Do you mind if I share a pic of my wife here ?

do you mind if I share a pic of my wife here ?

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Ass pics of her please

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Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed

no, shes not into butt stuff

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That's to bad. I'd rim her for hours and hours

ahah thanks for the compliment :)

you're not very talkative around here

Any nudes

No, she doesnt want me to share nudes especially with her face. Her decision.

She is 42

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you dont like ?

yes, I do, fuck off

why are you so insecure ?

Such long legs!! have kik??

The tattoo puts me off.

No sorry, we dont want anything serious, just to play with our limits

her face looks like an old catchers mitt

it turns me on a lot

xD You made me laugh