Anyone here ever cheated on their wife? How’d it start? Did you get caught? If so, what was the aftermath

Anyone here ever cheated on their wife? How’d it start? Did you get caught? If so, what was the aftermath.

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I’m getting more and more tempted every day. I truly love my wife. She’s perfect, stays in great shape, and does everything to satisfy me sexually and takes care of the house and generally does everything possible to make my life easier, comfier, and happier.

But I just need some fucking variety...

But how the fuck do I even start? Like do I just hide my ting and not tell girls I’m married? Or try to find girls that don’t care? Where do I even meet these girls? Not interested in coworkers and it’s not like I can just go out clubbing/bar hopping any more.

And also, how do I not get caught? It’s break my wife’s heart and that would kill me.

Like, I almost wish my wife was a fat bitch so I could easily justify cheating or divorcing her.

But I don’t want to hurt her or lose her.

What do I do Sup Forumsros?

I wish she was open to polygamy, but we’ve talked about kinks before and it was an absolute no from her on that front.

Tell your wife you want to spice things up. You'll be better off in the long run

We’ve tried a lot. Tied her up, tied her to the bed, all kinds of toys. All holes are available to me at all times.

Only tried role playing once, but both of us were pretty shit and awkward at it.

Not sure what else we can do. It’s still the same pussy in the end.

I would say try anal? Try throatfucking? Or get some toys. Have some times where ya'll just masturbate each other. That kind of variety is good too.

Basically if she catches you cheating, it's over.
You could always bring up the feelings of needing variety in your sex life, but that could also make her think you want to leave her. Don't know if there is an easy solution, but unless she's open to polygamy or you having non-love centered sex if you get caught cheating its most likely going to be over

Yea, and it's obviously not worth it. But that "obviousness" gets less and less obvious to me with every day. Nowadays, there are some times when I catch myself thinking "fuck it, there's no way she'll catch me, and if she does, I can fix it", before kicking myself for even thinking that.

Looking at the years ahead, I just don't know if I'll be able to hold out.

Someone share some real experiences...

Post pics of her

Try a whore with her. Mine goes with me, keeps things easier (she's bi tho)

Yea, we had a talk about kinks. She was pretty open to anything, but was really strongly against either of us sleeping with anyone else in any circumstances.

I was/am gay, but at the time I was extremely religious. I married my now ex-wife right after high school. The cheating started when I took a job that had me live in a different state pretty much two weeks a month. The place my job gave me was close to a gay part of the city. So I would go to gay bars and have a gay life. At first, I started sleeping with a random man but eventually got a boyfriend. eventually, my marriage started to fail because I cared about my boyfriend more than my wife. I ended up telling my wife the truth because my job wanted me to move to the city permanently and she refused me. We are divorced now.

Interesting. Outside of presumably not being physically attracted to your wife, did you care about her?

Have you considered killing yourself? You seem selfish enough to pull it off

When you go out, you unashamedly tell people you're married. More often than not, people will also indicate if they're single or not. Or you could just ask.
A friend told me that you cheat with people who also have something to lose and value, that way a secret that's supposed to be a secret stays that way.

Yeah, then you fucked OP. As you stated, your marriage is a good one, temptation can fuck you for a long time. I advice you to masturbate hard and forget. Not working, a trip with the wife may be a solution, changing of air usually works.

Hope the best for you both, just don't fuck up something good over your cock, isn't worth. Believe me, been there done that with my ex.

Yea, I know logically it'd be a terrible decision. Tell me more about what happened with your ex.

That is a complicated question. I did care for my wife she wasn't just a beard to me. I feel like our relationship was really based on friendship until it feels apart. However, I don't think I loved my wife though. I feel like a lot of things we did are a married couple at least for me was because of it just something I thought married people do.

Went on a rampage. Married in my second year on college, long relationship, burnt out already but I didn't admitted by the time. So I didn't cared if she find out, she didn't had a sexual drive at all, stayed home and went to work (we used to work at the same lab, so all day together except when I went to campus and she stayed at my mom's to not be alone at home). And so I used the time alone to go out, separated accounts she couldn't trace my credit... but here's the thing, it went for so long (2 years) and so blatantly that I ended everything since she didn't care for the cheating part, as long as I called for less sex at home.

So what I say is, there is no good scenario. You either happy or you are not. Divorce was the way, I filled the papers and went away.

Do you ever travel for work, user? I imagine a prostitute out of town would be pretty safe.

Me, I'm in a relationship and it looks like my gf is the one looking to end it. I'm not nearly as upset as I thought I would be. I've started eyeing up the 18 year olds at work. Is this... freedom?

I did once and told her straight after. She was furious, nominally forgave me over time but never really got over it. Later we had an open relationship, which was the final nail in the coffin.

Do you actually need some variety? It's not as great as it sounds.

I regret doing it.

I know a few couples who can manage the open relationship but they are kind of creepy and not that close.

She sounds great. Once you're destroyed your relationship with her, hope I can have her.

Not married but I cheat on my girlfriends by keeping low self esteem girls around me who are less attractive than me and my partners. They get off on being the side piece.

Wow, that sounds terrible. Sounds like it's probably better for both of you that the marriage ended.

My marriage is actually really great. Sex tends to wax and wane, but overall, we have a healthy sex life. Everything else is going well, too, and I definitely don't want to lose her.

That makes a lot of sense. Without the physical attraction, marriage seems like it would just be a close friendship.

Unfortunately, no. I work less than 15 minutes from home, and there's literally no plausible reason I'd need to travel outside of this immediate area.

She really is great, and I now the way I feel is totally irrational.

Sorry to hear that, but I think that's what I expected/wanted to hear...

People get bored with their partners. It is human nature. So you can have a series of different partners/marriages, switching every few years, or you can settle into reality.

the second you cheat on your wife you've signed your divorce papers

I always wonder how heavily the guilt would weigh on me. Would it fuck me up enough to make me miserable afterwards?

I'm married, but I also have a girlfriend that my wife doesn't know about. My GF is married too, and lives in another state. I see her about four times per year, and call her I've every week. I used to go with random bar sluts, but keeping a steady gf eliminates risk and provides variety since we only see each other four times per year. Ama I guess

I do. Multiple times per week with different girls. Last time was this morning with a colleague.

I'm not bothering to write the whole thing right now. I'll answer questions though

Do you feel guilty?

Only sometimes, and only a little. My gf feels guilty more than me.

you too, do you feel guilty?

How do you meet these girls, how do you keep your wife from finding out?

This is why there are prostitutes

How is your relationship with your wife? How was it before you started? Is your wife in shape/attractive?

How old are you, your wife, and your gf?

I tried the polygamy thing with my ex wife. In my case and just about any other I've seen it ends in complete breakdown of the relationship If you want to stay with your wife, I'd avoid any sort of situation that allows her to think you are bored with her or allows her to freely bang someone else, because you will get cucked.

God ive been trying to get my gf to do this. She already watches solo and lesbian videos. Her sex drive is completely incompatible with mine.

Lol, I'd never let her fuck someone else. But I want a relationship where I get to fuck someone else. I guess she can fuck someone else if it's a girl.

My wife and I have always had a good relationship, and she is 7/10 after having our first child. My gf is 9/10 though.

I'm 29, wife 30, gf 28

I cheated on my wife with someone from my past. It was mostly because our relationship was falling apart anyway though. We eventually divorced, and the cheating was a factor, but not the primary one.
In a weird twist, my wife remarried and now regularly cheats on her current husband with me. I'm in am open relationship with the woman I cheated on my ex with. Life is odd man.

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I do. Quite regularly, but not nearly enough as I should. Matter of fact, I'm chatting with one right now as my gf is asleep next to me.

I meet them wherever. Currently cheating on her with: colleague, former colleague and a former friend of her.

I hide it by using a second space on my phone on which I use Snapchat for convos and pictures. I do stuff at work. And I meet up with them, mainly at a nearby forest. I will not invite them to my home because I think that's even worse. Cheating on her in her own home

Yes I cheated, I came clean after a year of fucking 5 other chicks.

Wife was pissed, she is still holding resentment but she did not leave.

Pic related, one of my side girls

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What do you think your wife would do if she found out?

THIS 100% this
>don't lie, just say "i'm happily married, but like to fuck more than she does, so we have an arrangement"
if youre bi, play with married couples
if youre straight be honest with your side sluts, cause if they find out you lied, they can blow your shit up

She would be inconsolable. It would ruin her life entirely, and it would cause her to lose the ability to apprehend reality

Seems dangerous cheating on her with people so close to the two of you. Do you ever consider what would happen if she found out?

How is your relationship with your wife?

Not my wife but I cheated on my ex.
She never found out and the relationship was fine for a couple of years until it ended for other reasons.
I thought I would be be fine since sex with her had gotten boring, but I regretted cheating every day afterwards, still do.
The guilt hit like a train a couple of days later and I felt like shit for months.
Tl;dr - my advice, don't cheat if you still love someone or care about them.

That sounds rough. Do you have any feelings for your gf or do you guys both just acknowledge it's purely physical?

Has it changed your relationship? Would you do it again?

She will feel from the smell of vagina

Good perspective

It is rough, which is why we're so careful. I do care about my gf a lot, and I think she cares for me more than I care for her. I do worry about her catching serious feelings sometimes, but shes steady in her commitment to get own life, and knows her place with me

I came clean trying to make things better. Now all it has done is give her fire power to hold over me. I regret coming clean, but the cheating.

The cheating honestly helped me alot. I was very depressed at the time.

I would possibly cheat again, but not with so many girls. If I had just stuck with the girl in the pic I would still be doing it.

Well, you could be correct, but the current colleague makes up stuff a lot so nobody would believe her. I'm extra careful not to leave anything with her as proof when shit hits the fan.

Former colleague won't snitch.

Former friend hasn't been in contact with gf for over 2 years now.

Btw, it's not my wife, but have been in a relationship for 13 years now. Relationship is difficult to explain. We are so different, which is a good thing most of the time. I do feel worthless around her, though. I don't interest her that much I guess

Do you feel like your reasons for cheating are different from hers?

How would you feel if you found out your wife was also cheating on you?

>I do feel worthless around her, though. I don't interest her that much I guess

That's interesting. So, if she valued you more, do you think you would still be cheating?

Yes. Lots of times. We never really had 10/10 chemistry to begin with, more like a 5. We were both in our 30s and kinda over dating around, so we settled.
5 years later she got a little bit fatter and less into sex in general, and I lost a lot of attraction to her.
Then a lot of people made a big deal about Craigslist and Backpage being shut down, which oddly opened the door to me and the sex work industry.
Started with just massages with a little handy, then moved up to blowies, then next thing I knew i was paying to fuck milfs, drug addict teens, and having very passable trannies pump loads into my ass.

I think our reasons for cheating are the same: we've lived very similar lives, both small town Midwest kids who left home and went all over the world, married foreigners before we knew that staying with our own was the right thing to do. I think sometimes we cheat (and only with each other) to have a taste of what our lives could have been, and it's really nice.

If my wife we cheating I would be very surprised. She's not the type at all, and so much of her identity is tied to my approval

I should say that I wouldn't. I'm really not sure though. I feel like I really am addicted to sex, but even more to the attention.

It would help on the latter part. Do you know how good it feels if someone craves for your attention? If someone keeps checking her phone all day, just to see if you've sent her a message? If someone is really interested in the things you say?

I really miss that in my relationship. It's not a reason to finger a girl like I did this morning though.

Any more of her?

Not many, deleted all proof after came clean.

I so miss that fire bush

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go ahead and kick yourself for the rest of your life when she leaves your ass then all youll be thinking about is how the new guy is doing everything you used to do with her while you sit at home with you new bitch who gives you a blowjob once a year and doesnt do anal! GOOD LUCK! If you have to go to the rub and tug dumbass!

Pic related? If so your fucking crazy...but here you go OP

People who cheat end up regretting it if the relationship was otherwise good.

You will feel like shit and likely loose 1/2 your shit so not worth it. Don't get caught, and go to the grave a secret if you do.

Familiarity breeds contempt. We all go through it once you have been with someone for a long time.

Try swapping, swingers if you can get her on-board. That way you both get a free pass.

Find a reason to go out of town/country and hit up some pay for play. Start up a "guys" trip with your buds and head to Costa Rica or Tijuana.

Search for a local yank/crank massage shop. You shouldn't have a problem dipping out for a couple of hours without suspicion.

i regularly cheat on my wife with both men and women. every time i get a chance i cheat. im a sex addict.

Shame, she looks like a great fuck

does a HJ at an upscale massage parlor count as cheating?

Huh, that's interesting. There are definite similarities to my situation.

Best I ever head, most physical. Past that a cool chick, we hung out and just enjoyed each other.

Worst part of coming clean was losing the ability to just chill with her.

Never thought you'd just be better off with the redhead?

I go to rub and tug massage parlor alot and been to a nudist beach and got sucked off by a guy in the dunes

Pic not related, but tbh my wife's body is actually better. I post in the shouldn't share threads once in a while and she gets a ton of attention.

It's not that she's not hot any more. She is, she works hard to stay in shape, and gets compliments everywhere. And it's not that she's bad in bed or anything, she does anything I want, whenever I want.

But, idk, somehow I just still want more.

At times, I was 90% happy with the wife. Sex was really only thing missing.

The redhead is 12 years younger than me, I am fixed so cant have kids early on we both said this was just fun but could never work

(Last pic I have)

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Shame, those are some great tits as well. You regret telling your wife?

Wise words, my friend.

Currently cheating with a milf from work who knows everything about me and my gf, but she doesnt care. Helps me with the guilt.

Yes, very much so. The redhead would have been happy to be side piece/FWB.

And I could have avoided the last year of resentment and pain from wife.

(Found one more lol)

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that is a great pair of tits

Nice to see so many fellow cheaters here

Yeah, best pair I have personally been with

You clearly already care about your wife and know hurting her will hurt you too.

If you do end up doing something like this, the guilt's going to eat you the fuck up and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Try spicing up your sex life with her, odds are she's in the mood for something new and exciting as well.

If I was 10 years younger, I would have picked the redhead though...I know that

Currently cheating with a friend of my wife. When she's at work her friend brings her kid over for play date with ours and we fuck.

ten out of ten tits they are

A coworker sucks my dick maybe once every 6 weeks or so. She genuinely enjoys sucking cock and obviously I enjoy it, so it just keeps happening.

get creative and create a reason

Yea. I know if she found out (or even found out I was thinking about it), she would be devastated. She prides herself in keeping me satisfied and giving everything to me.

I guess there are still things we should try more of. She told me recently she has a bit of a piss fetish and wants me to pee on and degrade her. And we both like it when I tie her up, but haven't gotten as deep in shibari as we'd like.

So, I guess I just gotta make more effort into keeping it new and fresh.

You think you've got it bad?

My girlfriend suffers from PTSD from her shitty family and abusive upbringing and exes, as well as having serious depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. She wants therapy, but private is probably the only way around waiting lists, and may just be too expensive. We've been with eachother for a while now and I've helped her through some shit, but she isn't the one and I've TOTALLY gone off her sexually. I love her as a person but it has been established that if I leave her she won't be able to cope and will attempt suicide, and if I cheat I'll be going against my principles, don't know if I could forgive myself, and would in essence become the biggest Judas in her life.

My ex is also low key hollering@ me and recently sent me a pic of her in her new bodysuit.. and nothing else.

..I look at that picture a lot.

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It ain't worth it Sup Forumsros. Grass isn't greener on the other side. There aren't words to describe the feeling when they find out. Or when you beg them to stay and they say no. Nothing feels like that. Fuck "Once a cheater, always a cheater". Once you feel that feeling you never do it again. I have a new found appreciation for relationships now.

Post pic here. And just go fuck her and see what happens.

Y don’t you all just be upfront about what your doing and carry on doing so. The only problem seems to be the going behind each other’s backs.

Hope it works out man. I get what your feelings cause I have waves of feeling the same shit.

I get into moods of just wanting to fuck a new girl but I also love my fiance. My life is good, and I know its just the effect of thinking the grass is greener.

Really, I just jerk it to a shit ton to new porn when I get in those moods and then I'm good for awhile.

Don't do it. I've tried it, and its not worth it. The only thing you will accomplish is that you will feel like an asshole for the longest time.

Yes unless you tell her and she’s cool with it.

You must be either a virgin or a femanon.

ideal situation

People like you are fucking retarded. It's not even that fact that you want to cheat, it's the fact that you have a great wife, a good sex life and still want to cheat because you're a selfish faggot. If you wife was a total bitch, fat, refusing to have sex often or any other reason, maybe I'd be a little more understanding but nah, you're just a cunt.

It's a very nice arrangement. She talked to my wife for like an hour at the christmas party, which I think we both got a kick out of.

So basically you're too stupid to cheat.

You obviously struggle to get women and envy OP for having a great wife in the first place. But if women were as plentiful for you as they are for OP, only then would you understand.