Today I decided that it's time to buzz my head. Does it look better?

Today I decided that it's time to buzz my head. Does it look better?

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That is two different people you fcking idiot

Nothin wrong with dropping the top bro

yeah i think so

gonna need a timestamp if you want a real r8 m8

I'm on the fence about doing that to OP. It really doesn't look bad at all.

It's fine, i would have left it a little bit longer.

Honestly makes you look a little bit younger.

Thank you guys.

Yes I always do 1/2 all around fresh shave

Nice. At which age did you decided to go bald?

You look not unlike Andre Agassi, which is good. This look can verge into skinhead territory with the wrong clothes, or cancer patient territory when you lose a tan in the winter. That's probably why he got one ear pierced, which is something you could consider.

The coomer look


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don't be afraid to rock the bone dome my ruski bro

Wear a hat... maybe a jeffcap/old mans hat.

You now look like a slav cocksucker.
Get some Adidas training pants and some cheap wodka, fucking cuck.

Right picture looks perfect!
So pretty!




Better dead than bald

Ah that's nice. Thanks!

You dont look too bad before, but shaved or bald is definitely your look. Definitely a look you can pull off, and not just to look better than before.

Not just that but it makes him look a few years younger to.

How old would you say I am?

finished it off with razor not just buzzed to zero

looks better, the days of comb overs and thinning just looks bad. I will be doing the same soon OP

Yes, like yeah man you look good if that's you

r u me?


yep just don't get facial hair with it