More gay bois

more gay bois

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shota goat dick

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you might be right

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>That fist full of ass cheek

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I wanna grab some big boi booty and gave it a good smack

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Gay rape time.

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I want to grope and spoon. Big spoon.

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rape bad, no thx

Damn, that eye makeup is so pretty. I don't like drag queens at all, but something about makeup on furry guys really does it for me.

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Subtle make up is always good

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Yesss, emo bois with makeup are so cute~

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Still need to find a cheap one of those.

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they aren't hard to find

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Zoqi would be my goal body if my chest and shoulders were smaller, and my hips were wider.... :(

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I mean like one that isnt 50+ dollars

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New fast growing Discord Sup Forums server, quickly join before the jannies cuck us.

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If trans, then technically not gay porn

Technically not gay and yet somehow gayer.

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Being attracted to the same sex will always be gay, and those who believe otherwise are delusional

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Its gay if its FtM.

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have you looked at amazon at all, i assume not

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No bulge so its mtf so still gay.

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If you're born with a dick and testicles you are a guy,hence gay. Get over your delusions.

This. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex, or transgender people, but it's incredible to me just how much people lie to themselves until they believe it.

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I want a butt one, I don't want some yukky girl one and all the butt ones are 60+ smackaroonies. How am I supposed to imagine fucking a femboy/twink with a vanjina?

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dont be poor and but a fleshlight then

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I'm not deluding anything, I'm laughing because the artist didn't think it through.

What is the logic behind the "liking trans women isn't gay" argument anyway? It's such a stupid, outdated fallacy. It's like people still want to live in the 1900s because they're so afraid to admit 90% of people don't conform to sexual norms, and we inherently like deviancy because normality is boring.

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But I got no monies and no bf

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I don't like trans cus I like my bois to have a penis.

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The fuck is happening in this picture?
why is his right arm wrapped around a pillar to his left.
Why is that dudes tail going up the butt of a cloud creature?

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I like trans because I like both male and female genitalia, but prefer feminine bodies. Some men are pretty handsome though, I do love muscles.

There's no logic in fantasy, user

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I only like small muscle like twinks.

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But that's a manly man with big, strong muscles and facial and body hair. I don't like facial or body hair on men though, but sometimes it can be cute on twinks if it's really light and sparse.

>tfw no /fit/ twink bf to spot me with his bulge in my face
why live?

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That's not big muscles or body hair.

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>why live?
so that you can have that one day

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>why live?
Butt Fleshlight

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Yeah this is definitely not manly and muscular as fuck, am I right? Because this is about the same level of muscle in reality.


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The deer guy looks slightly smaller tho. Those look like medium muscle.

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Barely. Still muscular as fuck though, Nibi.

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Who the fuck are you?

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Your fucking top, Nibi.



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Bend over, doe boi

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Spread them.

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