Why the fuck is so hard to find nonphallic dildos...

why the fuck is so hard to find nonphallic dildos. i just want one >10 inches with a suction cup and no gay balls or fake skin color shit. and miss me with that pvc shit that leeches chemicals and fills me full of microplastics. anyone got any recommendations, preferably shipping internationally?

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fist + lube
no chemicals and not phallic, plus it's free unless you're and amputee

dude i dont want to be doing a barrel roll trying to get off with my other arm at the same time

>want a dildo
>dildos look like dicks
>miss me with that gay shit

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putting stuff up your ass aint gay. putting dicks up your ass is though

that looks like Tom Cruise's retarded cousin

Any sex shop online I've seen has non phallic dildos. Maybe look in thr womens section for a gspot stimulator?

trust me man, i've researched and looked. i can't find anything nonphallic over six inches. once it gets that big, it's all big veiny hyperrealistic dicks.

Have you checked out bad dragon?

yeah but all the stuff that isn't phallic (veiny dragon dicks with balls are still veiny dicks with balls) is mega wide too. not my style man

its a good image innit?

But by non phallic you still mean a rod like shape, right?

Just go steal a fire hydrant

Maybe something like this?

yeah still rod-shaped. I just mean no veins or balls or skin color.
that would be fine if it were longer. only 7 inches; i already have ones that long. >10 would be preferable.

Non phallic? That's not a thing. Dildos Are supposed to be phallic, why do you want to avoid that anyway? Also I recommend silicone.

The fuck you need it over 10 inches for fucker. Gay as fuck

it can serve as a dildo without being ultra gay. i just mean no veins or balls or skin color.
the bigger the better my man. feels good to get deep inside

I'm gonna say it again dude
if you want a dick in your ass, it doesn't matter what it looks like, because you cant see it anyways
a square dick would still be a dick, you are filling your ass for pleasure so you're not a man no more, you are homosexual

Hey, Big Zam.

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helps reduce the post-nut shame if it doesn't look like the disembodied dick of a big black guy

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The shame makes you cum harder and you know it

bump. does legit nowhere in the world make big long non-dick dildos?

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