Exposed wives/gf's part 17,998,291

Exposed wives/gf's part 17,998,291

Current gf.

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You a cuck or just sharing?

Sharing for my bro's.

Nice. What's her face look like. She hot?

Not gonna show more than I have to...

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Old gf

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Here is my beloved cumbucket

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No damn way

Why not?

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That was my only webm, though, unfortunately

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way too hot

I guess I’m just a lucky guy

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Not saying that in a negative way, man. She's just got a damn good body

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How about give us proof. Give a Pic of her giving a peace sign

Tiny Gf. Takers?

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She have a tight stomach?

My gf
Thats great

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LOUISE!!! So fucking hot : D

That ain't your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mom you stupid faggot.

Show us her pussy.
I'm stroking

Also nice holes. Why tight stomach?

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Please god share more of this goddess!!

She’s not home right now. These are mostly pics she’s sent to me over the years.

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its not exposing if you dont show face assholes

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We all have our kinks bro. I like fit chicks

that is a fat puss, lucky



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Oh. Who is it?

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What would you like to see?

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trade Gf's?
kik Slampiggie01

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Her masterbating

Maybe not 100% fit but close

Maybe some older stuff! I’ve saved everything you’ve posted of late here brother

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Well let's see. Not here to judge, bro. Just looking to see a nice body and nice tits

Matches the fat ass

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God damn. Who is this

Two in one

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Would jizz good for her ?

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Let me see her face and over all body type

a busty slut exposed

goddamn....cheers. i'd hit that harder than my disappointment of a son when he comes home from another private school he got kicked out of.


I love white trash chicks. Any more?

Sorry user no such pics left. Would take her?

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she cute. and looks like she has a good sense of humor too boot.


She’s gone to visit her folks for a few weeks and it’s fucking tough. It’s hard to go back to rubbing it out when I’m used to having her around to come into.

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Very nice! I’d love to see her in more of those sexy outfits user!


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Here you go

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FUCK YES! That’s what I’m talking about
She’s so fucking sexy all dressed up like that!!

Wife’s tits

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Thanks man. I love showing her of

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Show wife's body


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As you should! She’s fucking perfection
Love seeing her : D

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Looks like a gal from Wrexham to me

Thanks. I'm trying to get her to fuck other dudes but no luck yet. But it's been close a few times now so only a matter of time

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Wife's juicy ass

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Fuck I would in a second! She’s perfect

Y'all are so full of shit. You niggers couldn't get any of these girls. We're a bunch of turds.

That's why I want to share my good fortune. She is way to good of a fuck to keep to myself

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This one... Wow. Anymore like this or any sets?

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And I couldn’t thank you more brother!!


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Speak for yourself. I’ve been posting this girl since before I married her.

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Yeah? What led to this

Can you tribute her? Love showing her those hoping one will spark something haha

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Share more videos then

You should make a mega for her! I’d cum for weeks for her

I’d fucking love to! Do you have kik or a way of communicating? I can make her a cum tribute video for her

Send up some vids of this set!

What's yours?

i will post nudes if there's interest

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Don’t have that many. She mostly sends me stills while I’m at work.

Have this one, though:

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Age? Her tits are the perfect size.