In schools its common practice to let the trans student shower with the opposite gender

In schools its common practice to let the trans student shower with the opposite gender.

Do you think this is a good or a bad thing?

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Its kind of funny how someone gets to see all the girls he grew up with naked after falling for the trans meme or gender fluid meme, which so many young people do these days.

Do high schools even have showers after gym anymore? Mine didn't, I mean there was showers but nobody used them

I'm with J.K. Rowling.

Uh, yes. Pretty sure everyone showers after the gym, unless they want a bad reputation for smelling.

Imagine the smirking little bastard who lives out the dream. Showering with all the girls in his class naked while still being attracted to them.

Its happening in every state.

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Interesting. Nobody showered after gym in my class, then again nobody really tried in gym class and if you did get sweaty well it'll be your fault for it and you'd have to deal with it if you smelled.

That sounds like bullshit. I've gone to several schools and its almost mandatory to shower after the gym. Maybe yours was an exception.

Nobody ever showered at my schools. It was an option, but nobody did. They only got used by the sportsball teams.

Unisex showers should be mandatory in schools. Unheated, obviously.

same here, showers were there, but no one wanted to use them, and we'd only have like 5-10 minutes to change.

What country are you from?

im a 35yo male but i identify as a 10yo boy, does that mean i can date lolies legally niw?

good as long as they're showing a credible effort to transition. having a transmale stay in the female bathroom would probably make everybody involved uncomfortable.

Nobody showered at my school either. Mostly because the Sports Teacher was always there watching.

You have pedo schoolteachers or live in too close to mexico.

this is bait but dysphoria isn't a recognized debilitating psychological decision, and transitioning would be impossible as there is a ginormous maturity and developmental gulf that can't be overcome with hormones or surgery

>mandatory to shower after the gym
the fuck?
How does that phone call go down?
>Your son refuses to get naked and soapy with all the other boys in my class.
Mandatory fucking showers.

i'v always been told that i was immature tho.

Shit nigga, I'd be trans as fuck if we get to shower with the bitches.

What defines effort? Its the law. If you identify as a female, or is a gender fluid of any kind who identifies as a female, you get to use the female showers.

Your sexuality is not taken into account.

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It's ok user i feel your pain.
I will never have a 30 mm M230 chain gun for a penor.

Teachers aren't allowed to shower with the students in civilized countries. Why the fuck would the teacher be standing in the dressing room / showers to begin with?

Not mandatory in the sense that you'll get expelled if you don't shower, but there is a huge social stigma to not showering after a long sweaty gym session. Pretty sure this is the norm in the West.

Everyone got naked while showering and changing gym clothes.

You guys are retarded. Up until we went to school we had non-segregated bathrooms... why is it such a big deal now?
Fuck, most of the shits you'll ever take is in a gender-neutral bathroom unless you shit on company time.

>Teachers aren't allowed
wink wink
>to shower with the students
wink wink
>Why the fuck would the teacher be standing in the dressing room / showers to begin with?

One of the children might slip and fall. But don't worry ma'am i won't leave your sons side. I'll make sure to hold on tight when he gets all slippery.


a small caveat that you forgot to include
the child's parents must register the child as the child's preferred gender
which means they must come out to their parents and be accepted as such by them before they can be treated as that gender by the school

females and males have never shared showers, at least not in schools. It would be fucked up to have non-segregated showers while growing up during puberty, i'm glad that didn't happen to me.

You're right, but in today's culture that is pretty common. Lots of brainwashing going on. Everyone learns about ''trans'' in schools, and they go home to scroll through tumblr and twitter.

We need to start growing them in vats. It's completely fucked up as it is now. All the fucking people wanting to "raise" their own kids, like bitch you can barely take care of yourself.

So you had a shower for men and a shower for women in your home?

No one ever used the showers except after swimming classes- coming from a brit, dunno if we do it differently here. If anyone used the shower they were basically seen as a weirdo

Yeah, they were the weirdo who got molested.

I mean I moved 11 times before I was 16, and even though that only gave me 2 different high schools, no school ever made kids shower. There wasn't even time because the gym teacher dismissed you and then you had 5 minutes to change and get to your next class

No, at home i have something called a bathroom where i close the door and shower alone. Schools have public showers and public changing where most students get naked, its a different dilemma.

Did you ever have a male and female shower in any of your homes? Or did you just take turns like a fucking degenerate?

>most students get naked
Only if they want to get molested.
I guaran-FUCKING-tee you at least a few kids were molested in those showers while you were in school.

Were you not instructed to shower after gym when you were first introduced to it by the teachers? I've gone to several schools during my time, and i've not been to a single one where people didn't get naked or shower.

By who? Sounds ridiculous.

What is you're deal?
>Kids can't be trusted to be naked around each other i trust this 30 year old man with no real qualifications to make sure my kids exercise till they are sweaty and then get naked together and shower. Yes that man definitely didn't deliberately get a useless degree to be close to my children while they are panting and sweating. I'll definitely trust this man to tell my children when to take their clothes of and shower because of course there is no such thing as corruption.

By the fucking coach, by older kids idk ask your mates. Someone knows something and isn't telling.

Why would the coach be watching them shower? At my school we only showered with the people we went to the same grade with after a gym session, while the teachers went to their own changing rooms.

Seems like a moral issue to have an adult watching his students shower or change clothes. I don't think that's the norm.

Of course it's not the norm you fucking retard. It's not normal to allow other people to decide your childs fucking hygiene routine. It's not normal at all but you keep pretending like it is nonchalantly and i can't help but think that you're either really fucking stupid or you got molest or are a gym teacher yourself.

>Why would the coach be watching them shower?
His dick

Maybe you just don't go hard in the gym sessions in your country, hence why you're all so overweight. Why the fuck wouldn't you be instructed to shower after exercising for 1 hour? Especially as a teenager, when you care about smelling nice to your fellow classmates.

It's scotland. We don't sweat here, you can't make a soggy tissue any wetter so the sweat just stays inside and you have to piss the heat out of you dickhole. This is how bagpipes were invented.

Its cool if the shower has a wooden door and they have an appropriate delousing agent.

I graduated high school 10 years ago, no one ever showered after gym. We had a shower in the locker room, bit it was wheregthey stored all the wrestling mats and shit.

I'm actually shocked reading some of these comments.

Sorry, I'm not a Burgerfag so I can't relate to this whole you taking your clothes off in a school for any reason whatsoever.

Here in Euroland; Ireland in specific. We don't undress for any reason in school, what if we have 'track' we come to school already in uniform. If you're showering with other boys/girls in a fucking public school you've bigger problems than whether or not John wishes he was Jessica. Fucking weirdos, no wonder you shoot up schools.

I'm Scandinavian, and we all shower here. You're a fucking weirdo and an outcast if you don't shower after a long hard gym session.

So you're saying you've never even seen your classmates naked before?

There is NOWHERE to see them naked, you do not undress for any reason in irish schools, if you do P.E. you just show up that day already in your tracksuit. You attend all other classes in the tracksuit. There are no showers in irish public schools. Can't speak for elite private schools. But in American public schools they shower together. Freaks.

I guess we'll just have to stop being prudes who view nudity as an abomination instead of entirely natural

I think it's weird that kids shower together at all. I never showered with other kids, none of the kids in any of my classes ever stepped foot in the shower until late in high school and even then it was after swim day or something and everyone was in swim trunks anyway.

nowhere near a 10 y/o. plus there's a power imbalance.

as it should be. having a transwomen in a male bathroom would probably put them in danger, and having a transman in a female bathroom would make the women feel like they're in danger. while there could be bad actors, there's nothing stopping a man right now from going into a female bathroom identifying as a female and raping someone

Oh yeah because that's who we should be worried about. the fraction of people who are tans of whom only a fraction will commit rape.
Not literally half the men on the planet.

I don't think we have to worry about that, but it puts female's privacy in danger by letting biological males who are attracted to them into their showers, and it also opens up for potential predators to spy on girls. Those low effort crossdressers, etc. You know they exist.

if a man who "identifies" as a female but clearly isn't female enters a bathroom to do something horrible, they'll get their shit kicked in. if they get sued or arrested, they'll win in court as the guy very obviously wouldn't actually be trans and they could counter-sue.

if there's only one woman in the bathroom, they would be getting raped anyways regardless if it was some dude identifying as a female or not.

We've already seen it happen with the "trans" rapist put in the women's prison who, guess what, committed more rape. Why is it OK for trans to go berserk over someone not using pronoun correctly but its bigotry for straight people express discomfort?

No-one letting old trannies shower in school.
Also stop letting your fucknig child shower in school.
And as for spying, no-one can complain because the cia and nsa is boundto have a few pedosand rapist in about it.
Also, if you were concerned with safety this would be you're last point in an argument.
Why are people stupid by? Why do they think everyone else is stupider than them?

Shut up you fucking potato nigger.

Dude, prison guards are raping all the prison bitches. Why is the tranny the concern? That job ATTRACTS rapists and pedos. Especially juv. Get a fucking clue mate. People are getting paid to rape other people at will.

I didn't talk about school, i said female showers. Don't underestimate the length male exhibitionists, predators and perverts will go to spy on girls. This could be be swimming halls, etc. If you can't legally deny these men from entering the showers, then we have a problem in the future.

They don't have to rape, it could be exposing themselves or spying on girls. Females need their privacy.

Why are Americans so weird about showers and toilets? Seriously, who the fuck cares? People in communal showers generally mind their own business, and anyone who stares at other people's genitals or whatever gets kicked out regardless of gender. You people act just like those 100 years ago when men and women would go swimming on the same beach or sit in the same pews in churches. Grow the fuck up.

>i said female showers.
Dude, don't be a dick.
You're like a wee fucking worm.
You're the problem, not trannies. You just listed a half dozen ways you could dress up and rape people. You obviously think about this too much like most men who grew up without a dad.

fucking exactly jesus christ. and if there aren't enough people to kick someone out, it means they would've been raped anyways

Gender is a construct. The bathrooms were built around biological sex, retard. You see any urinals in the women's bathroom? Do you think their made up identity helps them use it?

And how would you respond to the concerns i listed? Are you going to stick your head in the sand and pretend its not happening?

Only stupid women can't piss at a urinal.

As long as you're doing the same hon.

What about a 29 year old male who identifies as a lesbian 17 year old female?

Asking for myself

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You must be one of those people that doesn't question whether or not something should be done, just because you know it can be done.

You sound like the flat earth people who can't wrap their heads around gravity.
You should just stop thinking about trannies user if this is as far as your feeble mind can take you before it hits a wall.

Counterfeit, hypocrite holy shit.


Anyone who says otherwise is just a useless boomer anyways

If you don't have any counter-point, then surely you must acknowledge the flaws in the current system and how its up for abuse.

Nobody in my gym showered either. Everyone just changed into gym clothes during gym and even that wasn’t a requirement.

But there’s literally a 50 year old dude who identifies as a 6 year old girl who lives with a married couple, in which the “father” of this 6year old 50 year old has a rather “intimate” relationship.

So it is 100% valid, the fact you think its so outlandish to compare it to the flat earthers, will get you labeled as a biggot in a few years when it becomes normalized just like trannies has.

I do, but i'm not obligated to offer solutions OR even concern myself with any of it because it's your kids getting raped and your kids doing the raping.
Besides what about the prison guard rape situ, you got any solvents for that? Or how about the creeps in the cia and nsa? Or bill clintons international flights with little girls? Is a tranny raping a prison bitch really more important than dozen of children locked in a high pressure cabin over lawless waters with a pedophile? Did the tranny rape more bitches than the prison guards do every single fucking day?
Face it user, i know you're just scared of getting butthurt but you don't have to worry, your ass stinks like and indian shitfield and no-one wants to go near it and even if the tranny somehow managed to overpower you wit hall that estrogen in their system they would get aids from you and you'd get revenge.

>normalized just like trannies has.
Being this deluded.
>But there’s literally a 50 year old dude who identifies as a 6 year old girl who lives with a married couple, in which the “father” of this 6year old 50 year old has a rather “intimate” relationship.
You can buy adult diapers for this roleplay shit, you know that right?
Christcucks need to stay away from porn.

Agreed, as an active nudist everyone male and female ,showers together nothing sexual about it.

I get that my logic angers you, but your response fails to tell me why.

Why can't americunts keep more than two concepts in their head at time. It's like they short circuit as soon as anything requires more brainpower.
Everything's opposites.
>Republican or Democrat
>Capitalist or socialist
>Freedom or slavery
>Good or Bad
>Healthy or landwhale
There is middle grounds and compromises you fucking retards.

My buddy and his wife are fucking retards, they demanded the school let their 11 year old shower after gym.
My exacts thoughts were "yup, she's getting recorded showering and will end up on some cp board". Oh well that's what happens when you're naive as fuck.

You can't read words? Also anger? Is that what you want me to feel kek
I feel despair at your stupidity and weariness of having to explain the simplest of logics to you over and over again because you are reptarded

Deluded? You realize beastiality and pedophilia is already being normalized, right? Nonsexual age play will be too.

Yes im aware ageplay is a thing, but we’re not talking ageplay ageplay, we’re talking about a dude who left his family of 4, because he wanted to identify as a little girl and then also just happens to be sexual active with his surrogate father.

NPC are programmed by the Hegelian dialectic in all countries, you disgusting redcoat.
The facr you arent aware of that, means you’re probably an NPC.

>because he wanted to identify as a little girl and then also just happens to be sexual active with his surrogate father.
Only in america.
Our deviance is kept private here, but because you created a culture that's basically just an attention contest people behave like imbeciles.

I never talked about rape or the tranny who raped a woman in a female prison, you're confusing me with some other user. I said the current system allows biological males to enter the female showers as exhibitionists and to spy on girls they're attracted to, which causes harm to female privacy in ways that excludes rape.

For the sake of the argument, i'll address your points though. Why would a tranny rapist be sent to a female prison to begin with?
Its bad enough that male prisoners have to suffer rape from other male prisoners. Letting biological males enter the female prison is a recipe for disaster. These are criminals.

You're retarded, it's official.

Not killing trannies on sight is a bad thing

> showers together nothing sexual about it
Are you asexual ? Not even trolling, I genuinely don't understand.
You are not tempted to look at women if she's sexy and naked and takes a shower close to you ?

Not if he’s gay.

Yep, you’re definitely an NPC

trans can go outside and use the hose

Yeah almost like broadcasting this shit to the world and demanding tolerance results in weird shit being tolerated and normalize, but that could never go too far could it?
Of course not, its not like there drag queen story hours at govt funded public libraries or 10 years old doing strip dances with old men throwing dollar bills at them during pride parades or fucking furry conventions with “petting zoos” for those furries that want to get a little extra “in touch” with “nature.”

Go watch Rugrats tranny.

hmmm alright you fucking niggers 685439

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