Sneaky boat thread. ONLY sneaky boats please

Sneaky boat thread. ONLY sneaky boats please.

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Excellent SBs guys.

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Here's a next level SB, anons

that's super sneaky

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I approve of this bullshit.

Thats very sneaky thank you user

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nice invisiboat

This is the only good thread on Sup Forums


Thought Sup Forums was dead and infested only with porn and Jewish propaganda threads. This gives me hope.

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damn these are some sneaky boats, OP can we also post sneaky submarines?

Stealth skill has increased to 100

version 1
version 2
version 3
version 4

Sneak sneak

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Itty bitty baby
Itty bitty boat

You can't even fucking see him! Sneaky

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I dont belive it


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Formerly a sneaky boat

giving it a go despite not quite fitting in with the group.

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true if I was watching the lake for a boat I would not expect it to come from the grassy field behind me

very sneak

Welp it's better than porn threads

Your mum is a sneaky boat.

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Kek. That plane is maybe the sneakiest of all time. We still don't know where it's hiding.

Habeeb it

Sup Forums is still good sometimes.

They're not sneaky, he's pointing right at them

Now to see if op delivers

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What do you think is under the water

I like sneaky boats

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Sometimes it's the boat in plain sight that's the sneakiest

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Layout boat. I cant remember the brand but works great for open water hunting divers

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Narco boat on northern beach in spain

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That's a cool boat

Are those all motors?

Some of these boats are so sneaky I can't even see them

More of like a skiff. Was 2k for it. Its towable so was worth the extra $400 I think. Sticks like 10" above the water so you blend right in

No, they're all bananas.

What do you hunt? Do you bring beer with you? Is it a one man job?

This boat got the right idea. You aren't looking for a boat on land.


Someone say sneaky?

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>Underage detected
A man does not hunt when he has beer.

>Never hearing of a motor boat

Chingy Chong detected.


I love this threads

Then those hunters with big beer bellies are just lyin?

A very sneaky boat indeedy.

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hai guise why am I not sneaky?

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What does Trump have to do with sneaky boats? Fuck outta here with your politicization.

yo why yall posting empty images wtf

These boats are so sneaky you might not even notice them.

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You think they got those guts from beer, or hunting?

It's just a fuckton of them that's why I asked

>yo why yall posting empty images wtf
wtf do you mean by that ?

Ew stop. Leave our thread alone

It's a joke stupid, he's implying they're so sneaky he can't see them