What would you pay for this? its all gorilla glue

what would you pay for this? its all gorilla glue

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its not safe to smoke adhesives user

Wouldn’t pay anything. I luckily live in a place where recreational use is legal and where each individual is allowed to grow up to 6 plants for personal use.

Looks about 6-8 grams

So fifty to seventy bucks

Thats at least half an ounce dipshit, 200 worth imo


Looks like a half ounce so about 90

Depends on weight and quality. I'd usually buy a pound between 1500 to 1800. However if you're talking just based on an 8th or a q or something, sell as follows:


Half for 70, go find better source. My fav strain tho, gg4

sorry I don't smoke

If you're buying, subtract at least 5-10 off each price. Don't overpay, let others overpay you

If I got that from my guy, and he doesn't put poopoop or peopeop in tha drugs 50$


are you a leaf? I hear the shits almost free up there

Sikemzsikems wannabe big smoke azz fool 5 a gram 10 a duel 20 a eighth 50 a qb 100 a half 200 a zone 33 grams a zone

You can pay me $50 to take it off your hands

Lames don't even know how to water or feed weed, you just end up wet no budz

I live in Maine too user

And I'll get like 8 gramz for 50$ nugz tha size of 100 kilo diamondz

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200 is way, way too high.

150 absolute max, and thats robbery.

In non legal state i pay 180-220 / o


That is not thooka chances are you got weed that's been fed poopoop and peopeop I pay 50$ for as much Kush as tha size of my fist

This is absolutely correct as someone who used to buy weed everyweek for years

60-90 max nigga

Half an ounce for $200? Are you fucking retarded?


Lmao you’re paying 200 for a half ounce still? 80 for 1/2 is about right on the illegal market

$100 max

No more than 80$

cool it with the antisemitism

if you paid more than $40 you got ripped off brah

tree fiddy

in nyc
that 1/4 =100
1/2 175
full 325-375

if its cloned out garbage cut the prices in 1/2

>paying for weed
What type of 3rd world backwards shitholes do you live in, user? Here, recreational use is legal & as long as you only grow a couple plants at a time for personal use, local cops don't give a fuck how many you grow over a years time.

Peoeple are asking $300/oz in NC right now for good bud

80....max 100

Easily 120 where I live

I believe it.

When I was in highschool over 10 years ago, prices were way, way higher. Almost double what they are now.

I pay for weed because I dont want to spend time growing it. We do live in a market economy.
It really doesnt make sense to grow unless you are a super heavy user in 2019, even in illegal states.
The power bill on a hydro grow alone would be close to the 100 or so a month I spend on herb.

That looks like about a half oz. 140-200 depending on quality. Not familiar with 'gorilla glue'. Haze and kush are about 180-200 or so in NY.

14 grams 200$!!!!!!!!!! Max 90$ or you are getting robbed, an ounce is worth 160$ max!!!! And i am Canadian !!!!

Obviously price vary wildly by location, user.

But yes, those are some 2006 prices.

Fuck you im on probation and I can't smoke

But video games here cost 80$!!!! 60$ in the state!!!!

Wouldn’t pay more than 100 and that’s pushing it

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Ok and?

Where is maine, what's the rate of living like?

>Little billy is on christmas break from junior high.

That looks like a $250 batch right there.

200-280 per ounce or you're getting ripped off.
I consider anything above 200 to be the convenience fee. I'd rather pay it than wait for something else.

Yeah maybe. I would pay max 200

bout 100$ pimp. Looks like a half oz to me

The bud looks a nice color but it doesn't look frosty so i don't think it's top shit.

Pretty much.

I know people can get it in legal states for 140-180 and ounce at the store. so im more than happy to pay 200$ for thier risk of getting it to me.

I used to get bulk carts in the mail, but the quality tailed off big time and the legit carts are expensive with the 3rd party mark up.

>$100 for half an ounce

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Thats certainly not a ridiculous price, Don Pablo. Im sure people can get it a little cheaper,
Lol. You can try to shit on people all you want. Its pretty sad.

80 unless y'all mfs trynna hit a lick or trying to rip me off
mfs would charge 150 to a mf that they know doesn't know shit or they don't like

speak english you fucking nigger, or god forbid wanna be nigger.

I have gotten oz of top shelf for $155

Weed gets really cheap if your state doesnt care much about it and it's right after harvest season in cali

ITT dumbasses paying way too much for their weed

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if you knew me in real life you'd be dealing with a weak and soft individual

I would pay 80 but that may not be the case because sometimes it's all up to the vendor whether they want to sell it for that price, if they don't like you, are trying to rip you off, or see that you don't know much, or all of these factors combined, they may charge you more for than it actually is worth

Yea, so I would say that @25% markup is reasonable for people in non legals states, despite what don pablo, lord of all marijuana her says.

What kind of fucking degenerate actually needs a whole ounce of weed?

Thats a quarter you niggers, so gramnigger is right. Prob closer to 8-10g. A half O takes up an entire quart bag. Go back to weed class.

A quarter of an ounce is 8-10g
A quarter of a hundred is 30 right?

You know that totally depends on nug density my friend.

It can look like ALOT more or ALOT less than it really is.

A quater is 7 gs....

lmao exactly. i've only paid $80 to at the most $90 for a half ounce every time.

This, Ive seen dense bud that has that much space and weigh a half a O, dumb bitch acting like he knows everything.

i know. I was pointing out how much of a poorfag the dude is because he's never bought a q of anything and didn't go to school to learn maths.


These retards don’t realize OP has teeny tiny faggot hands

i'd pay 50 tops. unless you're asking what it would be sold for; more like 150

>monkey speak
My sides

looks like weed to me

>its all gorilla glue
I don't know potspeak. Please explain.

i pay 140 per 1/2oz

$90 ounce here boys :^)

What is it? Chinkbud? Pay me to smoke it.

jealousy is a disease

It is legal here and GG#4 is going for $160 an OZ

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Nah i'm serious. Mates rates or what? I'm getting it at 2 ton per wizard

That camera looks like it landed on the moon.

90 for Oz still smokes good. Bought online

Considering my store has $20 eighths...

>still smokes good
Unless it's primo, i'd rather pay extra but maybe you just close to source.

In my country it is ALWAYS 20€/g

Fack. Is it a life sentence or some shit?

Top shelf sht will be 70 for half. Honest, best jive I ever smoked

lol you must live in a backwards ass place where you get 10 years for a 20 sack

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not sure what you mean, is that good or bad?

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what you'd expect from a weed thread, it's either niggers or even worst wiggers

>Where is Maine
are you foreign or stupid?
>whats the rate of living like?
varies according to individual metabolism

It looks like it was invented for neil armstrong to take pictures of the moon with.
>It looks old as fuck user. I've seen flip phones with better resolution.

Picture made me kek, never seen that before wtf.

70-75. Looks like a quarter

You're foreign.
>varies according to individual metabolism
How much do you spend dude? Gas leccy etc. You know what never fucking mind fuck you maine faggots.