Asian girls

asian girls

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More nudes and less fucking Instagram reposts please you fags

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Damn, this girl was built for White cock!

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any nudes?

Of who

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Yea but less nudes like urs pls

Whats that?

nudes of right

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reminds me of sherk's wife

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You go to her church?

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feet pls


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Have a creepshot ofnip. Post your stash

show me her nip

how do you know her?

anyone have monica gu or ivy league girls?

Gook face

Gcc lol

June from hahvad

post her
which june?

Fucked a few ppl from her own church

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post creepshots

i didnt know gcc girls were that slutty op

lets see june

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more. name?

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Dump yours

got anything of monica?

i dont have gcc stories. i was asking for yours.

who is this slut

is this that nyc cutie?

would also love to hear some gcc stories

just stories


gcc stories op ?

nothing really, know of her, but wanted to see if there was anything out there
can you share some stories?

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forgot her name. you the op?

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who do yall know from gcc?

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nudes? story?

love chubby asians

freshman year she was drunk off her ass, made out with her, i got her into the bathroom and she sucked me off at a frat party and then went out and made out with others

Her and yuree get loose

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allison and her friends vaguely

who have you fucked? nudes/story time

Everyone lol. Hooked up w band member

holy hell yuree is hot

more of yuree

Discord gg/TZbcZm

"friends vaguely" doesnt sound like you know anyone...
everyone also so vague, also doesn't sound like you know anyone

Janet, yuree, Allison, grace, Virginia, christina, bunch

lol that's not yuree, that's allison

Share your yuree pics

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post wins of gcc

how do you know monica gu ?

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went to same hs as her, but didn't really know her well

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nudes of june

which christina?

Da fuk wrong with her eyes. Is she a downie ?

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anyone know/have any freshmen from RU?


was she a major slut in HS?

shes was quite a big slut in college freshman yr

anyone have joyce or shizuka ?

not that i know of, maybe within her friend group, but she wasn't doing much in hs

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Anyone have more Hanna?

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damn know them too, wish I had stuff, you got anything or stories?

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got any nudes of girls at your college?

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been looking

saw joyce once at lunch but she has bf

who do you have stories or nudes of?

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