New asian girl thread

new asian girl thread

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looking for rutgers

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What's the story with these? Blackmail? The girls holding up these Chinese ID's always look like they're about to start crying.

video of almanda, annie, and jenny?

currently checking still, most are on snapchat so im seeing if they got saved to camera roll

can anyone post more yuli? I've done nothing but think about fucking her and my korean gf at the same time.
Also pic related. Two korean girls sucking me

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Also bump two OTHER korean girls bent over for me during my trip to Seoul

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who was the better one ? angelia or april?

april always seemed like she was pretty thick and not as tight

basically, they send the pictures to loan sharks as collateral

got kik ? we can talk more there

angelia was a fucking stone as well, did absolutely nothing but her pussy was tight

april had a fat ass and she loved being choked and slapped. she also liked being fucked in front of the mirror so she can see how much of a whore she is, i actually just found a video of her sleeping next to me in her panties but unfortunately i am also in the video lol

girl dumped on vola r/13qy1bhb4

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dont got kik, first time in a while popping on Sup Forums

ive been wanting to fuck emily t or michelle w from akdphi

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Hot. I approve.

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op should have breeded these two

More lol

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aw dude dont do that man, theres so many hotter girls out there LOL michelle w is big boned feel me

april swallowed but she was clingy as fuck, ignored her for days for her to show up to my room screaming at me. straight out of a fucking porno while shes screaming, i bring her inside, take off all her clothes and ordered her to gag on my dick, she did and was very obedient lolol. ended up fucking her on the kitchen counter and made her lick any cum that missed her up from the floor. shit was degrading man, slapped her and called her a whore the whole time too

who do you think is hottest in sigma/akdphi/kappa that you haven't fucked yet?

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now dumping jasmine including videos

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what a whore

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Yes please

You're doing god's work, user.

Anyone interested? Asian toy I used to fuck

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there's a fuck ton of hot girls but hmm probably diana l from akdphi, none of the kappas maybe liz l but we're close friends and i know her boyfriend so thats not gonna happen, sigmas are HIT bro all of them are ugly

i'd rather go to bars and fuck white girls cause they suck dick way better

I wanna see everything


not that into white girls

wish you had wins of angelica or jenny

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it banned me for uploading the vids directly so im uploading a zip

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right is amazing

Liz is tight but middle is a screamer

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id give left nut to bang middle

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find any vids?

Familiar with any of them?

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to be fair, they're both fucking hot, but i do love a screamer


nope but nice

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My wife.

Plenty more where that came from

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More please!

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sweet jesus

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Hello fellow human, do you like female from largest landmass continent?


I need something like this to be walking around in my house all day.

My other wife

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what a wifey

Fuck I need to marry a Korean or Japanese girl. Seriously lol

i wanna turn liz into an even bigger screamer

wow moarr

My other wifeee

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i make no apologies when i say this makes me want to fuck her

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>I want to marry some of the most demanding girls in Asia
ok user, have fun

so sexy

Janet the choir girl

too be fair, south east asians and most chinese just dont look the same, koreans and japs are chinkiest

Its okay user.
Here you go

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if i got to fuck your wifey, would you wanna watch or, just hear reports back, she makes me want her, a lot

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None of the asian girls I've fucked had no demands from me. Pic related. My chinese ex

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mmm i'd want hours with her

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now dumping some katie

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yeah bro, I hear you, I like those super chinky single-eyelids that the koreans have, but most korean girls attitudes are horrendous

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tips on hooking up? going soon

Get a good hair cut, shave, have nice clothes. Download tinder, buy tinder plus and use the surge option. Go to Hongdae area and go to a bar called Thursday Party. You will absolutely get laid. If you want more tips, lmk

SEA, especially Filipino girls are the demanding ones. East Asian girls are pretty damn laid back as long as you're not a hobo.

This. Also what a fine piece of ass.

yeah tinder is really good in korea, most girls on there are looking to meet a foreigner

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fucking sweet. Didnt have too much luck in tokyo but was only there a week. Tons of matches but theyre pretty conservative, mostly got western women that dont like jap dudes

Why is it so damn hard to find Asian phone sex?
Just once I want to pretend to be driving home my teen Asian babysitter who I made obnoxiously racist remarks to before busting a load down her throat while driving.

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She's very shy.

You would have to make her feel comfortable user.

She doesn't give it up easy.

I would definitely like to watch.
Seducing her is no easy task my friend.

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Not my experience. When I was in Philippines there were plenty of affectionate girls that were dtf, knew how to cook, and didn't make a drama out of everything.

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i had my first all girl orgy in korea. Basically my gf and I swiped a bunch of bitch on tinder. 3 of them agreed to meet at thursday party. We thought only one would show. But all 3 did and we all got drunk, went clubbing and took 2 cabs home. Got so drunk but I got fucked by 3 koreans and one belgian

New fast growing Discord Sup Forums server, quickly join before the jannies cuck us.

discord gg/JZRkGh


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