She is my quircky girlfriend.What do u think i should do to her?

she is my quircky girlfriend.What do u think i should do to her?

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Strangle her, chop her up, and put her in the freezer.

well i do agree with straggling her,as for the rest idk,we will see

Spell quirky correctly

lend her out to some niggers for 3.50

true,i would send her to some niggers,but she aint really into it

Post her nudes on this thread

>What do u think i should do to her?
Asking this of Sup Forums tells me either she isn't your girlfriend, or you don't deserve her.

Expose her naked body on here, duh.

post nudes nao.

No she isn't you faggot, you're just nude pic if real

dude she is my girlfriend,but we trying to have a somewhat pure relationship...except for some quirks that she has

i aint posting no nudes,at least not for now

That’s the gayest shit i have ever heard

bruh,it is gay,but she wanted it.

I wanna fuck her young booty and cum in her perfect tits

Quirks my ass, you just making shit up

bruh i aint making no shit up...i know u all can't believe it,but it's true

Im just fucking with you bro. Props to you for treating her right and respecting her choises

thank u man.

Douse her in gasoline, throw a match on her, then piss the fire out

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that's an option

force her to watch fucked up porn while stimulating her pussy and breasts

Show us her dick already. We know what "quirk" you're talking about faggot.

bruh she aint got no d

Click on the post number to quote a post, newfag.

he should probably know this considering every one else is doing it

marry that bitch and make babies, spend the rest of your life paying for it

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Tell her there's dudes with bigger dicks on here that'd fuck her better than you.

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legit i might do it

bruh no

I know what I'd do with her... id rape her violently and force a big load of my cum inside her pussy.

OP you little fag whats your opinion on this

oh sorry i forgot to answer this one,well i might try it but she aint the dirty kind.At least she doesnt want to look like that,even though she is a very naughty girl.

Are you fucking autistic or something? Imagine asking b "What do u think i should do to her?"

Dump her you fucking loser before she dumps you, but lets be honest she aint your girlfriend your a confirmed incel whose 5ft7 16 stones and has a 3 inch wiener. KYS fag

>Small dick manlet detected.

Why not just let a better man take her off of your hands? It's not like you'll ever be over 6 feet tall, have a big dick or own acres of property in a desirable location so let me help you.

just get her to do a bet which you would win or some sex game to get it to happen

fuck that, pin her down and shove your dick inside her. leave her crying with your cum leaking out of her cunt. she'll get over it.

bruh i am 5ft 11,but she doesnt care about my height.

bruh i think i got her under control

true,i will do that soon

post her pussy.

i agree but if you make her watch the fucked shit she'll be broken ez claps

bruh i am trying to have her be as innocent as possible.

Jesus christ user do you need booster seats when you go to restaurants? She says she doesn't care but I guarantee she's on the prowl for bigger and better men.
>didn't refute small dick
Lmao I've legitimately cucked guys just like you before.

Are you new here Manlet?. So thats the only thing you replied too, not the fact your a fat fuck or have a 3 inch dong. Once again and I couldnt stress this anymore. KYS

bruh if she leaves me,shit do happen

fuck that, post the sluts pussy.

Are we going to ignore the fact she looks 13 years old and OP is a fucking nonce?

bruh i might kms idk,but at least i aint fat,i don't consider myself to be

What mental illness are you suffering from?

bruh she is 17 years old,i aint no nonce

it's be fun to tie you up and gangbang your girl while you're forced to watch her take load after load of our cum.

well i am depressed and i find no goal in life,even though i have this beautiful girlfriend beside me who is willing to go through all my shit with me.

Did you seriously just say bruh again? Why is she quirky and what are you planning on doing to her?

bruh i aint into that

So stop posting shit like this on b. Hit the gym earn some money and travel the world become a normie.

she is into masochism,and she likes to behave like a good girl with other people,but when she is with me she likes to do some weird yandere plays


neah,i am too lazy to do that

underage b&


Ok well I gave you my advice, dont follow it and keep being a fucking loser

well in my country she isn't considered underage

i will try to follow it,but i dont think i will be able to do it

she is not underage

my man knows what's up

Sup Forums is 18+ and don't post her nudes, that would still be considered cp

No, she's not. You just smack her ass sometimes.
I could spit on my girls face and call her a pig, slap her in the face and then throat fuck her until her eyes water, then tie her up and leave the room, come back later and fuck her til I cum. And she loves it.

That's what a masochist is.

i know,that's why i said i won't post her nudes.and she will be 18 soon.

ok kiddo

do you want her ig?

Establish how you truly feel about her, whether she makes you and your life complete.

If not, end it now before you convince yourself that it'll suffice. Ending it then is painful and traumatic for all involved.

If so, wife her and procreate for the good of western civilisation.

Raise children together as a fair and balanced team to value and respect themselves and others.

Pic unrelated.

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well i guess i didnt use the right word,she is more of an yandere she gets possesive


i am trying to do that,but i feel she does sometimes makes me feel complete,but not always

Ok virgin

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

>I should do to her
man only if you knew all the shit we would do to her

that's the whole point of this thread,i want to know what u guys would do to her,in order to know how to satisfy her.



guys do u consider it ok if she said she is going to kill one of my close female friends?like i am not sure if i should be worried that she might be yandere.

and she did sound quite serious