Lmfao he's not even impeached

lmfao he's not even impeached

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So get on this.. tell the mail carriers that they must aquit because the letter doesn't fit.


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Unironically this is the funniest shit I've seen today. It's almost like the Russian bots disappeared immediately after the vote and all that's left are like 3 legitimate Trump people that are left holding the bag and all they can do is scream.

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Still your president, bitch

He has been officially impeached. Now the senate decides if he is officially removed from office with a super-majority vote. People are so stupid... you can still get impeached without actually leaving office.

Imagine getting impeached and then a second term.

How the hell are you people still going on about Russia? Put a bullet through your skull already

>He has been officially impeached.
That is factually incorrect. Impeachment is a formal charge against the president. The charges are heard in the Senate. Until the charges have been delivered to the Senate, he has not been officially impeached.

Glad to see you leftists are blatantly braindead fucktards who don't understand anything at all.

Why would you trust a democrat witness??

imagine it happening "officially" and then it just goes away because the people that wanted it the most got scared of losing their positions in congress, hahahaha

>getting your news from the moonie times.

This is from Bloomberg, the official home of what "real news" from the Democratic party

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Show all incognito tabs

the democrats would never abandon their constituents, would they?

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Word, Mitch McConnell doesn't even know about all this yet.


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(((Noah Feldman)))

Looks like a younger (((George Soros)))

What an ugly reptilian race.

>Imma pretend impeachment never happened to cope
I love the tears of republiniggers.

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wait are we just arguing semantics in this thread ?

>by (((noah feldman)))

>Opinion piece

It's a fact that's he's not impeached, until Nancy Pelosi sends the articles to the Senate.

Two websites carrying the same israeli propaganda by the same joo author. Sad.

>imma pretend he's not my president

Nope, the fact is Trump is not impeached as Nancy Pelosi has not delivered the articles to the Senate.

Of course, that's that 90% of these threads are about. The left says Trump is a despicable hypocrite and the right says he's a Republican politician. Literally just semantics.

It has not happened, and this remains the objective truth until Pelosi delivers the articles to the Senate.

Keep telling yourself that loser. Fatboy was IMPEACHED!!!! BOOYA!!!

>being this blatantly retarded

Your own top Jew Lawyer from Harvard said he's not impeached you fucktard mouthbreather. Lmfao.

Nice strawman faggalicious. Too bad I never wrote that.

should'nt she have done that yesterday and made it official? what the fuck is she waiting for?
every second that passes where trumps not impeached makes the democrats look impotent to do anything to stop trump, it's like they want him to win re-election

That must be why it's in the opinions section, right? Here, have some real facts.

On December 13, 2019, the House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. On December 18, 2019, Trump became the third[e] U.S. president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives.[2]


nice roleplay user, you sound really convinced


> In that post: The expected education level of someone who suffers from TDS.

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>this far in denial

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>this fucking retard thinks wikipedia is a legitimate news source


what's she waiting for then? if you can't answer this then trump deserves a 3rd term

Keep crying dumpsters. Your tears sustain me.

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>He has been officially impeached
I was reading shit about that as early as last night. Legal; experts were saying he was not impeached until the Senate gets the articles.

I have no opinion. It is hilarious.

>trump deserves a 3rd term
Meth. Not even once.

She's going to keep grinding it in your ass for awhile. Deal with it.

No he has not

>being this illiterate
>2020-11 days

still scratching your head trying to figure out why he's not impeached? what a retard

welp, 3rd term it is, way to go lefty

Yes she should've

She hasn't done it because their case is so incredibly weak, it will be dismissed. The impeachment will officially be dismissed and removed from public record.

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>No he has not
I believe that will be right. Once again, I am an observer.

>coping with impeachment by covering ears and yelling "NO NO NO"
The absolute state of the repudlicker party.

Please continue with your autistic screeching. I'm going back to work.

starting another fake impeachment thread?
>$0.17 has been deposited into your shill account

Last night, the legal annalist were saying as follows-
every modern POTUS has had an adversarial House at some time during their term.Given this, all could have been 'impeached'.

every future POTUS will be impeached.

impeachment will have no value.

giving up at the finish line huh? why does this seem so familiar?

I predict, these threads will get much shorter-

Yeah no. Has to be a trial and the Democrats are withholding because they know it will fail horribly

this is going to be a fucking riot.

Jeesus, hahaha-

Impeachment is official. Impeachment doesn’t remove you from office retards it just “places charges against you” per se. It then goes to the senate and a super-majority vote decides removal from office.

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>it just “places charges against you”
The charges are then heard in the Senate. If the charges aren't heard in the Senate, because they weren't delivered to the Senate, then de facto the charges don't exist. In fact, this means he's not impeached until the charges are delivered to the Senate.

I really can't dumb it down any further for you.

even left wing legal experts disagree.

Hahaha Trump is still winning you fucks.

>it's another "fucktard bachelors of arts liberal fag pretends he has even 1% understanding of any legal concept" episode

lmfao. hilarious episode. babby's first political argument

Well spoken.

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>it just “places charges against you” per se.
It doesn't do shit except show how proud the Democrats are at being butthurt and impotent.

Agreed. America is losing, but the lying fuck is still winning.

The best part of this retarded post is the deferment to Wikipedia. 10/10

Agreed.beat me to it

For all of human history, here's Trumpf, right next to Clinton.
Hahahahahahah! Hillaryarious!

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I would guess, there will be a propaganda campaign. The MSM and all the usual suspects.

Everything except sending the articles to the Senate.


Did I hurt your feeling snowflake?

Okay boomer


>says 40 year old 400 lb mouthbreather on his mother's old mattress in the basement

lol, yeah you sure showed him haha

yeah, his numbers went up again-

Crying over presidential election results....you serious?

you forgot a pic

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Looks like Brennan is going to be deposed. Barr/Durham denigration incoming.

Bad time for the left-

lol, you've been living under a rock? The crying hasn't stopped since. See: this thread

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I've been had!

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U madd bro? Hahaha. You fucking liberal cuck.

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>factually incorrect

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i have seen so many people post ''trump is the third president to be inpeached and like news articles and shit and im just like wtf is he even impeached? i dont know shit about politics or care but you think it would be illegal for news sources to say hes impeached when hes not. how do i know more about this impeachment than leftist fags or the news.

Wrong. Impeachment simply means that they are formally bringing charges against the president. The determination of his removal in Senate has no bearing on the fact that he has been impeached. I doubt he will be removed from office, but he HAS been impeached, that is a fact.

evidently not-

this is the democrats greatest achivement in literally 50+ years of being a political body. after this they think they get some amount of respect over normal working citizens ahahahah. NOPE

They must have read that this left leaning democrat said he wasn't impeached. You are retarded

oh okay that is interesting i thought impeachment was being removed. what charges are they bringing against him?

fake charges that are being paid for by Russia

i dont lean either way i dont fuck with politics cause im not a fuckin faggot

KYS, Shlomo.

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secret charges
that are so secret they won't even tell the Senate who has the power to convict and issue punishment (ie removal from office)

>charges are they bringing against him
charges have to be 'brought' to the Senate. If they are not, evidently they are nothing but a we hate Trump vote.

all that information is in the constitution. man you fake political analyst are fuckin slow

yeah well thats what i would think is the reason why is just because they hate him so pretty fucked up but makes sense.

Oh man, they get to use CRTs? Where do I sign up?