If america is so great why do we use communist rockets to get shit into space

If america is so great why do we use communist rockets to get shit into space

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Exactly. Fucking Obama. Killed the Space Shuttle "hurr, bekause we will maek bettur rockits if wee give boing $100,000,000,000 so their spaceships wont maek it to orbitz..."

This is why you do not let a nigger run your space program, kids.

We have so much money we will pay to use other nation's stuff while we waste money on other pointless shit.

You're thinking of Canada faggot.......we only use "made in china" products

Like prisons for niggers

america has literally 0 space accomplishments except the faked moon landing

If communist rockets are so great, why have communists never walked on the moon?

because nobody has

Same reason Amerifags havent

what happened to Drumb's "space marines?"

>Phallic object
The new vagina-shaped spacecrafts have technical difficulties.

Errrm...how easily you forget Tang and memory foam bed toppers.

Vagina shaped spaceships would burn up when you made them work. Just like the ones here on land.

Oops... so you even have a telescope powerful enough to see the landing sights?

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those were faked by the us govt

>If america is so great why do we use communist rockets to get shit into space

Russia charged America for each astronaut and for each flight. MILLIONS of dollars for every seat.

This is why America got angry when Russia flew a Canadian billionaire to the ISS for $25M as the first paying civilian astronaut.


Russia charges the Americans because SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM failed them.

You stupid fucker.

They'll even sell and ship you your space capture for another $4M if you fly with them. What is that called?

It's called CAPITALISM.

You dumb fuck.

Russia also charges the Americans to send supplies to the ISS. This is not a free service. They charge the Americans for this privilege.


You dumb fuck.

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russia is still communist they have public healthcare and free schools

they just claim to be capitalist so we'd stop using the CIA to bomb their roads and oil and stuff

Americans never went to the Moon. The Moon was simply gravitationally drawn to their large body mass.

Space travel was canned so we can keep monetary value on our minerals

you'll never win with them, they dont have the brain cells to tell the difference between a political system and a financial system.

Space X has both reusable crew and reusable cargo vehicles. They will now take over from the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

America will have both ORIGIN BLUE and SPACEX service vehicles for use.

And NASA is (at this very moment) assembling the new ARTEMIS/ORION spacecraft in the VAB. This will be for the first new Lunar flights. The date for the first Moon landings in 2024. First manned flights will occur next year.

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So fucking sexy

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so you support bernie sanders?

ahh, thanks for clarifying.

if there isn't a change in american presidence, and if the budget and plans for NASA stay as they are from the US administration.

but don't worry everyone is tiered of having to pay putin and send its astronauts in fucking khazakstan. most of the nations want a new way to get shit to the ISS. maybe india will have its part in this taxi sevice btw.

Because Americans suck at building space rockets.

They failed hard again just a few hours ago

- Congress killed the shuttle by changing several times what it was supposed to be.

- Bad management killed the shuttle by retrofitting numbers.

- Bad management killed the shuttle by ignoring warnings of problems. (o-ring blowthrough ? Ignored. detaching foam ? ignored.)

- Republicans killed the shuttle by penny-pinching NASA at every single opportunity (although they seem to have no qualms about the military budget).

- Identity politics killed the shuttle (as in: "I identify as Republican/Democrat", which is kind of ironic in the land of rampant individualism).

- The shuttle killed itself by being a flying deathtrap.

And yes, it was a beautiful bird, and we'll miss it, although some of us miss more the Apollo program.

As to your "nigger" problem:
- Columbia burned up in 2003
- Obama was elected 2005
- Obama allowed the remaining flights to build up ISS.
- It took a "Nigger" to have enough balls to say "this doesn't work"

"Off nominal insertion"

LMAO. You cooked it and have to go on and sound like wankers about it

The shuttle was a stupid concept. Why use a glider reentry vehicle when you can just parachute into the ocean for 1/10 of the price?


They don't need "capitalism"(*), as they have "thermo-nuclear missiles". (As some american once said: an armed society is a polite society).

* - Although they do have capitalism, of the crony kind. The existence of public healthcare and free schools does not preclude capitalism.

Smoother and softer landing...on land. I think it also carried larger payloads but not sure on that

So, in your world view, you're either a Bernie Sanders supporter, or dumb enough to confuse political and economic organization ???

It did carry larger payloads, but not because of the reentry concept, the shuttle was just a massive rocket.

They would have carried even larger payloads if reentry was using a standard bell as all the lift weight of the silly glider could have been converted to useful launch mass.

Americans were sold up the hill back in the late 70s. And bought the dream. It ended up being the most expensive launches per lifted mass.... ever.

so you support bernie sanders then

A nigger still killed it.

Never forget. No niggers in space, man.

Being able to control your landing prob made the astronauts pretty happy, instead of being along for the ride. On top of the shuttle being unsafe at the end of their legacy, NASAs role/mission in space changed. We are looking at the moon and mars and the shuttle wasnt going to get us there

Parachuting into the ocean (or on land, as the Russians do), gives you back the crew and a few kg of samples, but you loose the whole ship.

The shuttle was supposed to be able to:
- Bring down a satellite (used once, IIRC)
- Land, get a light checkup, attach to a new ET/boosters, liftoff. (That never happened for technical reasons, most of which were a direct result of policy/funding decisions)
It's not that stupid, but it was mismanaged to hell and back.

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Faggots always complain about shit. The Space Shuttle was a marvel of human ingenuity and was worth continuing until we had something to replace it.

Obama is a nigger because he should have said "oooga booga, how wes be goin' to da space wit out dee space shuttole?" And when the NASA folks said "well, sir, we'll have to buy rockets and rides from Vladimir Putin" he should have said "ooga booga, den everybody be sayin' I be's Putins beeeaccch insted o' dat Bad Orange Man ovah dere..."

Stop being a nigger lover, shithead. Obama killed the Space Shuttle because he was too stupid and short-sighted to see that we NEEDED to keep it going for another 10 years.

What a failure. This is worse than the Zetwire watch scam.

"Dere be White Womyn in space?? Sign me up, I be's goin!"

NASAs mission changed and the shuttles needed to be replaced or rebuilt. The shuttle's would not be able to handle NASA's new mission of going back to the moon and then to mars

There are, sweet sexy zero g space thots

Are those his seeing-eye dogs because he is blind and going to take them into space to show him where the dials are at on the ISS?

Did Boeing use metric seconds instead of "American" seconds and fuck stuff up again?

No, I can't say that I support him.

I just agree with a lot of what Bernie says.

On the other hand, it's worrisome that a whole society has bought into the "either with us or against us".

It demonstrates that it's a non-thinking society, and that an idea is examined not for it's worth, but for the political color of who presented it.

Looks that way.

$100,000,000,000,000 later, Boeing might just get it right. Elon Musk just takes another bite of Pedo Guy's sandwich and smiles...

Because we've outsourced rocket building to a country with cheaper labor.
They use technology we pioneered, to build products for us to use. Meanwhile, we are pioneering the next generation of technology.
Like everything else, it comes down to money. We gave them tech to build our rockets because they will do it cheaper. That's really it.

Can you believe they don't let blind people fly into space? That's racist.

Nice one user.

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a few decades later turns out space x is a failure because reusing rockets is bad idea as they wear out just like the space shuttle

How funny is it that everyone on the Democratic party is running around screeching about Trump being Putin's Bitch, when Obama gave more money and shit to Putin than Trump ever will.

We all know who Putin was ass-fucking, and while he most certainly is colored, that color ain't orange...

Give up, this user is beyond repair. He is watched too much Fox news and it's salty cause Trump got impeached

Every dumbass thing that the US has done has been due to politics.
The country is finally on the way to correcting this particular piece of bullshit with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Yea, no. Please tell me how the shuttle would work for a return mission to the moon and then a mission to mars, NASAs goals

It was nixon that killed the space program and fucking kennedy and fucking clinton. With their bullshit money grabbing.

Nixon was asked...
Do you want a shuttle? Or a ten year plan to colonize mars?
Fuck dicknosed pleb.

The Earth is flat duh.

Rockets are not communist!

Join the emem brigade

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The space shuttle is the single biggest mistake ever done for space flight.
It killed more people than any other space program, failed pretty much every objective it tried to achieve (namely: reusability, fast turnover time, tight launch schedule, being overall cheaper than similar alternatives) and basically slowed down technological advance for 30 years.

The orbiter is a gorgeous machine and they managed to build the most advanced engines ever created for it, but it was a failure.
We had fully autonomous launches since the 60s and somehow they decided that a glorified fairing manned by 7 people with almost no abort procedures was a good idea for space flight

Westerns lolis 2: Electric bugaloo

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