Trap thread! <3

trap thread!

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what about no

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yes user

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where are you alexis

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need BWC or BBC asap

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Oh yes


Any requests?

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Spray paint can in ass

Hey :3

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yeah, kik?

Shave your arms. That shits gross. Dont post anymore.

All 4s plz

hrt booty?

>Shave your arms. That shits gross.

Have you ever met a real girl irl either? Or just facinated by fake ones online?

Feeling Festive!

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Dont have kik. Only snapchat and discord.
Snapchat: Erindabz
discord: Erindabz#3053

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haha, goblin

Its a lil foggy but heres one. Ill fetch another

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Yesh. Only like 6 months i cant wait to see the changes in a year from now.

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While I agree that shit is sexist and dumb because women have hair on their arms....but this is different since that's like that thick dark arm hair that only men have

girls do not have that much hair dude

On your knees topless face included hun


have you had much breast growth?

Im taking the on the knees topless pic user above requested right now. Honestly no i havent yet but they have grown a bit. Which is why i dont already have pics of them saved.

From behind plz

You're fucking stupid if you think it's normal for a woman to have that much hair

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has it had any effect on your labido?

rip a whole and start breeding you like a girl you are

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I know its shit quality but here you go user. Please be gentle lmao.

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I dont have any all 4's from behind pic saved ill have to go take one. Dick visible or not?

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you look like smeagol

dick visible

so, gay thread

Not really. Thankfully lol

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Have not heard that one yet lol fairly creative. Can you describe the similarites to me? I dont see it.

That's perfect, I'd eat that ass and dick that dick so hard, thanks

need commands from a real man

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bend over, and prepare for some punishment. You've been very naught lately, boi

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Dumping rather

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OC. Cute?

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Spread that boipussy out for the real men

New fast growing Discord Sup Forums server, quickly join before the jannies cuck us.

discord gg/JZRkGh


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Yes lets see more

got a kik?

Whats cute about manbutt in tights? Post face. I bet your not passable.

Considering yesterday he tried to get anons to "source" his own picture
Dudes got some serious self esteem issues kek

Bitchslutboii on Reddit, cheers!

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lemme fug

Not a single trap. Fucking faggots, make your own threads

Is that the best you can do?

Damn called out lol

I just like getting dudes off what can I say

twitter/kik: LuciSinSin

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I like that tight little body bet it would look good from behind

then go to a fucking gay thread you non passable retard.

I love when you fucking moron incels act as gatekeepers to a trap thread.

>muh passing traps

Trap literally means that you dont know its a guy till its too late. IF you obviously dont fit this description and your still posting your dumb

Thinking about finally giving up with women and just banging traps. Found this one, I need a second opinion before anything.

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this person is exquisite i would give my life to look that good

No point calling them out dude
They don't give a shit
They like lowering the quality of trap threads

Why give up on women?

I don’t user you tell me...

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You need to be bred

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Who is this? It's been a long time since I've seen this person but that ass is fantastic.

The rise of traps is the free market correcting itself, women aren’t women anymore so men needed to come in a do a better job

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Shave ;_;

This is probably the sexiest black trap ever.

Clearly visible man tricep. Fail.

Fail. No trophies for trying.

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it's all about trap kittens

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someone needs a leash..

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If you have to cover your face don't bother posting
You're not a trap and we don't want you


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Trips have spoken

Fucking A+

What can i do better?