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>posts dragon

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How are my furends this fine afternoon?

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not bad
killing time before work, as usual
furiday so things should be pretty chill at work

how are you?

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I'm alright, trying to not think about my pointless existence

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ayup, same as the rest of us, just gotta keep yourself busy with distractions

like thinking about floofy ladies instead!

oh and hey, you don't happen to have made any recordings of yourself playing music do ya? I'd like to hear you play if possible

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always be polite and clean up after yourself, eh?

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Thinking about floofy ladies just makes me even more depressed and lonely

I don't, sorry. I haven't bothered to figure out how to record music because I suck anyway.

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you should get some basic equipment, cheap stuff, and give it a try
one of the best ways to improve is to listen to yourself play so you can reflect on what you are doing right and what you need to work on

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Ill check in

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I'll look more into it, thanks. I want a DAC anyway because I want to get some nice speakers eventually.

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oh no..

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Get a brain and normal personality first. Then go for material stuff.

I'm so offended!

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I fail to see the problem

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I’m gonna coom

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Got any bonnie hopps?

try not to make a mess

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Oh god I’m cooming

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If you weren't this retard, you'd actually be offended.
But, as I see you pretty much accustomed to such reactions already.
I don't want to pity you. But it's hard not to.

p-please stop hurting my widdle fee-fees!

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Shoo, he is mine!

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Don't listen to the fag. Just be yourself!

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But what does it mean to "be yourself"? What makes us "ourselves"?
>big think

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I take that back, it's not hard at all.

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What's really hard is that skull of yours because you're pretty fucking dense

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It's actually simple.
Just don't do stuff you otherwise wouldn't have had done.

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I'll do that then... or will I?

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Hi Gears, how are you?

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I bet ye is alright, the question is how are you?

Why wouldn't you?

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I'm really bored with this life, and want to be elsewhere in time and space
>pic unintentionally related

Because doing things we don't want to do is how humans learn to cope with life, and become better, stronger people

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New fast growing Discord Sup Forums server, quickly join before the jannies cuck us.

discord gg/JZRkGh


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Wtf, why did someone edit out Renamon? People do some weird shit with their free time.

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Hey there
Absolutely exhausted from a really crazy week at work (trying to fix all issues at once while half the company is already on holiday and/or crippled by switching to windoom 10 was a mistake)
I have the next two weeks off though, so there's that.

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Damn, that's pretty rough. I'm glad you have a much needed break though.

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off to work
have a nice day furends

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Take care, furend

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Gorsha rules!