I just got fired from Valve. Ask me anything

I just got fired from Valve. Ask me anything.

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when is half life 3 coming out

proof or gtfo

When are you going to suck my dick.

Whose dick did you refuse to suck?

heavy update. when?

When is the next tf2 update


Did they tell you to let off some steam?
Do you have plans to counter strike them?
Did you spent half you life there?

Hal life 3 is probably not going to happen as far as I'm aware.

Proof, look me up, my name is Gabe Newell.

Also sure, I'll suck some dicks. My address is PO Box 3505, Bellevue, WA, 98009-3505

Bullshit. They make you sign a non-disclosure if you're likely to know anything important. Nice LARP.

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No doubt TF2 is going to be updated probably tomorrow

are they making another Left 4 Dead? if so , when?

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Was there ever any plan for l4d3?

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To answer everyone's question about L4D, yes, thewreis going to be a new left 4 dead title dropping in the next few hours


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Left4dead 3?

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Why did you get fired, and did you meet Gaben?

P.S. I’m sure you’re bullshitting but I’ll bite

Who's in charge of localization files?

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Quads checked

First post is best post


you're all fucking retards I said I was Gabe Newell. You are trusted comrade faggot niggers

smd tho

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Nice dubs. When's all the 3's coming out?

prove it

the fuck did you do to get fired from valve?

When the fuck is anyone at Valve gonna start giving a shit about TF2? You faggots broke that game with the half-baked, all-shit Meet Your Match update, and the Jungle Inferno update applied a few bandaids that barely worked...and that last update was like three years ago now.

When the hell is the game gonna get some fixes, some patches, some updates? Does anyone at Valve know it even exists anymore?

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what movie are these two retards from?

Left 4 dead 3 was in the making but canceled look it up.

Is half life 3 Gonna be a thing?
If so: when

>Lol look at this downie

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