This dispensary keeps blocking my numbers!

This dispensary keeps blocking my numbers!
97I/229/2O99.. Kaleafa in Beaverton OR

The bitch answering doesn't seem to be enjoying my constant calls there.
It's legal here Sup Forumsros and they got all your answers about the weeds

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You sound like a huge faggot.

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was thinking of moving to beaverton. reccomend?

Why are you spamming this business with calls? It really is insanely annoying when someone is trying to work.

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That's the whole and only point. I've used 5 numbers so far but they block after a while.


Portland and Beaverton are good if you like city shit to do. But there's too many people here and it's constantly growing. New apartments being built and cramming hundreds of people on every corner they can..
Honestly I hate all the people. But there's enough to do around here

Then don't help faggot. I'm having my own fun calling and listening to the dread in their voice when they have to say 'Beaverton Kaleafa' over and over again.
And then I get giddy picturing them having to block the numbers on their land-line system.
Do what you want. That's what I'm doing

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Pot shop employees already have it pretty bad, no one who remembers the last 50 years of people going to prison for joints is going to walk in and pay with a credit card. So it's an almost all cash business that gets robbed at something like 8X the rate of even your shitty corner gas station. Add in a constant stream of stinky customers and regular stings to check on ID checks & it's a pretty thankless gig. Kicking somebody again when they've already had a pretty shitty day is weak sauce.

Anyway, fuck off faggot & NYPA

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I have it justified in my head. I get its a pain in the ass. They caused a pain in my ass, I lost a shit ton of money, and then the manager wanted to make a point and ban my product. This happened this week and I'm salty. Let me deal with it the only way I know how too

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You should do some self reflection. You're Probably a piece of shit.

I think self reflection would do us all a bit of good. Don't you user. Well anyways thanks for being here while I did all the work you dicks.
Im assuming they gave up as they're not answering any calls now. That works for me

I'm content with myself rn

>Pot shop employees already have it pretty bad
Lmao no they don't, half the time they're running a scam where they'll add one or two mystery taxes, scream "UH IT'S THE LAW BRO STATE CITY SALES AND UHHHHHHH EXCISE TAX YEAH" when you notice this was mentioned nowhere on their (astroturfed) Weedmaps page, then pocket the taxes. It's half the reason CA is raiding these dipshits, and why "weed guys" are going nowhere

I don't ask questions about anything. I just ask for a good indica or specific type of cartridge/pod. Every time I go to one of the local weed stores (in western Washington) they have a giant ass list of names for each category with very few repeats each visit. Almost every time, the clerk tells me that "this one is my absolute favorite" I'm pretty sure the clerks don't know shit. The vendors don't give a shit. The growers just slap a catchy name on it for fun. Just buy the weed. All retail weed is at least decently powerful and will get you baked.

In WA, all shops are cash only, but you can pay with a card. When you pay with a card it counts as an ATM transaction and you pay a $2-3 fee. Since that's not how ATMs work, I'm pretty sure the fee just goes straight to the store. Alternatively, you can use the actual ATM in the store and still pay the $2-3 fee since the ATM isn't from any local bank. I don't mind it though. I had to quit weed for years to stay out of trouble. Now I can smoke whenever and I'm such a lightweight occasional smoker I don't mind paying $10-15 a gram once a month.

So you're just a salty cunt, got it NYPA

>Alternatively, you can use the actual ATM in the store and still pay the $2-3 fee
If you want to get skimmed or breached, sure

how old are you

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Are you a fucking moron? They don't add random taxes ffs. Theresa state taxes and local taxes on weed sales in Oregon. So for example you pay more tax in Medford vs Phoenix because Medford has an additional local tax above the state taxes and Phoenix does not.

Don't want to pay taxes? Then smoke that untested garbage being sold by Tyrone on the street.

California and Oregon have completely different systems. California has tons of unlisened shops getting raid for being just that unregistered and illegal.

That isn't an issue in Oregon. You're not going to get screwed over by some jackass with a fake despensary.