Hey, how are you?

Hey, how are you?

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I hope it's not too much for you

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cute OP

You are

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Studying for math, I hate math. Just answering cuz I want. My special reaction pic uwu.

I hope it's okay.. Try to study your hardest. Here's your special reaction picture

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Hey OP, how are YOU feeling yoday? I really hope you are ok at least.

I'm okay, thanks for asking. Things haven't been too well lately but everything is looking up. I feel happy :)

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Are you bi OP? Like, not joking just seeing if I'm this good at guessing. Are you a bisexual male?

I don't really know for sure. I'd say so... It's all a little confusing for me but I do truly think I can love someone regardless of gender so I suppose I am

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And this is why I was born for social sciences and not math. I'm so fucking good, goddamnit!
Also yes I'm doing smalltalk in a feels thread with you now, do you mind?

You're great :)
I don't mind at all, small talk is nice

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Kinda want to see if I can get to the bottom of yours pics of this girl, lol.
So, idk. How do you do a humans conversation?
Should I ask about traps or politics?

Thread will cap before I even get close to posting all of them...
Humans conversate in many ways, how was your day/night?

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My day is going nice enough. Like, as I said. I just FUCKING HATE NUMBERS.

I actually enjoyed math when I was in school, idk why. I'm glad it's going nicely, have you done your christmas shopping?

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Not yet, tbh just worth it cause of my little bro. Not really into Christmas. More of a new year girl.

That's okay too, I find it just an excuse to spend time with family which is nice. I really am bad at buying gifts though

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Padoru Pa-Economical Crisis in my Country! Anyhow, you know what time it is? Time to ask you, where do you lie politically O-P~?

Oh jeez.. I have no stance on anything like that. I'm also from Australia so I hardly know whats going on elsewhere.. Sorry. I do like Padoru's though

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Lmao you are cute as fuck!
Except you probably aren't, but maybe you are.
Being a femanon is hard ugh. Anyhow uhhh, you like Jazz?

Uhhm... I see, I hope being a femanon is nice. So you study? What do you study?

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I have uh, unfinished business with some highschool classes. But I will start University in February, Sociology.

Don't worry, I'm in a similar place, I have to complete a course to get into studies that will take a few months, I want to study Psychology

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Random but, why are all Aussies so nice? Never met a rude Aussie. Is there something in the air? Lol jk.
Why psychology?

Hmm... I don't really know.. I know lots of people don't like Australians, I want to become a Therapist after study, I really hope I can

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Are there any lewds you dumb bitch?

That's not that nice

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Well, that's all she wrote. Don't know what else to say.

That's okay, I don't know what to talk about either. I just hope you're well and can finish your studies so you can do what you like

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Hello user!

Hello! Almost trips

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my dog got ran over on my birthday