Let's settle this: are Romanians white?

Let's settle this: are Romanians white?

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I disagree.

you are wrong

it depends on how fine a distinction you make

>African, asian, white, australian abo, american abo
they are white

>sub-saharan, semetic, indochinese, sinno-japanese, mongol, gaelic, germanic, slav, mediterranean, australian abo, sa abo, meso-amer abo, plains abo, arctic amer abo
they are a mix of slav and mediterranean

Romanian sluts who live in Dublin are

the Irish aren't white

have you never seen an irish person?

Whats the bleedin' story

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Roma is what the gypsies call themselves.

She's a traveller.

nop, they're the blend of gypsies, who are from India and slavs

"Thieves" is what every else calls them.

Romanians, yes. Roma and Sinti no. Need to die out quickly. Dirty folk.

Why can't whites define who is white? I would argue that no American is white, they've all lost their culture. They all sound like this, and this isn't white.

Yea, they are cumskined troglodytes.

>no American is white, they've all lost their culture
Can't lose what you've never had.

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Dur hurr... they pale... pedigree means nothing... feel the burn 2020

Bloody British bastard.

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are they eligible for affirmative action?

If they marry a Trump, yes.

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so whiteness doesn't count for whiteness. good to know

Any more of this slut?

Mediterranean is not a race lol, someone hates italians while having no ideas about races lmao, so fucking dumb, mediterraneans are technically white, whats your iq? Probably 60?

most romanian girls on chaturbate have brown eyes and brown pussy

there is more than 1 ethnic group in Romania
some Romanians are white alot arent

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Pardon me, mediterraneans WOULD BE.... Its not even a category, but I was refering to those you call "mediterranean".

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yes and no.

I was banging this Romanian chick a few years ago. Fucked like a pornstar. Still think about her sometimes

>Are Romanians white
>post a Slovenian

Kill yourself.

Yes, the white Romanians are white.

This. OP picture is white unless its a jew.

Romanian women are cheap and sexy.


This is a Romanian lady

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I would count mediterraneans as white but they do look a lot different than other whites so I get why people call them a race. think of them as a subrace of whites.

off whites

You ha e to be full fledge retarted af to think they arent white. All they did was branch off from the whites and settled in the shit home and renamed their place and called themselves the places name and added a few letters after.

I can settle this, it doesn't fucking matter

Yep, romanians are white. The black ones are actually gypsies.

Is her white enough? You stupid faggot.

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>OP picture is white
>unless its a jew.
If you can't see any difference, is there a difference?

Why are you so stupid?

Is Gina Pistol white enough? You stupid faggot.

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Is Laura Cosoi white enough? You stupid faggot.

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Is Catrinel Menghia whit enough? You stupid faggot.

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this thread started out promising, now it's shit. post some amateur romanian slut nudes!! do romanian sluts not have iclouds that can be hacked or what?

Post some Romanian cock and I’ll tell you if they’re whites or black

no they are mutts... turko-uigairic mutts..... that being said, I would still fuck that girl in a heart beat. and some romanian people are very based as fuck so they are honorary whites

Is Sensual Jane white enough? You stupid faggot.

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I'm romanian and I say it depends, some regions are known for mixing with gipsy.

Sa iti dau la muie ba negroteiule

She is not Romanian

A big no, anything south of France isnt white.

sugi pula geani

It's pretty simple to tell. Is she Asian? Is she African? Is she from the Middle East? Is she from South/Central America or Spain/Portugal? Is she from one of the Pacific Isles? If not, she's probably FUCKING WHITE.


who is this?

There are whites who behave like niggers and there are blacks who behave like whites (not in the us though).
Live and learn.

Have you tried Google?

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thanks fag

She is.

She lives in Dublin, I know her.

I hate Sinti and Roma and I dislike black people. Coincidence?

No theyre mostly middle eastern. What are you southern Italian who doesn't want admit their part muzzy

Can confirm that this is true.

She looks fucking DIRTY! I'd love a ride.

Lol I hope whoever printed this got the shit kicked out of them in 1905


whiteness is a state of mind

To the alt right you only count as white if you did something they can use as propaganda that whites are superior.
So what have Romanians done?