Which one to play first?

which one to play first?

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they all suck

>>No Horizon: Zero Dawn

nigga why even try

Ohhh definitely brothers a tale of two sons. You will shed tears.


Oh shit, i missed that. Yes, OP, you need to play automata. But still i recommend brothers first, it's much much much shorter than automata.

dick kickem

Bloodborne then sekiro then fuck all

Duke Nukem, rest are shit


I saw a lego game in there. Mandatory rule to play lego games

Bloodborne, great! Sekiro, not as great.
Diablo, diablo

Don't care what you play, but what you need to do is burn Ratchet & Clank.

One of the biggest letdowns I've played in the past decade

play real life instead

Came here to say exactly this

Crash bandicoon

resident evil 4

I bet you have a whole deck of Virgin cards

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Titanfall 2 or bloodborne

>stole resident evil revelations 2
I'm sorry.

Only reason to play on PS4 is God of War & bloodborne.

Give them back Jamal

I don't see a single sports game in that collection. This nigga stole these!

Man... when I think about the massive time spent on vegetating.

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