Billie eilish is 18 now

Billie eilish is 18 now

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Everyone keeps posting this, and about her? Who is she and why should we care?

thanks man
let me know when she turns 53

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Wonderful. I don't care. I swear to Christ this girl was just engineered by record companies to be the "next big thing". Nobody I know has ever heard her music or knows who the hell she is. Yet here she is being shoved in our faces once again.

Is this the new Banana thread ?

Who gives a fuuuuuck

This has been your yearly billy eilish age update

Yea her and Lizzo seemed that way. That pooped out of no where and made a huge fanbase with one song, usually a pretty good sign.

Welcome to pop music. Well really pop culture in general.

What the fuck is lizzo?

Who in the Holy Fuck is Billie eilish? I'm honestly asking.

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What's wrong with you? Legit were you touched as a child

Who not what.

Huh, darn near interesting

I feel the same way. I mean I love her music but holy fuck she does feel more forced than Minions and Frozen 2 marketing.

She's a gurl

Yeah.... I'll pass.

Jesus. I just looked it up. I thought the standard for female pop singers had dropped, but god damn.

I guess in post feminist america there a market for morbidly obese black female singers.

Oh I get it. Fags and Dykes love her.

she only take big nigger dick, why would i want AIDS or HERPES?

here's your (you), faggot


Yeah there's many girls, why should I care about this one specific?

She wasn't in her mid 20's ?

She look older ew

Cant wait till she 23 and no one can remember her name because of the next 14 yo with tiddies

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She's a singer singing songs to some melodies with a good beatz, and tracks with good production.


because other girls aren't doing what she doing (singing, dancing) faggot, even if you dont like her you need a simple brain to understand why someone would care for someone famous, your question shows how truly autistic you are for not grasping basic concepts while trying to act edgy hurr durr who cares she's a random girl

who gives a shit about her singing. look at her enormous tits

Fuck all that, nobody cares. post nudes or gtfo.

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And she's still fat and ugly.

All these trend following children who give a shit about some fat coal burning slag need to gas themselves.

Our douse yourself in gasoline and light a match.



>being this new
wew lad here i thought its was cold ass winter but evidently its already summer here.

At least today's generation isn't grammatically illiterate.

I want to do unholy things to her

So the niggas fucked her undr age?

the age of consent or sex is not 18. The age of being in a porno or taking nude photos is 18 years

>implying niggers give any fucks about what they jam their dicks into

I think they fuck anything that has a hole, but i'm just clarifying, it's not illegal if she's at least 15 years old to have sex. BUT it's illegal to record the sex or take photos

>Busty 18 year old
>My PP go up

lol imagine getting mad that someone you will probably never even meet wouldn't fuck you

how's it feel to be the ultimate beta bitch

Alright, captain pedo. I'm sure that will hold up against the the shotgun of your next victim's father.

so jacking off to her pics is ok now?

since she's 18 im going to bust like 10 loads today just off these pics alone

For those asking who she is, she’s this generations Fiona Apple.


and still a 4/10

Fuck her, stupid aspie.

Now that she's legal, sure thing

so...10 years too old.. good to know..

So? I'm older than that.

Didnt stop her from getting blacked


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this : > shit

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welcome fag

Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do...

there is a pornstar called Taurus that looks like an older version of her. you're welcome faggots

Is that fake?