ITT: Most punchable faces

ITT: Most punchable faces

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Cant miss this cunt

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Been told I am

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are you white or black?

What are your pronouns?

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I don't want to get all philosophical on y'all, but who would you rather punch in the face: Lars Ulrich or Axl Rose?

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Axl, cause he got fat as fuck

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Darth shitter

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Weasel-Nigger Crossbreed ?

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TROTW is kinda cute tho


fuck this guy for real


not a fan

this guy looks like a fuckin loser

ms crow's feet

idk that guy just looks weirdly eastern european

weird face proportions

that's a bad shoop

ok Chris

He's a great actor though.

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Absolute faggot

For the WIN!

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I dont even know his name

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Neither. Both contributed a lot to rock / metal and to music in general. The stupid shit they said / did had almost zero effect.

Lars Ulrich is Danish. And he actually looks like a Dane.

Bendyourdick cucumbersnatch

Wimbledon Tennismatch

idk dude, I know some danish folks and that guy looks fuckin bulgarian or some shit

Love Trump or hate him his sons look like weasels. Baron needs to hurry up and grown up to replace these butt dumplings.

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No shit is a shop, the face is not shopped though and its a very punchable face.

...and then theres this asshole

UK wins

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Every day I want to. Fuck cuck sanders. Socialist should be strung up wherever they're found.

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