People who pretend to be "logical" by being intentionally apathetic to traumatic events in history are the cringiest...

People who pretend to be "logical" by being intentionally apathetic to traumatic events in history are the cringiest edgelords I've ever met.

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ok boomer

I like to do that, but i wouldn't describe it as being logical. Rather it's attempting to be objective. Not succeeding of course. But i think it's aiming for a good thing.

How do you know which ones are being intentionally apathetic to traumatic events to seem logical and which ones are genuinely apathetic BECAUSE they are logical?

haha!!! watching people die :P i love it.

>intentionally apathetic to traumatic events in history
There is no way to establish empathy for historical people.
You can see it from your point in time and think "that was bad" but you cannot even partially realize the intricacies of the situation as it was taking place.
Thus it is false logic to project judgement on past events.

Exhibiting a stoic viewpoint on events doesn't mean you have no emotion. It's refusing to allow others to make you feel how they choose. Not immune to emotions, but not controlled by them.

>me big brain!! thus!!! cant possibly imagine what someone in the past felt!!!

having apathy is not related to logic

This is so cringe. Mmhmm yes m'lady i'm not perse se controlled therefore whomstever by thine emotions prithee tip tip.

ahahaha thats fucking jokes this is stoic vs cynic

What kind of fucked up mumble rap is this? Speak English, or better yet, American when you talk to people you fucktard.

So much this

When the Jews were put into ghettos and then the camps, were their neighbors already hostile towards them since certain Jewish shopkeepers wouldn't do business with non-jews and the Nazi mentality took the nation?

Was slavery in America significantly more humane than in Africa?

Was wooden-age hunting holding native Americans back from growing their populations pushing them to trade land for weapons??

Shits Soo fucking complicated and most people have only learned the high school dumbed-down version but think they're experts

It's okay to try to empathize but you have absolutely no idea how the events came to unfold

>When an autistic person tries to do le epic trole.

Cringe bro.

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Thanks for this deep and insightful opinion user, you're definitely contributing something innovative and valuable here. Please take this gold.

>stoic vs cynic
The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. A Stoic acknowledges external events, but chooses how to react. Why be subject to emotional leverage? Especially to "historic events" as OP suggests. Everyone can imagine some past event from before their birth that causes trauma, but that doesn't mean you gotta be paralyzed here and now. What kind of lazy emotional creature would choose to give tiier life choices over to historic emotional damage? Must be a femanon thing. Put gown the soy, back away from the salad bar.

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>cringiest the most-cringy word in any faggot lexicon.


Except for the fact that a person can be considered more "left" brained or more "right" brained, "left" brained people are more logical and less emotional and vice versa
So actually, yes they are related

>tfw no one pats you on the back and you have to do it yourself

left v right brained is a no brain meme

A meme based on facts