Have you ever dated/had sex with a girl allot younger then you?

have you ever dated/had sex with a girl allot younger then you?

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10 year difference a few times

Young pussy is great, young pussy is eager, young pussy fucks like its life depends on it

Young pussy is psychotic, young pussy is obsessive, young pussy will try to fucking ruin your life

Is it just me, or does her jaw line look a lot like that fastASMR cunt

20 year difference

My ex had a pussy just like that


Fucked a 24 year old when I was 38. She was psycho. Immediately thought we were destined to get married. I dumped her and she went nuts. She was shit in bed even tho the pussy and anal sex was nice.

Women closer to my age (44) are wiser and know how to please you so much better, and will usually cook you breakfast if you’re good to them. They appreciate being treated right.

This. All the same, I had a thing going with a 22 year younger girl for a while.

41, banged a 27 year old. Shit was cash doesn't even begin to cover it.

For me it was 18, 19, 20 year olds

I figure maybe by the time I'm 40, the 30 year olds will be reasonable

I was 17 she was 14 got kinda sketchy when she wanted to fuck, dumped her right when I turned 18 never had sex but her cunt tasted sweet

My girlfriend is 19. I'm 37. She's pregnant

You should actually fuck women who are at 35-38, when women reach their sexual peak.
You don't know that "eager and desperate" pussy is.

i fucked an "18" yo when i was 32.
i say "18" because it was an obvious lie, i knew it and she knew that i knew. but we both played along anyway because i wanted to go balls deep in her cunt and she wanted the same thing.

it was a fuckbuddy relatiinship and would only call me to fuck her and vise versa.

she was virgin and that pussy was as good as a pussy can be, no regrets so far.

Hahahahaha! You dumb bastard.

how old were you?

Not dating but definitely fucking. Biggest age gap would be 14 years

>sexual peak.
sounds like what a dumb rostie would say.

doesn't matter if she's horny all the time if you can drive a truck trough her cunt without touching the walls.

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In my experience, the younger they are the more they lie there like a starfish and expect you to do all the work. They don't like sucking dick either. Girls start to actually know what they are doing at around 23.

Women have told me the same thing about men btw.

This is retarded but thanks for your retard insight

>I dont no biology, so ur dum xD


20 years younger than me and batshitcrazy...

Chubby, pale, likes being manhandled, choked, forced and got Daddy Issues, hearing ,,Please put a baby in me Daddy" touches me in a very dark spot of my fantasys

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Lucky guy

I was 24 and she had turned 18 three days before we met and hooked up. Surprisingly enough, through craigslist. She had big tits too. The dream became a reality.

I was 18/19 and had sex with someone who was a few years younger. Then two more times with two different women who were two years younger. All in the same day.

Anybody ever try and date a 17 year old?

I remember when I was 17 and popped a 14 year olds cherry.. I thought I was really robbing the cradle... 3 whole years difference...

Largest age difference, to date, is banging some 18-19 year olds while in my mid 30's.

>,,Please put a baby in me Daddy" touches me in a very dark spot of my fantasys
It's gonna touch you in a very different way in the form of a court order soon. Enjoy the monthly payments for the next 18 years.

4 years and 11 months younger than I.


Naw, not one single person here has ever done that.

do you get dirty looks?

I personally like (not love) a woman who is a starfish. I view it as a challenge.
She wants to lay there and not do anything, not make any noise, not give me any feedback? That's fine, but don't be surprised when I start turning the heat up to get a rise out of you (choking, slapping, spitting, generally being rough). I'm into that shit anyway, so it doesn't matter much.

And besides, a girl being a starfish is usually a sign she's uncomfortable, which is a sign that she's inexperienced, which mean she's not a whore. Which is obviously good.

you must be new

At 45, I was fucking my 20 yr old babysitter on the regular.

Nice. How'd you pull that off?

18 at 29
19 at 30
21 at 30
22 at 30
24 at 31

All good

Im very aware that she doesnt use Protection and i never pull out, who says i wasnt crazy too?

That sounds boring as hell. And a girl who can suck dick is the best thing in existence.

what do you mean? I was just fucking them not going out asking for peoples opinions...

besides I've always looked a lot younger than I really am so it wouldn't seem out of place

This is retarded, but also true. When I was 22, I was fucking a 44 year old woman for a while. Goddamn best sex ever. When I was 40, I was fucking an 18 year old. That was pretty good, too.

>who says i wasnt crazy too?
Effectively no one.

Man, Sup Forums is a lot older than I thought.

Yeah like I said, "like", not "love".
Ideal is obviously a blend of innocence and enthusiasm. I don't like a girl who sucks dick like a true. It's like ugh, how many times have you done this before?

do you get dirty looks from other women when you walk out with your young gf?

I'm this guy:Been on Sup Forums since the very beginning and was around 24 at the time...

I get older, the chicks stay the same, and this site gets more cancerous.

I had a threesome with (2) 21 year old girls when I was just over 30. The one girl told her boyfriend about it hoping he would start a fight with me and kick his ass. He just waited until I went to work and told my wife the whole story. FML. Young bitches be especially crazy.

The young kids don't come here anymore and some people have been here for such a long time, they aren't underages anymore

Why is the fact that she's had experience a turn off? It means she's going to be better at it. Granted... older women with very little experience are in fact the worst. At least with a younger woman you can teach them something.

Fucked a 13yo when I was 20. It was a friends little sister. She kept asking me to take her virginity and eventually I was too horny to say "nah that's a bad idea" anymore.

If I'm working on a piece of ass, I'm not paying any attention to other women and their feelings... so honestly I have no idea. but like I said I look a lot younger than I am (can still pass for 20's) so it shouldn't appear strange to anyone.

I usually don't get bad looks from women unless they're commanding a vehicle with haphazardness. Above all things I hate bad drivers and won't hesitate to let a bitch know.


>At least with a younger woman you can teach them something.

That's the point. I don't want a woman who knows a bunch of tricks and bullshit that she learned from fucking a dozen other guys. The easiest way to get a woman off is to take control of her physically and psychologically and make her do what you want, aka teach her shit.

You may as well invest in one of those Japanese dolls then. They'll be able to talk soon.


wait so i'm not trying appear weird but i look in my early twentys.

i wanna hit up lolis


i'm pretty cute too.

Started off with her "accidentally" texting me suggestive song lyrics. She'd follow that up with, Oh, sorry user, I meant to send that to someone else.
As time went by, she did it more and more. I got to where I would reply in kind. One day, I was off work at home and told her to come over and put up or shut up. I was thinking she wouldn't show up.
She did.

Calling someone an incel for lack of having an actual point to make. Yawn.

That's pretty awesome. What was she into?

>Calling someone an incel
Except I didn't you fucking retard? I'm saying that a doll would serve the same purpose and the subtext is there that it would be drama free as well.

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>if you don't prefer 60 year old blown out whores with a thousand cock stare, you must be a pedo
If you enjoy sloppy seconds (or in your case, sloppy 30th partner), that's on you. Most men actually prefer unused women and only settle for less when they can't find women measuring up to their standards. Almost no one actually prefers a used up prostitute except a failure of a man coping because he can't get better.

fucked an 18 year old i took home from the bar. i was 30.
she told me the next morning after our fuck fest that she was 16

I’m 53 and my beautiful Mexican girlfriend is 22. Totally smart and sane. Life is good.

> all this cope

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Yeah right, then why not just buy a fleshlight? Or blow up a water wing and fuck it between the couch cushions? The subtext there is that I like to fuck girls, retard.

did you fuck her again?

Started fucking a 14 year old when I was 25. We had a master/slave relationship for the duration of her time in high school starting her summer after completing 8th grade.
It was the most gratifying and intense sex of my life. I’m in my late 30s now.

Relax, no one called you any names until I called you a retard for being so sensitive to insults that weren't even implied.

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15 years old

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naw i was spent and felt weird anyway

You were slave to a 14 year old? Wow... that's amazing

wow so jelly


The first time she sucked my dick, she apologized for not being very good at it. I told her I would teach her - she took the offer seriously. So, we spent a lot of time with my dick in her mouth.
The first time I ate her pussy, she had (according to her) her first ever orgasm. After that, she was into whatever I wanted. Anal, public nudity, sex in public places. Anything, anytime, anywhere.

I'm 51 have a sugar baby. She's 20 best decision I made to not marry. I've feasted on multiple teen pussies cause I can afford it

i was 18 she was like 24. i regret cutting her off because ive never found pussy like that again

No, other way around.

Left is me

16 - 14
17 - 15
18 - 16
24 - 22
27 - 26
29 - 26
29 - 34
29 - 22

are you still with her?

>Calls someone else a retard
>Recoils at being called a retard
>"Stop being sensitive"

Lol ok lil buddy

Poop dick or naw?

To each their own of course but I'd never be into the "sugar" part. That would make me feel like I was being used, and I'd know that she'd drop me for a better offer anytime.

I know man, I was trying to be cute. I'm bad at it.

I was 15/16 and she was 12 or 13. Fucked her twice, took her virginity. Was a side thing, had a girlfriend already. Still thinks of it while fucking my current GF. Wants to fuck a 16 year old from the gym, I'm almost 30. It's legal, but I've to be careful.

This thread has me a bit scared about this 19 year old im trying to fuck with. I'm 29

19 when I was 38. I was her revenge fuck after she found out her bf cheated on her. Fucked her for a few months before she went off to college.

How does it feel to lack genuine female desire entirely?

too old for me

> n- no I'm not the one who's triggered you are ;_;

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I just turned 18 in January and she was 14 with a October bday. Her parents loved me and were okay with our age gap, I was her first, dated her for 6 years, thought her everything and man could she deep throat and take a dick.

Now I’m 29 and I was with a 19 year old from work, she was hit as fuck but lame in the sack and she had been with like 10 guys before me and she was just eh.
Now I’m dating a girl 5 years older then me lol I’m only her 3rd so her pussy is bomb and she’s got money so eh no hate here



I met a girl 8 years younger than me during a night out almost 5 years ago dated a little but the age gap was too problematic. Fuck I wish I was 21 again

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yea it was fucking great
I was 32 banging a 21 y/o
then i was 33 and was with an 18 y/o who's cherry i popped

16 year old girl with 18 year old me. At first she just wanted someone to give her acid and at the time she knew me and always thought I was a weirdo or something so she reached to me and offered to make out with 20$ so I said sure but during that time I met this other girl who started teaching me all kinds of shit when it comes to sex. So when I met her we made out and I started choking her and shit and she really liked it so she wanted me over the next day and I basically fucked her brains out and made her cum 7 times that night. She's basically obsessed with me and she still is today and its been 3 months. She even left the guy she really liked at the time just to get plowed away by me. Feels good

30 and had a 16 y/o fuck buddy for a few months.
36 and had a 18 y/o I dated for about 10 months.

I'm almost 40 now and crave older women.

I was 33, she was 16. She had an awesome hot body, but was a very inexperienced, disappointing fuck.

I'm the one who takes the decisions so I can't get used. It's literally a dream, she gets what I want and I get what I want. She's not my first won't be my last.

Marriage is overrated to say the least. I feel pretty damn good. It's everything you ask for minus the trouble

>Marriage is overrated to say the least. I feel pretty damn good. It's everything you ask for minus the trouble
You aren't wrong.

Only downside is growing old alone...

Ewwwwwwww doesn't that thing bleed you gross faggot you are sick sick sick sick sick ewwwwww

>I'm the one who takes the decisions so I can't get used.
But you actually give her money and buy her shit? That's what sugar daddy usually means. I'd hate that.


but if you are not a lazy ass man who don't care to give a single fuck, you can train that little cockmuncher into your personal modernised sex slave. Image fagmiliar (please don't report me)

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