Today I decided that it's time to buzz my head. Does it look better?

Today I decided that it's time to buzz my head. Does it look better?

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It does. The reflection in your eyes makes it look like you're an Al Bhed

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full head of hair > bald > balding

Yep, you actually look like a sleeper assassin rather than a guy going through a mid-life crisis.

It looks better but you need to cut it all off. Looks like you've trimmed with a 0.5, go all the way down.

You got 47'd congrats


quentin tarantino/10

You need a pair of cherry red Doctor Marten boots.

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>Does it look better?
Only slightly but more like a creep, get money transplants

And Propecia like Trump

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you look cleaner or something

like you look like you're having a midlife crisis on the before photo. so definitely better

i disagree with the other poster saying completely clean shaven. a 0.5 buzz is nicer imo. unless you get highly tanned. then go completely clean shaven.

It looks nice


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For some reason this reminds me of a mushroom

>a pair of cherry red Doctor Marten boots

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do you work as a dildo in your second job?

Is that really you?
If it is, lose some fat. I think you have potential of looking better than you currently do. Maybe get a bit ripped and tanned?
Have you experimented with facial hair?

U wot m8?

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are you one of the Targeted Individuals?

Paid some guy to doodle on his face.
>ultra gay

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Yeah man, I hope the chemo's going ok.

Yeah, it makes you look about 20 years younger. You look like a cool normal dude.

Lose some fat? He's fucking skeletor looks like he weighs 1kg. You retarded.

Nope. He'd get more defined cheekbones and stuff, atleast it seems like it.

Tbh yes you look way better imo. No offence or anything

Hey don't listen to negative feedback. You look better, with the amount of hair you had, you looked like you desperately wanted to keep it, now you look fresh. Down side: I'm a dude, as far as looks go you should be more concerned about what women think....

I think he will be left over with black ones

yah looks better

Ok. I’m “old”. Back in my day, 80’s tight acid washed jeans, white high tops, metal, cool. So these ultra skinny jeans show up a few years ago. Wat? Forget about faggot-looking, but they look uncomfortable as fuck. Shoes are cool, but with that jeans look? No. Explain this shit to me.

>inb4 ok boomer

Looks better shaved off, be thankful you have a head that can pull it off

He likely got some company to make some special shit for a million.

You look like Billy Corgan now

Your face reminds me of Ulrich Mühe.

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Lose the eyebrows and experience true style

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better cause balding just means shave everything off

Yes but it's all for naught until you learn how to dance to hardstyle/gabber.