpick anyways and it'll be worse if she decides to me2 the shit out of you. Be quick, and tell to the police. It's not gonna be made fun of past the first impression, because it's literally genital torture; do it or you'll feel raped for the rest of your life.

Call the police you gibbering retard. That is sexual misconduct at the very least. What are you stupid?

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

you couldve just bought the exact same make and model
its not like these are made with security in mind, all of the same model will have the exact same lock.