Do you have pressing questions about the female gender that you want answered by a female?

>Do you have pressing questions about the female gender that you want answered by a female?

>Are you into bdsm? Dominant, sadistic, or mentally cruel?

>Would you like to witness the inevitable breakdown and suicide of a mentally ill ethot, or encourage her compulsive, self-destructive behavior to bring her closer to that ledge?


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Tits AND timestamp

I know you irl


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you know the drill, sharpie in pooper right now with timestamp

Fourth letter?

It’s an “E”!

pls dont be trap server..

invite is expired when I enter it

Invite link is expired

The server is dead?

full link for the invite?

Uninteresting stupid bitch, don't forget to dox.

This board man, this board is done.

how do i get a GF?
i'm rejected as soon as i talk to a woman over text or irl
I tried being funny (not awkward funny but they would laugh at least), nice, bad and good none of it works
in school we had a boy-girl policy so i would never last more than a couple weeks next to a girl before a "random" move and no female wants to sit near me now so management just put me into a corner
i try my best but none of it ever works and it destroys me everytime

If nobody wants to stay near you then you probably look and smell like shit.
Take care if your body and your style first, then worry about communication.

You could be the smoothest talker ever, but it won't matter if you are repulsive to be around.

I would say, stop. There’s a reason everyone thinks you are a creep. Stop chasing it. Develop a better personality by losing yourself in genuine interests and hobbies, giving back and doing good things without expecting recognition or a reward, doing your best to be the best version you can be of yourself. You sound like you come off as desperate and fixated. Just chill and focus on you. Identify physical and mental things that are unattractive about you and work to change or minimize them.

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OP the link is expired

op, why are you gay?

on a more serious note, op, what kind of girl are you?

Tell us about what makes horny, on a psychological level, I mean.


I'm going to cum to you, probably

One with a beenis.

shit, if so that makes it more the better for me tbh

I take care of myself, I shower every morning, im not fat, Im not covered in acne, my face is not butt ugly, im not short nor incredibly high and i dont know what else I can do apart from contact lenses and trying to do more with my hair
some of the girls i've talked to have dated people who were criminals even before they got together
this isn't an active thing i go after, I try and do my best with the small amount of opportunities im given.
But maybe your right there, I don't do charity work or have a broad spectrum of hobbies maybe i should try a new hobby

What is your opinion on my dick femanon

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Not OP. 10/10 would suck

Thank you, are you a femanon to?

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i think your problem is your excessive autism, and the fact that 2 messages in and I already dislike you

work on being not that

thanks for for construcive criticism

Hows my dick stack up?

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Do you call this TITS or should you GTFO? Also where are in store prices?