WELL. It’s official Sup Forums. I’m divorced

WELL. It’s official Sup Forums. I’m divorced.
I’ve lost custody of my child. My ex cheated on me while I was away for 5 weeks for work. She brought me to court and won because this backward country gave her free lawyers because she was considered a single mother.
I’m now (over) 10 grand in debt
I’m depressed
And I don’t know what to do.
I guess I’ll enjoy seeing my kid every other weekend.
Merry Christmas. It can always be worse.
Pic is irrelevant. Just what I had on my phone

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Cheer up champ. She's probably happy now so you should be too.

Welcome to the clue man. It sucks. All I can tell you is be a good father. How olds your kid? (Not a pedo.)

What the fuck? Why are you in debt and why did you lose custody? That's not how things work in the first world.

Unless you live in that shit hole 3rd world Trumperica. lol... Sucks to be you. Vote for someone less retarded next time.

Just wait til she marries some nigger and moves out of state with your child. Then you'll only get to see them once a year.

I feel ya man. It's bullshit.

That sucks bro. Life gets better though and when ur kid does grow older he will learn the truth. Good luck.

Go rambo and cheat on the wives of your wive's lawyers

If she cheated on you while you were away, she's probably been talking with this guy for some time. Or, she was already sleeping with him and you only found out now. Either way, this has been in her heart longer than you may think.

OP, go into the forest where no one will ever see you. Build a fort with a shrine to your God or Gods, I assume you'd build one for Odin. Pray to your shrine everyday. Learn to survive off the land, learn blacksmithing. Society is worthless and doesn't appreciate man, do the same to it.

Found the retard.


I live in Ireland. My ex lied and said I grabbed her throat. I was barred from my house pending a hearing. 6 months and €10k later I was acquitted but was living elsewhere. When I tried to get access to my children she said I was a pedo. NO PROOF. 2 years and €25k later.. dozy court psychologist said I was a wreck.
Ex has no job free legal aid.
My poor boys lost a loving father

>(Not a pedo.)
None of us is.

Women cannot be trusted.
They have no honour.

The same for men.

At least you got a divorce. I am only seperated.

Naw I've been a divorced dad for a while. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it right. Was just gonna give some activity advice.
Looking back on the post it doesn't read right I'll give you that user lol

This sucks but serves you right for falling for a jew institution. Unless you both are religious which i doubt.
Man up, learn your lesson and focus on your kid.

Kill your ex wife, kid, her new guy, and if you're a good shot take out a couple of first responders to the crime scene.

Because adulthood costs money, you’d understand the value of a dollar if you didn’t live at home with mum and dad.
>also. Not American.

That’s a part that I think of a lot. Hurts my trust in others.

It’s true. I place my faith in the old, ‘heathen’ gods. But I’ve already paid homage to them. I appreciate the notion however. My hearth is always open to you

That’s rough dude. I feel the shitshow from it all though

shoot her in the face infront of her new boyfriend

Doesn’t matter how old my child is. I know their favourite activities. I can’t deny that I know how to keep my kid entertained and happy

Then he can Shawshanks Redemption his ass?

better than getting an STD from her

Women need a slave collar when they turn 16 and to be put on the Auction Block to ensure world wide slavery of women

I don't deny that the court system is skewed in favor of women when it comes to children, but what did you do to fuck up?

welcome back to the fold. spend your money and time on yourself. work out. eat right. build shit with your hands, I don't care if its models for your dandd adventures, just make shit.

be outdoors and start fires. you'll enjoy your life more.

stay in touch with the kid though, even if his/her mom is a whore.

His situation is AIDS as it is.

I feel you man. And I'm sure you're a great father. I fell in to the "playground and icecream every Saturday" shit. I didn't know what to do. Noone I knew at the time was a single dad. It got were my kids didnt want to spend time with me because I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do. That point, right after the break up was the hardest for me.

To put it simply: lawyer fees and court fees fighting for more time with my kid. It got to the point where I wasn’t eating for 2-3 days at a time, sold my car, and that trickled Dry with time.
Add rent into that and electricity bill as well as a phone bill and the lowest internet option in my area and here I am (I’m allowed to video call 2x a week. Can’t do that without internet)

I mean why were you considered an unfit parent.

To add to this: if I didn’t go to court she’d not let me see my kid

Because of my profession. I can’t have custody full time due to what I do for work. Without going into detail, I work a dangerous job that may require me to be gone for extended periods

So you're a drug dealer

No lol
I want to see my kid, not go to prison
I’m a government worker