Any user in nyc wanna take me to the winter solstice event at house of yes this weekend?...

any user in nyc wanna take me to the winter solstice event at house of yes this weekend?? guaranteed we'll at least make out lol
i'm just lonely and i got nobody to celebrate with

also trap thread

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fuck I never wanted to be in NYC so bad

How can I contact you?

i'd say kik but honestly fuck kik

send me an email??? stewardess.em

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daaaaamn let's see that booty

include a pic of yourself? :)

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I have to do some stuff now but I'll try to reach you in a while

goddamn you're hot

whats your kik for research purposes

how long have you been on hormones?


i really dont check kik but if you want it it's stewardess_em

a girl never tells lol

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actual booty

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pre hrt?

yeah lol

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Just a heads up your wig looks kinda obvious because of the texture and color. I'd look into some of the good ones. Don't have any recommendations unfortunately :(.

Also just wanted to say how brave you are for going out in public in NYC. A lot of my non-passing friends are harassed a bunch, I'm seen it happen to them in person too it's brutal.

T. passing mtf

do you think you will take hrt eventually?


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honestly probably not. not that i don't need it, but there are so many side effects and shit i'm just not down for

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I'll be in NYC next week

>side effects
>404 Not found

>result of not taking hrt
>man smell
>excessive body hair
>oily masculine skin
>balding (explains the wig)
>continuing masculination well into 30's

ooh someone's angry lol

Just out of curiosity, what's your major? No need to be too specific, just the general thrust.

any vids getting fucked?

business studies lol

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no lol this is me trying to find someone to help me make one.
some videos of me fucking myself tho...

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post soles? and drop in vola or do you have a ph or erome?

How does one interpret posting side effects as a sign of anger? Literally just warning them, as someone on HRT I figured I'd point out the not so obvious changes. I hang out with enough pre hrt people to feel it's necessary to mention things like body odor and skin texture are two big indicators that you wouldn't really ever think would matter but does in terms of passing.

there's a mega somewhere, let me see if i can find it

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Trap doesn't mean trans tho, maybe OP is cross dressing? Fair play either way, I say.

ooh got it
not sure if it's updated though, but there is a video or two in there, plus gifs


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i think the poster's just mad they don't look as good on hrt as OP does without

pls make foot vids with whoever you go with this weekend

if i can find anyone :/

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