How do we fix men?

How do we fix men?

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there has always been Weenies in society. Drop it. Who gives a fuck. I mean whats more pathetic, this guy building a lego set, or you becoming upset because he built a lego set?

Its the result of the government completely undermining fathers. You can't discipline your wife or child anymore so they have no say as to what goes on in their family. If they get to adult their too late too fix.

And its not the fact that he's spending time building a lego model. Its the cringy pregnancy comparison and fan boy gushing that makes this one a wanker

Fucking sweet ass model

It does effect him because inferior men create more inferior men who than make society more inferior. Transgenderism in children isn't being pushed by guys who go hunting.

Cool lego
But you could start another war and pass conscription laws

Look at it this way, this is one less male you should never have to compete against for a female mate.

Now, Tyrone and chad on the other hand.......

What is the problem here?

Feeling a bit emasculated by your own choices user?
Maybe if you stop giving a shit about what everyone thinks and simply enjoy your life you would feel a little bit better about yourself.

By letting our kids get hurt and not babying and protecting them from every tiny thing that might negatively effect them. Teach them doing manly things is a good thing and being tough is a good quality.
TLDR: don't be a pussy

He makes more money than you so I wouldn't complain bud

I saw one of those in the Smyth's toy shop and it was about £400. Lol

I think it's pretty cool. Who knows, maybe he thinks my dirt bikes, street bikes, and old American muscle cars are nerdy. People like different stuff, pretty boring if everyone liked the same thing.

I think the biggest one they do is 5 grand.
I like lego but not enough to spend more than my car cost on it


it's almost 2020 dude. just go build a lego set instead of getting jealous of other people

Will they pay for my transition?

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the falcon is literally the only cool thing in star wars

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X-wings and tie fighters are pretty cool too, but none of this shit has mattered since the early 80s

Fix them by stop telling them they need to be fixed. Rather than try to condense the world into a safe space, just accept there's differences. Maybe then you'll find peace.

Yeah basically war, there is a large slice of the west that just needs to die, they are too far gone. Looking at the past, during times of war and famine, people would just lose it and join apocalyptic cults or just join the opposing side. Soyboy nu-atheists will be the first ones in line to fight for the enemy, that's probably why ZOG tolerates them so much.

Look at this lego toyset as an example, there is no way a middle class person could afford a $4,000 novelty, deep down he knows it is shameful, he will hide it from public sight, even in the light of normality this broken boy is committing acts of self vandalism. When SHTF and he loses everything, he will be the one burning granaries and murdering babies in their cribs, while howling his allegence to evil at the moon like a mad dog.

Honestly the only thing I see wrong with this picture is that it's Legos.
A scale model would have been much cooler.
Let people enjoy their hobbies, faggot.

The army? Yeah. We have a female (from male) in one of our sister units and they are paying for the hormones. They would pay for the transition but she doesn't want to now (still has parts). There is quite a long process admin-wise though, so that might be rough

You're only allowed to have classically manly hobbies.
Despite the fact model building is one of those.

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Wait, different people have different opinions??

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Yes. But you must make an effort to keep it hidden, and not build some model train sex dungeon like some fucking boomer. You are allowed a small selection in your garage or work room.

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Its actually really easy. Bring them yo PINK the next time you go there.

It's a girl taking his picture I the op, probably his wife or his GF