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Well, that would have been one good reason to vote for Hillary anyway.

Any vote that is more Left than what we have right now is a vote for loli

That artist literally set this picture in the "side of beef" scene with the van lol

i have the rest OP

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Show some respect. "That artist" is shadman

wish lolicrat was a real party

He deleted all his loli stuff, and beastiality, as well few other stuff. He doesn't deserve any respect. He's a bitch.

Where is the trump trap? Comeon shadman.

You're not even brave enough to draw that shit in the first place so idk why you think you can stand on this.

Post that shit bro

He’s right, Shadman is a colossal bitch.

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Niggers tongue my anus

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I don't see anyone else doing it though so it's kind of like the nig calling nig black.

>imagine being this retarded

The main reason a lot of loli lovers don't draw loli is because they don't know how to fucking draw you absolute asstwat

Oh you mean they are SCARED of being ridiculed for their shitty drawing so they don't even try in the first place? BETA

I literally can't do much better then stick figures, plus my hands are fucked in general. As well not everyone is an artist, lacking the skill or imagination. You must be retarded.

No, they literally don’t know how to draw.

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Really? Too bad she lost.

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Damn Shadman dropped the ball on this one.

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It only take 10,000 hours to master a skill.
There's a chinese boy with no hands who can play the classics with his toes. You are almost identical to him genetically speaking.
Anyway my argument was you guys are such bitches that even if you could draw you wouldn't risk shit for anyone else anyway but as usual you mongs focused on the context of my point rather than the fucking point itself.
POINT >You're not even brave enough
CONTEXT >draw that shit in the first place

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what's this one's context?


tana mojojojo and idoobz from youtube

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In a very literal way, OP is right.

>It only takes an inhumanly inmense ammount of time to master an skill.
>You are equal to chinks
>You guys are bitches and im strong brave man hiding behind a keyboard

Point: You are an absolute faggot
Context: I'm learning how to draw among several other things and there is no way in hell i spended 10000 hours in any of them.

yes, yes I do

The girl harassed Idubz online so he, like the alpha male completely mentally functional working member of society he is, went to confront her in person.
He posed at her side and said "Say nigger" (something she called him beforehand apparently).

tldr: manchild harasses someone irl because internet

Don't post lolis you clod, we are talking about waste of oxigen's and Shadman's small dick.

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10k hours is roughly 8 hours daily over 3,5 years. if you can only practice 4 hours a day, it will take you, worst case scenario, 7 years to go from complete dud to world-class

this is a loli thread though?

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so an idiot and a soyboy?

Idubbbz is not a soyboy my guy

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2 idiots, then

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No is not, its a political thread tard.

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You'd be suprised and that's mastering a skill. Shadman sucks ass literally.
>inhumanly inmense ammount of time
700,000 hours per life or around. minus a third for sleeping and a third for working leaves you with over 220,000 hours. You can master twenty two skills if you weren't already an old fuck.

Why didnt he do that with a guy then?
He specifically targeted that girl because he could overpower her, he is a bitch.

why not both?

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4 fucking hours a day?
What about working, cooking, cleaning, taking a shit, exercising, shopping, paying the bills, studying?
That's stupid, ill never "master" an skill on my life if 10k hours is what it takes.

Because of the opportunity that presented itself and for the lulz

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No, make your loli no life thread and GTFO.

Sure because no man on the IT ever called iDubz a nigger

That's why you become a jack of all trades and a master of none, because it's better than a master of one.

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He strongly encouraged his audience to call him a nigger, you need to read up on your youtube drama, at the time she was under flame for saying it.

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Yeah that chick’s a cunt who was asking for it.

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>you need to read up on your youtube drama

>you need to lurk more

>you need to waste your life away caring about some loser online

What good is it to draw anything if you will end up hiding it like a pussy, the coward deserves no respect

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>but how am I supposed to do anything when I have all these ( insert excuses ) to do
and that's why you'll be a wagie to the day you die

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>I should argue about things I know nothing about.

>Let me greentext like a retard for no reason.

>Let me reddit spaceing also
enjoy the loli and politics

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Pay your taxes Chris!

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>imagine taking pride in being a no life loser

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What am I trying to slide?

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>I forgot

>reddit spacing

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doesn't she practically have one foot in the grave with her health problems and all.

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If someone has a dropbox or mega of all of shads loli id love a link

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I second this

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thanks for the dump

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You're welcome user

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Yeah thanks user

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Hat Kid is a top tier loli


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this pick its awesome, do u have more?

I wish I did, I love hilarious loli pics.

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I found out the artist is called maldives, but they just seem to be one offs or they don't post the complete sets on gelbooru

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this pic is so weird... it looked like it was all edited together and wasn't just drawn

weird isn't even the word to describe his art.

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Ok, I'll post it here. I'm still taking requests

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hillary is running AGAIN?
this is why trump will win again
when will you retards learn

Well done, user. Have you drawn anything hard core?