How are you?

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today I had a dream in which some people I know got to see all my hentai files

Yeah i'm actually pretty up rn.

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That sounds pretty awkard and scary.
I'm sure you're happy it was just a dream. Bye friend

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Cute picture
Do anything fun lately?

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I wish i could have this Hoodie IRL.

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loltyler1 com discount code alpha

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Please never stop posting, you are the most wholesome I've ever seen in b. Should totally go to /bant/.
I love youuu

Hmm. Well i've had some pretty sweet dreams. I know you want me dead... Just stay on the planet and be a pain in the ass to everybody else. If you know nothing you know everything. I cannot say more. It won't matter!

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not tired

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Aww that's really nice of you, I post a lot but not usually in my own thread. I'm glad you like me, I like you too :)
I..I see, I'm really confused

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China :)

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No i want a Red hoodie with the fucking black stripes and the "HEHE XD" in two lines. That would be so nice.

Just write that you will kill yourself.

Sounds nice, maybe you could find it somewhere
I see

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Nice smile

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I know i only save the prettiest pictures because they remind me of my own face. :}
So what's your favourite colour and why?

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Hey, are you the poster that said they were going to post a picture of their face with that image?
My favourite colour is blue, like a nice aqua sort of blue, it's nice
Sleepy china, time to rest soon :)

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I could be anybody. You on the other hand are not anybody. You have excellent memory!
Yeah. Sapphire blue is a nice colour. I like black because it's like a combination of all the colours. Like this world is ruined and varied.

no :(

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Tfw u a pretty boy and all the females know they don't deserve you

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I remember weird things, I'm unsure why
You interest me. I don't think black is a colour, are you sad?
patpat, soon :)

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I'm sure it's not like that

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It goes both ways though, just like men do. They don't deserve you. You don't deserve them? What do you mean? Codeine!

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okay.. zzzz

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Black is a mix of colours. I like all colours.
If i was tinkerbell i'd fuck myself even though i'm white.

Sleepy pink

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You're a good human being. i can tell you wouldn't trust my words.

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The way you talk is strange to me, I don't know why. It feels somewhat scatterbrained and I can't grasp an understanding, sorry.
Sleepy china :)
You can rest in my thread

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I am very scattered. I hate people. I hate myself. I hate tiny women. Seriously this much.

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That's okay, I don't mind. Why do you hate people? Why do you hate yourself? Want to talk about it?

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That's okay too, I just hope you can feel better soon

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Want to know my name or dick size?

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I'm not down to marry!

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so fucking tired, I've been socialising all these 2 weeks since I just became chairman of the board. I'm just happy that I get to spend 2 weeks on holidays just smoking pot and playing vidya

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No, that's okay
I see
I'm glad you can rest, I hope you're enjoying yourself

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Try left 4 dead 2.
Sick game.

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I don't want admin and i'm ok. :)

U can't post CP!!!

noooo :((

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Maybe it's time for you to sleep

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:( you too

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Yup, I think you're right

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