Enter your bedroom and see her standing, what would you do bros?

Enter your bedroom and see her standing, what would you do bros?

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Tell them to turn around slowly so can see them from the front

do you know who she is?

my gf

I'm too tired and hungover to gaf...so I'd tackle onto bed, be the big spoon and snuggle for the entire day.

bend her over and pound her pussy until I blow my load inside her.

Tell her to round off her hair at the back instead of squaring it off

Ask who tf she is and how she came in my room?

post pussy please, fapping. she's hot.

where is she from?cause i may know her

Ask her to turn around

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Turn 360* and walk away


keep going, I'm diamonds

Ask her to close her legs, please.

you're a fucking retard.

She's fucking amazing, more of this delicious ass?

>Why your still standing? On your knees and get busy....

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Tell her to gtfo so I can jerk my 2 inch dick to midget porn

got spread pussy?

nope, sorry

Walk in.
Turn 360°.
Walk into arms of my loving wife.

Assume she's a gift from my gf and fuck her

Get equally as dressed for this momentous occation. Happy Holidays!

post face


Nice, I fucking love her. Maybe you could share

Thigh gap?

not really