What does Sup Forums think of my video? if it gets to 1k views today I'll post more~

What does Sup Forums think of my video? if it gets to 1k views today I'll post more~


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>hairy legs
>roast beef vag
gross never post again

>no cute benis

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Fat af, try working out maybe

maybe your next reply won't be
mmm harder daddy~
plenty of gay threads out there for fags like you
can't argue with you there

Meh. I tend to like the selfshot stuff more than professional. That being said, I'd let you shit on my chest, so 7/10.

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Not too bad, you have nice big tits you should show them more on camera

wait is that a female? I'm not watching this shit

it is selfshot?
mmm I will in future uploads!~

I will follow you then.
I also want to see you cum next time

Exactly, which is why I liked it.

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thanks so much~ I'll try!

Video wasn’t bad but could be better for sure. I’m a fan of big tits and I know others would like to see yours. More ways of playing with your pussy besides your fingers. Video could use some moans or cute noises when playing. With yourself. Btw nice ass was expecting a nice ass slap. More vids of your ass would be nice

Pretty good video, would love to hear you enjoying yourself a little more. Still nutted 7/10

Me like, me want to see big tits though thank you

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You're welcome, gonna probably cum watching you tonight

>tfw my self made twink movie has over 150k

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I'm sorry but did you say this is a KKK thread?

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>I'm sorry but did you say this is a KKK thread?

Use some toys or get a friend to fuck you always better when’s there is someone else

I like your body, where can i get more of you

will do!
that's pretty great

shave your legs

shave your balls
currently working on that
when I post more on pornhub!

Your fat lol

Will is it or is it not? I want see pictures of dead niggers.

Timestamp or gtfo

>shave your balls
bitch you have to decide - you're either doing this for satisfaction of the viewer or you're just a pretentious e-whore

Youre gross. Find a fetish and get into it; thats the only way anyone is cumming to that trash you call a body

Or if I get $100 on cashapp, I'll post more xoxo
Hurry boys~

Post your tits here.

don't send this faggot money, you might get scammed boys

>shave your balls

They are shaved you disgusting tramp

nice fat rolls, chunko
Try uploading a video of you hitting the gym instead

No scam here, just a girl tryin to make a buck for her body ;3
You don't have to donate but I highly recommend it :D

your body could use some fasting

Eww your pussy is saggy

Maybe your next maturbation vid won't be. Cunt.

begone whale

Just to clarify I'm calling you a greedy Jew

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You're fat and your pussy looks gross. Looks like it probably stinks. Leave porn to hot idiots.

>no benis
>ugly vagina
>retarded tattoos

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Rubbing my dick now, need more to cum though

should shave, pussy looked nice up untill the hair revealed it self. maybe use lube

cute but bland

Yo take criticism well, you're going to be fine slut, keep doing what you're doing

I kinda got bored, it just wasn't really my thing. your are nice and chubby though so I will give you that. try doing more POVs with your ass or something like that

i mean, i have a preference for chubby girls, so i guess it's pretty good.

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lose weight

>not showing your asshole

Ngl, you look deliciously natural. The legs and pussy being hairy, idm. I feel as though you’d be a freak in bed and got a pussy tighter than dick in the butt. I’d eat that pussy from the back on some real nigga shit. Watches the vid while my gf was in the bathroom

Not bad but could use some more work
Seeing as the whole video is just you focusing on ur pussy Id reccomend more moans and maybe even some dirty talk
Personally Id like it if u showed more of ur tits too
Now be daddys good little slut and make another one so I can cum

This is nice and all but how about you show feet now?

Write tony above your pussy and I’ll do a cum trib. Mixed dick

nothing special

> hairy legs?
shave them
> hairy pussy.
better if shaved but at least it's not a huge mess

nice i guess i like how you touch yourself. i would be more interested if you could also finger or insert things into your ass. i'd be a paying fan if you also ass to mouth dildos and sharpies and stuff like that.

Tbh, I liked it a lot.

also when you finger your pussy, be sure to suck your fingers a lot and, of course, show us licking up your fluids. the hottest thing in the world is to see a girl comfortable enough with her internal fluids, vaginal and anal mucus and lap it up erotically. you should definitely work on that if you don't do it a lot.


Learn to shave if you are going online. But don't worry there are plenty of shut in neckbeards that will support you either way.

fuckin gay

You're talking about pussy but you still sound like a faggot. Amazing

Not my cup of tea but I'm confident someone will like it, good luck with this venture!

unless you are op, your comments about my comments are not welcome.

coconutsfam RP partner/taboo

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