Steam Winter Sale is Up!

Steam Winter Sale is Up!

I've come to beg, there was a blessed user last thread who tried to gift me the game I requested but couldn't due to price differences in Regions.

Can a lovely user gift me a Wallet card so I can buy MGSV Complete Edition? It has a 60% discount. It's around 14 Buck

My steam ID:

Btw, Tomorrow is My bday! Have a blessed day if you give me the money to buy it

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hello guys I thank anyone who can gift me any of these games.

Scar of the Doll 人形の傷跡
Star Wars™: Episode I Racer™
The Curse of Monkey Island

thank you in advance

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begging for war of rights or angels fall first! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Just a reminder that santa is real, don't lose hope anons.

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Asking for Death Stranding, thanks


Please, if somebody is willing to gift me any of the games on my wishlist :D

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Yep yep, Santa added me and all. But sadly, could not give me the game because it was cheaper on USA than Mexico. That's why I'm begging for a Gift card instead of the game because it will happen the same thing. Have fun with RE2!

Hey guys, merry x-mas
Would absolutely love Slay the Spire
Thanks anons

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Posting again I guess, but am "begging" for Resident Evil 3 or Doom Eternal, but I am offering a drawing in return as I am semi-okay at it, pic related


fucking forgot the pic fuck

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dear santa i dont want to be greedy but i would like to enjoy Sekiro game of the year

merry xmas user!

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civ 6 gathering storm would made my day!!

I would really, really like to play Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

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Happy Holidays Sup Forumsros

begging for Factorio :)

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Hi frens i would really like slay the spire.

thanks anons and frens

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Trying out again. Good luck everyone

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yoo begging for hell let loose or town of salem ($5). I fell for the troll trips post last night lmao

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Nice digits

And you got trips again. Lmao
Don't fall for the trips. It just kills the Thread faster

Happy holidays my dudes!

Sincerely hoping a nice kind santa will spread christmas cheer my way, I love this series alot and would be immensely grateful :)

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I'd love to get Hades (20 USD right now)

And it comes with Pyre which I could give away and don't want to play, doesn't look like something I would try out, so if someone would want Pyre afterwards, I would be glad to give it away is there's a santa in here that could send me Hades

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Nope, last guy that won quints got a game, DOOM Eternal

Pls Sant'user make my Christmas with a little gift. I only ask Halo Reach so I can play with my friends

Thanks anyway and Merry Christmas

If some rich user exists
monster hunter would is £20 right now.
if you do buy it for me please schedule it for christmas day (UTC), it would be so nice to wake up to a gift

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I didn't know. The thread died b4 I could see the guy was legit. My B user

Fuck Konami, I'd help you out brother but they don't deserve it, I'll gift you Death Stranding on release.

If I could afford it I'd buy it for you, thats such an amazing game.

:0 Shit user, Thanks but someone already promised to do so.
I've played MGSV before and I fell in love, I know the game is half-assed but I do not mind.

I'm happy if you gift me enough money to buy. Specially since it's cheap rn

Add me up if you want user. My steam ID is in the first post.

please someone make me like factorio, cant stand my brother hypin about it

Thanks user, i sincerely appreciate it.
Hope the holidays treat you well!

No santa so far, huh? Damn :c

There were a few in the previous thread. Don't lose your hope just yet.

I know!. But due to my situation, they'd need to give me a gift card code So i can buy the game. Since valve sucks ass when it comes to different regions

Hey anons.
Begging for Sekiro because I'm a recently converted FromSoftware fan and I would love to try it out.
But anything from my wishlist would be equally and immensely appreciated! Thanks a lot, good holidays to everyone.

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Askin for NieR:Automata or Sekiro

Much love, and merry christmas Sup Forumsros

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Or Santa happens to be from the same region as you or they can get you Steam key instead

I'm from Mexico. So...
They'd need to be from Mexico, Chile, salvador, guatemala, etc.

Can't you change your region though?

Sorry guys, I'm not feeling it today. Maybe tomorrow. I'm gonna go work out so I don't feel like a mess

Good luck with the gains!

I tried but it's dumb. You need to actually be in USA to change it
I tried with a VPN but my internet kept disconnecting

Hope everything works out for you friend

Mfw people still buy games from steam....
Do yourself a solid and go with a reputable company like GoG.

Have a nice day at work user!!

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Heads up Santa, hope you feel better for the holidays :)

Have fun my dude with them exercise. Merry Christmas

Ah I see, it sucks then. I hope someone helps you out though!

All the begging but no offers for oc. Rich annon is sad

Santa is real and we do not deserve his generosity

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Good luck! Tomorrow is my bday so I might open a thread, too.


atleast hide the guys name and pfp...


user, please cover his Identity :'0

he means he is looking for someone offering something in return for the gift. Like a drawing comission or something. wish I could draw

niggas out there really giving giftanons identities and not covering a single shit

sorry I used the wrong version

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I can give ya butt pics

I mean am still here

I'd really like rdr2, but anything is appreciated, thank you

>tfw waiting for santa to come
>also tfw didn't get anything in last thread while watching other anons get stuff like RE3 and Doom Eternal

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Begging for MCC

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I've got some pics from SwimSuitSuccubus

any game that you think that everyone have to enjoy..


Got a whole folder of Peni's

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Dear santa i really really want Residente vil 3 remake ill be verry happy i completed all Re2 remake achievements.

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I can send you frog pics

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If you want art, you could try holding a contest. That tends to get peoples creative sides working

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Can someone spot me the crysis collection? it's $11.5

This is a generous offer, thank you

[spoiler]offering solid happy happy frenbrothership[/spoiler]

dubby dubs

hecking spoilers


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Spoilers dont work on Sup Forums

i have 3 really shitty cdkeys of bad games
anyone interested?

bitch nobody works on Sup Forums

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so do we have a deal fren

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yes, me please

[email protected]

Begging for anything from my wishlists, hoping for a Santanon to make my Christmas happier

69 got it

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reroll plz santa gift me

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[email protected]

ofcourse i am

do you have a steam id?
i preffer meeting the man i gift

same about you fren

>niggas want a free game but dont even to post their steam id

why the fuck do you have so many shitty porn pics saved
ofcourse i have

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OP still here. Still begging for MGSV Complete edition. I could exchange it for some P Sets. Just add me (ID on OP) and let's talk


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>niggas want a free game but dont even to post their steam id
unlike the nigger who can't construct a coherent sentence properly

like what the fuck are these random pics
download decent porn at least


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what? theres with my sentence

They look like the pics you would get if you googled "porn" on google