Waifu thread? WAIFU THREAD!! fellow waifus mount up & make yourselves known...

waifu thread? WAIFU THREAD!! fellow waifus mount up & make yourselves known, especially those from the UK c:! how are we all this afternoon?!

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*poke* lina is too cute :3

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not from UK, I have a nice morning for working, specialy couse is raining here

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> *coughing and dying sounds*

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Hello, I present; the ground. You two should be pretty familliar, in some sense. We really bump into eachother often enough to be.

prime post

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I had Lina copy show up in my D&D campaign as a DMPC and it took 4 sessions for one of my players to realize it was her. The desire to go after bandits for fun and profit was the final give away.


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>this thread

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Hey guys
Don't say it pls.

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definetly, Relm is cute
>putting your waifu into DnD
>making your waifu your PC
>making your waifu your DMPC
how many pictures do you have of him
good threads when

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Earth is cute too! how are you?

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359 including gifs and webms.

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I am just swell. No plans.
How about yourself?

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I know rite, amazing what dirt can do with a little motivation.
I am great, it's weekend, I can post the girl and calm down. You? How will you spend the next days? Was your week any good?
that is a lot of images
>webms and gifs
you have videos of hitler?

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So it was a calm day?
This week was fairly good, I finally can rest from school because I now have vacations

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Not a lot, my collection doesn't even take up much space.
Of course I do, though a lot of them are over 2mb.

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Yeah, I will play some more video games until I tend to important matters again.
That's great to hear. Remember to actually get that rest, often when I have freetime I stay up to late every day and keep making plans and end up even more exhausted.
I-it's a lot, alright? Heart warming, that is indeed, I like the awkward heiling guy, he almost hit someone.
File limits are weird, I can't share anything anywhere with anyone.

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Not really, there're probably still lots of rare pictures out there.
Oh yes, that video makes me tear up a bit sometimes.
File size limit depends on the board. Sup Forums is 2mb and Sup Forums is up to 5mb or 4mb

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Yeah, thats something you often do here.
In a few days I will going to my grandmas house for a week or so, so I will not be here in that time

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When you say it like that it sounds bad. "Here" is something I do when I have time to spend.
You will be here, cause a part of you lives in the people you have talked to.

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Hirasawa Yui
hey, you
you're one of the only reasons i'm still posting here
i had written poems and contemplated essays about my admiration of you
but i'm just going to say hello like this
i missed you

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Thats very nice, thanks...
Hello! and then good bye...

Im playing with my friends and consumes a lot of time, so I cannot respond so often, I will come here later, but I will return today, promise, see ya!

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Hey you
It's good to hear that my posts have the desired effect on some people at least and you like them, but I'm worried, if you don't want to post here please don't, not because of my shitposts.
You should do those things for Yui, like I do for Eartho.
I miss you too when I'm not with you, but there's so many people, things, and versions of ourselves that we're missing out on.
We only have like 80 years, Yui posting star, we could spend them all crying over things that weren't, or fill them with various colors and craft a future made from our dreams.
It's nice to see a post from you, thank you.
Epic, have fun, say hi to your friends from me, and take care!

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hi, sorry
have a nice day
hi there
i'm sure some way i'll find an excuse involving you if i tried again
it's not easy
i don't know what to say.
you're welcome.

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You're part of my confidence, but I feel you care about my posts too much, I'm just an user.
Yes, but maybe it's worth it, after all, you're pouring a hot cup of your heart for someone that makes you happy.
A fly here really likes your image of Yui, if I move it around with the scrollbar, the fly follows.

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you're a really nice user
i don't know about that.
that fly seems to like Yui a lot more than i could ever muster

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lol sure

i'm alright i guess, even better now this thread is active as i have the house to myself this weekend yet no-one wants to keep me company, so i've started on the gin & surprisingly enough, cans of guinness which are going down beautifully! am i drunk yet?! maybe, i'm certainly getting there!! no alcohol for yourself tonight, adolf-san? you deserve a night spent blacked-out on gin or another lethal type of spirit imo, so get yourself walking to your local tesco/asda and treat yourself :33!

how is everyone else tonight?! anyone else drunk/high (on life)? c:

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A lot of anons are really nice.
There's a way to find out, you know.
The fly might be really happy to know that, but I can't find it currently. Maybe you'll get to spend a part of your afterlife seeing through the eyes of flies, and watching intelligent monkies post girls on an imageboard worrying about things that flies don't think about.
I'm in love you dingus, haha, what kind of question is that!
your posts make me happy, user, have a good one
Mord means murder in german

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heh, mount. UK fag here, gotta admit I like my women older and more aggressive.

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yeah... i guess so
i don't think i want to
that sounds hellish

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yui poster tryin to smash

I bet what we're doing looks like limbo to this buddy as well.

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Post yo waifu porn here, in my cool server!

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This is my waifu Nymph-chan, her show isn't very good

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Home alone for a weekend sounds fun, what are you going to do?
I'll pass. Enjoy yourself though.

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>((they)) ask you how you are,
>and you just have to say that you're fine,
>when you're not really fine,
>but you just can't get into it because ((they)) would never understand...

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Do you want to elaborate on that?

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Kill yourself cuck

a shimmer of hope....
shot down by
osculans vale
...quia nunc

thanks oba- mordred.

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the flying Yuiposter has left us
Noone will 100% understand anyone. But you can speak your mind, if something weighs on you, it can often relieve to just talk about it.

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Im from Argentine, Its almost summer here, now its like 20ÂșC and raining again,

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hello hello

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Hei hei!

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i had to part with my love this evening...

does the Pop shit in the woods?
game cheer me up i hope.

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on good or on bad terms?

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it is only temporary... but still... ;_;
i will get her back after she's all detailed and serviced up about 2pm tomorrow

i shot up a pizza place, it was well stacked...
mission passed!

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Reading these was quite the ride, as well
Kao's keeping those quads for herself and we're getting none

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Damn dope fiends and drug addicts everywhere in this city.
Piss me off.

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druggies can be very nice people under certain circumstances
if you want them to stop being druggies you could an policeperson

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I don't blame her, I'd do the same

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you don't get it...

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large,
a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7,
two number 45s, one with cheese and a large soda!

...my disc people know

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Why'd the artist make her tits 50x their original size?

Sachiko claimed.
How's everyone's Friday so far?

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My day is great, I feel so happy about being able to do nothing for a small period of time. I've looked for new pictures of my waifu to no avail and tried some videogames, and now I'm listening to music and reading through textposts and talking with my friends.
What are you doing?

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Whole lotta nothin' myself, G. I'm gonna run to the store later but for now i'm just listening to music myself. I feel you on the waifu pics too, waiting for my favorite artists to upload can be a pain.

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the Earth poster in my dreams was a lot more romantic
i don't get it

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I'm not a very romantic person, unfortunately, I've been an apathetic husk for most of my life and am just learning how to have strong emotions.
If this inconveniences you I recommend making a new Earth poster that is better.

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