Can a fully informed Trump supporter tell me how many of

Can a fully informed Trump supporter tell me how many of
these are bullshit?

In op's opinion, can't really like Coldbert tho.
actually Colberts tears of misfortune would be a rather decent comedy incase Trump gets 4 more years.

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Most of them are bullshit, and I mean c'mon if they have to put cant close an umbrella makes a bad president it just shows how dumb liberals are.

Most of these are incredibly thin skinned.

Donald trump is the most thin skinned bitch on the planet. The dude literally got into an fued with rosey O'Donnell for christ sake. The only thing trumps done in 4 years is give money to Israel and pound big macs into his fat fucking gullet


>incredibly thin skinned
merriam webster defines Trump as:

A whole list of reasons why he is a bad president and not a single item includes any policy decision.

Having a difficult time relating here.

How many of Colbert's claims against trump are real?
Is that a real question?
You havnt been paying attention

I think maybe 3 on that board may have some truth to them but they are just personal things and don't reflect at all on the quality of his presidency

LOL samefag is SEETHING. Gonna "move to canada" all over again when he wins next year?

Kids in cages?

Some are outright false or half-truths (puts kids in cages: cages are for animals, cells are for people. They're cells, calling them cages is implying they're not people. Also this doesn't happen, maybe some were put in cells at some point but it's not standard practice). Called Nazis "very fine people", I'm guessing they're just normal people that Colbert considers Nazis because they're not like him.
Some are good things like trying to ban muslims or insulting John McCain, and others are a non-issue such as tax returns.
>violated campaign finance law
If he did they would have impeached him for that years ago. Look how weak their current impeachment case is, a literal nothing burger. They're grasping at straws. Now AOC on the other hand actually did break the law and it should end her career.

>trumpcuck without irony
kek. why so mad faggot?

Its really easy to get into a fued with that opinionated dyke. Shes been reeeeing at conservative politicians since way before trump.

I dont agree with how he handles that shit, but it seems to galvanize his base more, which is what really matters.

Yea he is so thick skinned he stayed at the NATO summit after our allies where making fun of him...oh wait

As always this shit just degenerates into people calling each other mad.

>cuckservatives have been crying about Rosie since way before trump

and that time he went to the UK and faced the public.

Lol whatever you say. Shes obnoxious as shit and so is her brother.

How does one home produce two fat faggots? Odds have got to be off the charts.

>fully informed Trump supporter
Now thats a four word contradiction.

I don't think that Colbert believes his own lies I think that he is just telling his braindead libtard audience what they want to hear.
The Libtard critique of Trump in general is retarded and makes no sense.After all, they didn't voted for him in the first place.



Ban muslimes is false. Obama wrote that list and it banned countries not ideology.

Yeah but he just signed an executive order to give federal employees the 24th off this year. Good guy in my book, no work for me this Christmas Eve.

This fag only yells about Trump, because its what saved him from being fired. He was dead last in ratings until he started doing his Orange Man Bad shit. This guy is also one of many pedos, and thus he hates Trump more because he is fucking terrified about being exposed.

I'm too lazy to go through all of it but right from the beginning it's nonsense. Puts kids in cages is an unfortunate process that has been going on even under the lefts hero Obama and is due to illegally entering the country.. it's like saying Trump separates father's from their children because when the father robbed a store he went to jail. called Nazis very fine people is false and what really happened is Trump condemned Nazis but said some people who attended the Charlottesville rally were fine people.. the media portrayed it falsely as a Nazi rally because a handful of people who showed up had those views. Tried to ban Muslims was a ban on people entering the country from dangerous regions which happened to be based off of Intel passed down from the Obama presidency and not at all a ban on just Muslims. Not showing taxes I've never known any president's or anyone elses taxes and don't recall that ever being an issue in the past. Threw paper towels at hurricane victims is a ridiculous spin on him actually going to the hurricane zone and handing out goods to people and he tossed out paper towels.. normally this would be a great act but orange man bad. The rest of it is filler BS like fathered Don JR and doesn't get a dog or ruined Kanye.

>current year
>taking this shit seriously
You guys DO know Colbert report is still mostly just a comedy show, right?
He talk shit on real stuff but this is obviously a skit, why is everyone acting like these are real criticisms?

The first thing I notice is that most of that list is subjective. The second thing is that most politicians are guilty of the ones that aren't. The third is that if we include allegations as gospel then any politician is fucked. Is this really the best that Trump haters can do ? I don't love the guy and am not even American but it is hilarious just how few people that apparently hate him can come up with a reasonable reason as to why.

Oh wow, you know synonyms! Good for you, kiddo

I don't remember the speech about a sex boat to boy scouts, but everything else is correct and the boy scout thing sounds like him.

The thing is, it's all a matter of perspective... Trump supporters look at that list as positive accomplishments.

Colbert is legitimately an evil person

Actually there were never kids put in cages, they were in ice facilities which are like college dorms with tons of activities and entertainment and food. The images of kids in cages were taken from something else and used to misinform and push the orange man bad narrative

Problem is that a lot of young liberals claim to actually get there news from these shows

>Trump supporters look at that list as positive accomplishments.
That is the real problem I guess... Trump is just a symptom of that illness. I don't think there's something you can do about this situation. Just let it escalate fully and hope people learn from that mistake for the next 50 years or so.

"feud" ya dumb inbred Trump fucker

The ban muslims is talking about an executive order.

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You're saying that Obama tried to ban Muslims? Trump revisionism is just plain weird.

Not a Trump fan but
> Kanye was always overrated shit, he has no flow
> African countries are shitholes

Parents too. Don't break the law and involve your children?
Also this was Obama's policy, he was just acting it out

yeah many of the images actually came from when Obama was in office but I figured just address detainment

Welcome to 2019! The colbert report hasn't existed for over 5 years.

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This. Just look at the economy, jobs market and stock market under Trump. No other president in history has ever done this well because of a direct impact of their actions. You couldn’t ask for a better president.

I shall be voting for him again in 2020.

it's not only incorrect in areas but laughable that "doesn't get a dog" is a point of interest on why any individual isn't a good president.

Not a Trump fan, but that list includes quite a few inaccuracies. For instance, the "shithole" reference was to countries like Haiti, which Colbert apparently thinks is in Africa. Plus, it's accurate. Haiti is a shithole.

We're not triggered, we won :) I think many may still be showing signs of Trump Derangement Syndrome even 3 years on, (or TDS for short). While there is currently no cure for TDS, doctors suggest that turning off your computer, phone and TV may help. If left untreated, TDS may lead to lost friends, lost elections, and potentially suicide.

A lot of liberals also think Colbert is a conservative

A lot of liberals also think summer is global warming.

What makes it funny is that the underlying facts are all true. It's not very funny to just make up bullshit and say, "wouldn't it be horrible if the president did these things?" It's that these are things done by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FUCKING STATES that makes this funny and why every country in the world, both friend and foe, are laughing their asses off at us!

God, even the first one, "puts kids in cages" didn't Obama's reign deport at least 6x more people?

it was never a ban on "Muslims" to begin with. It's not like they asked people whether or not they followed Islam before permitting or denying access.

What do you mean? Obama started the greatest economic recovery in the history of this nation. As Trump has messed with it, the upward trajectory has wobbled at times, but the Obama recovery continues. I have a feeling that we'll see the floor fall out before November.

Doesn't get a dog is laughable? Did you just confirm that he's doing comedy?

yeah but he refuses to get a dog so what's more important?

All of it. It's just a board of "hes mean"

The recession got into full swing under Obama's watch, he was a disaster for the country. He crashed the economy in less than a few months and in just 8 years added more debt to the country than all other 43 presidents combined. During peace time. It's the reason so many Americans were glad to see the back of him.

Well it should have been. No muslims, no islamic attacks.

-said the faggot complaining about him on a porn board

>Fully informed
>Trump supporter

He did ruin Kanye tho, that deserve 3 impeachment in my book

Wait didn’t left wingers all collectively think that Trump colluded with Russia to win an election with exactly 0 evidence supporting that opinion besides their own delusional implications that they ran with and straw-manned into existence. Like absolutely zero hard evidence what so ever?
Thats pretty misinformed bud.

Not a Trump supporter- I'm far to the left of faggot dems. But I can help.

Fake news is correct. Establishment journos hate Trump bc he exposes how shit their neolib trash system is. They hate him, so they make shit up. They get fake info like the pee tape from the CIA, who does it and Russia gate shit so they can use FISA warrents to fuck with him. Nine of it is true. Trump does horrible shit and should be impeached, but same with Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan and...

Pretty much everything elae on that list is stuff neolib Obama Dems so too, except they don't get called out on it cause they're the establishment and they don't act like a weirdo faggot like Trump does.

They can't stop believing anything CNN shovels up their ass lol

They are still believing it

Honestly this argument bothers me the most.

I criticize the man for folding to the pressure and changing policy as not to split up kids at the border. This policy has been in place since Clinton and it's for the child's safety. It's an extremely common practice for people to "rent" kids to pull at heartstrings when entering countries illegally. Theyre split up so the children and adults can be interviewed separately and assessed as to wether the kids are ok and if they're actually these people's kids or relatives.

The most notable photo going around is actually a cropped image from the Obama era of a child behind a fence.

What about the actually good things he's done as a PRESIDENT and not as a thinly veiled jab of character

>Repealed the TPP, which even liberals said was a bad idea
>Renegotiated NAFTA in America's favour, like he promised
>Dealing with a trade war with China that he started, that put America in a better trade position
>First president to step on North Korean soil taking action to de-nuclearize the peninsula

But yeah, orange man bad

I'm from Reddit and Canada.

We are post national so all that matters now is the USA.

so even though in Obama's own words "Those jobs won't be coming back" the fact that unemployment is lowered and economy is doing better is sort of a magical thing that while Obama was in office didn't take place but is now happening because of him? it's like a coach of a sports team having 8 unsuccessful years getting fired but then claiming the new coaches success is all his doing. in that case thanks Obama

How fucking dumb are you? Bush totally destroyed our economy months before Obama was elected! His recovery plan was brilliant and would have been much better if he didn't constantly try to work with Republicans at the beginning of his presidency. Trump has added more debt than all the presidents combined in just one term, and it's not even 3/4 over yet! But Republicans don't seem to care about debt when it's a republican doing it! (See: Reagan, Bush & Trump)

> a fully informed Trump supporter
What the fuck.
> a fully informed flat-earther
I mean seriously
> a fully informed anti-vax
How is that supposed to work

I would never consider that comedy, only pointing out it doesn't need to be addressed.

A lot of liberals think any new extreme weather event is proof of climate change.
Though to be fair, a lot of conservatives think any cold spell is proof against global warming.
They're all pretty fucking stupid.

I love how you assume I'm a leftist and justify your ignorance by pointing to others. Dumbass

Vaccines are weakening our gene pool.

I really feel bad for people who get their news from CNN or MSNBC and believe it.

>a fully informed progressive
What the fuck
>a fully informed anti-nuclear activist
I mean seriously
>a fully informed anti-vax
How is that supposed to work.

I like how even though you are too dumb to understand the danger of nuclear fallouts, even you understand that anti-vax stuff is retarded
Unlike this retard..

Shutup nigger you are a fucking leftist. You arn’t fooling anyone. Kill yourself

>> It's an extremely common practice for people to "rent" kids to pull at heartstrings when entering countries illegally.

Wow, you sure drank the kool-aid! There is not one credible report of this ever happening, yet you just believe Trump when he says it's "extremely common."

Hasn't ever happened once ≠ extremely common

Why are only the most pathetic losers always telling others to kill themselves, instead of following their own advice.

There's an overwhelming consensus among scientists in the field that nuclear energy is one of the safest forms of energy, and the only real alternative now for clean energy. Opposition among progressives is just scare tactics, emotional appeals, and anti-science.

And you missed the point about anti-vax. It's one of the few issues that's actually spread across the political spectrum. It's the wacky fringe of both conservatives and progressives that endorse it, you can't use it to say just one side is stupid, because it's perfect proof that both sides have morons who ignore science.

Ya know, the North Koreans have said they're gonna nuke us for Christmas.
How's that negotiating going?

Go read a book and learn what the term "leftist" means instead of mindlessly regurgitating the nonsense some talking head on TV spoon-fed to you in between playing video games while masturbating with a cheese grater.

After you, kike

Okay nigger

You havn’t killed yourself yet?

Obama turned the country in the right direction and life was great in the US for 8 years, but a black man did it, so I guess it sucked.

Nah i’m actually worth something unlike you pathetic bug. Kill yourself

Actually most scientists agree that a nuclear fallout is not only a major catastrophy it also is impossible with our current level of technology to stop high concentration of radiation in an area after an accident. Of course both sides have morons who ignore science, you are one of them.

You first.

orange man bad. I remember he tweeted negatively at Kim Jong-un and the media headlines read "Trump starting WW3" then later he visited and apparently made peace which would seemingly be great even on MSM... instead the headlines changed to "Trump negotiates with evil dictator" whatever orange man does it's bad even if it contradicts previous reporting

That shit's what fixed his precidency tbh.

Trump is ____-______.

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>whatever orange man does it's bad
You mean, it's not?

Wow, almost like the world doesn't care about what white, incel, Nazi larpers think.

Obama presided over the slowest recovery from any major economic downturn since at least WW2, stagnant growth in real wages, the lowest workforce participation rate in history, and poor economic growth. On the other hand the stock market boomed, making the rich richer. He justified.that as the "new normal".

Tell me again how that's the right direction and life was great, and how your racism has anything to do with it.

Trump is _annoying_-_orange_.

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This one is not on there so it must not be true.

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Spelling isn't indicative of how intelligent one is. Neither is political party. You're not smart because of who you voted for.

>a fully informed Trump supporter
no such thing