Why are you all so angry? It's been years and years.. is it all you can feel anymore?

Why are you all so angry? It's been years and years.. is it all you can feel anymore?

Haven't you realized by now that your anger doesn't serve you, but instead, allows you to become enslaved by others visage?

You're all so angry about gays or trans, Dem or Rep, this or that, black and white, up and down..

Aren't you tired of having your emotions used to make you into a slave of propoganda? Aren't you tired of being a pawn in the everlasting game of Divide and Conquer?

I was consumed by anger for so long, but only when I began to set myself free did I realize how much it had controlled my life. Far, far too much of my life.

It's not too late, user. You can let go of your anger, too.

You can regain control.

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Captain of my own experience.

After over 10 years of therapy and dozens of medications, I'm learning that some people just can't let anger go. I'm fully aware that anger only hurts me. But I can't stop.

Sometimes the world fucks you so hard that nothing but anger is left.

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One bump because I like your frog, but this thread will never survive here.

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go back to your own thread butt munch

I know this user, I have lost 5 friends to suicide, been robbed, raped twice, abused, mislead, cheated, scammed

There's so much to be angry about, and we can always let go. It's never too much, or too late. I'm not claiming that it's easy, either. I still feel my anger, but I do not serve it tea when it visits.

The Western world won't teach you anything about anger. We do not take the time to learn or try. I learned what i needed to know about my Anger from the East - they studied spirit and emotion for far longer than the West has

My anger recedes as I nurture my ability to love. Love can ease the burden (namely self love!)

You can do it user

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So many anons are going to see this thread, think to themselves, "that's not me." then they will go into a different thread to call people niggers and faggots

self awareness is lost

If i'm angry they believe more than me but if i break the rules i am rewarded for it.

I am not sure that I understand what you mean user

Hey OP off topic here but.

I just woke up from a dream not to long ago where I cheated on my GF. My girlfriends out of town and was also out of town in the dream, and I met this really short and spunky asian girl (gf is also asian). Me and spunky girl were talking ended up making out and she was sucking on my neck before I felt 100 shades of guilty and told her I had to stop. She continued to be there the rest of the dream and me and her kept talking and had strong feelings but I felt so bad about it.

I’ve never cheated on my GF. But I felt like shit about the dream when I woke up. Am I a bad person for falling for another girl, even if it’s in a dream OP?

Anger is like love - it flows like molten snow in the spring. If your digestive system is good - You can drink the spring water and survive. If you are doubting - You will die.
Do not bathe in the sewers.

Take the soma user. Why be angry when you can be free as a slave. Obedience is happiness. Power is doing what you're masters ask .

Of course not, user. It is natural to feel guilt, because you love her, even if this was a fantasy in your subconscious mind. I have been recording my dreams for the last two years, and from what I have gathered, our dreams help us to understand things in our waking life. I often dream about my ex because I love her very much, even though we hurt each other very much. My dreams show me many things, but the one thing that is always the most powerful is the feelings from these dreams; even if I cannot remember the content of the dream, I can always "feel" what it was about. many of my entries in my dream journal are simply "I don't remember, but I felt X and Y and Z."

I have learned so many things from my dreams, and so have you user! You learned how bad it feels to betray, and you didn't even have to betray anyone to learn this ...

what a gift ..!

I am not sure I understand this user

I seek no power, and require no obedience to smile and thrive

I have friends, I grow food, I create music, I smile - in this way, I am free

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We all in Sup Forums are wise and intelligent, some of us even are christians. But we come here because we like to feel important, to post our random and politically incorrect bullshitt and well that's Sup Forums

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kill yourself you hopeless loner

Even if you think it's just a jest, the words we manifest and create affect our lives and others. I have been told that words are akin to magic; that they are spells that we cast to sew our fate - Why do you think we call it "Spelling"?

If I go into a thread and call somebody a kike, I am not only hurting others but I have now hurt myself, too. What was the purpose of my anger then?

it serves as much a purpose as if we were to both stick our hand in a fire at the same time, even if we both agreed on our hate - we will burn together.

I used to say crude jokes and call my friends names to tease them, but I can no longer do this. Instead, I give them hugs. I tell them how much they mean to me

In this way, they are able to grow and change, too. We have gone from calling each other faggots to making each other truly smile and feel loved

What a gift :)


I tried to do that in 2014 user, and I survived with an 80% loss of motion in my back and shoulders

If you give someone a gift, and they do not accept it, to whom does the gift belong?

I love you

And I love you, beautiful stranger

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Actually the illuminati are pushing us to do this shitt via mental control (they're the world's best experts at that) to make us something easier to control

>mfw i see the world through the eyes of a child again

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Whatever name we give "them" the tactics remain constant. Anger is a weapon that they use. They feed our anger and use it to push their goals.

You can see this in so many places, and the more you look, the more you'll find. They want me to hate you, and you, and you, and you, and them, and they, and him and her

I refuse. I love you all, even if you fuck up, even if you hurt, even if you maim or kill - because only through love can we grow and advance. Only through love can we unbind what has bound us for thousands of years - anger

war, conquest, empires - they rise and fall throughout time and nothing changes. Nothing changes because we have yet to change as humans

I vowed to be the change I wish to see. I refuse to continue the cycles that hurt me, my friends, my family, my loved ones. If they strike, I will not strike back

This has been a long standing goal of mine user. I have felt so much of my childlike nature return to me over these years, but I can also feel that there is much left to be uncovered. I know he's in there, waiting to play, waiting to smile. I will not give up until he is free from my prejudice and fetter

>Sometimes the world fucks you so hard that nothing but anger is left.

Fuck off. Only pussies say that, and they're pussies BECAUSE they say that.

Fueled, OP.
Hatred, OP.

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It's not that simple, and this user does not need to be told to 'fuck off'. You have missed the point of this thread entirely by saying such things.

They're not a pussy, they're human. Do not let us become divided by rage. Our anger can teach us things, if we let it.

What have you learned from your anger in this moment? What, within yourself, has been revealed to you?

Anger does not come from others, it comes from ourselves. We can pretend to be angry at others, but this is part of the illusion. We can only ever be angry at ourselves.

I do not understand this comment

I am the British Adolf Hitler.

Response, Op.
I had to adjust your statement to suit my situation

I really don't understand what you're trying to communicate, sorry