Fatty thread 2.0

fatty thread 2.0

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Moar cute chubby feet

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Fuck yes I want moar!

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Yes. Kik?

Kik empee19

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How do I get my fatty fetish back? It's slowly going away AAAA NOO I LOVE FATTIES I DONT WANNA BE ATTRACTED TO SKINNY BITCHES. I want the old strong desire for bbws back


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For the fatty foot lovers

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Hoooly. Im in love

go on?

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Looks like this is for me!

More of this bitch? She's just the right kind of ugly

Toes please

The wifes holes

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Nice! Kik?

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anyone want tits?

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Are fat girls looser or tighter?

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I dont have kik

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Kik or snap?

Sorry anons, caught me at a bad time because I have a pedicure scheduled tomorrow

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Still lovely

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Keep going

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lol what else do y’all wanna see regarding my feet?


ok boomer

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>asking a fatty to suck her toes
lol I’m fat, that’s too hard

tighter, because nobody wants to fuck them

Smth between them

I love your feet bby


Only into showing feet?
Anythin more?

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Wish it was my cock between those cute Little feet

Preggo tits

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tfw no qt footfetish bf to rub my feet for me :’(

Show them

I’ve been posting them in here lmao

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You mean, those?
i dont really believe that you cant find a footlover for them.

I have a thing for fat little feet in socks. Idk why I find them so adorable

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Holg fuck. U made me hard

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Would you share some more of your feet on kik, snap, etc?
I find them adorable and would love to See more.

my feet and legs in some cute stockings I got.

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Please, more


sorry no more, I’ve been shitting this thread up with my feet. didn’t mean to hijack

Kik then?

Bro... It's a proven fact at this point. ALL fat women sit like this. Wtf is with that? Is it really that much more comfortable when you're a fat fuck to sit like this? I will never understand this.

Who cares. I cant See any other content than your sweet feet in here. You can post more.

That was the Best content in here. Please keep going

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those are some big gahonagahoogs.


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