She flirts with you

She flirts with you.

What do?

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what is this gay shit and why is it on my mongolian child sex trafficking website

She reminds me of my ex from highschool.

Eh. I'd fuck her and never call her back I guess.

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wtf is that

Hey you're the girl from Hazbin Hotel no way

Unrelated i had a dream last night where i was doing that radio faggot voice into a microphone.

check my genitalia, remember I'm a guy, and move along

Have it suck me off daily.

Charlie (a.k.a Charlotte), a demon.

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flamboyantly gay, user.

So basically I would read all the words from the bib-lee and she will dies and I will go back to my game of Roblox

She knocks the bible out of your hands and sits on your unguarded dick what do?

Well technically I doubt she'd be offended. She wants to redeem souls and get demons into Heaven.

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That show is so shitty.

Stop watching her shitty show?

I cant get off to her because of her face

Fuck her ass.

Which one?

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Wait till she's really horny.

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