Be me

>be me
>on my way home from McDonalds in rush hour
>35 mph speed limit
>little white girl cunt in mid 20s driving SUV is going 30
>she is holding up traffic
>like wtf
>so i pass her and look over
>she is completely absorbed in her cell phone
>her eyes not on the road
>time to teach this cunt a lesson about texting and driving
>zoom past her, swerve right into her lane and break check the everloving fuck outta her
>look in rear view mirror, her car slams on its breaks and i hear another car bash into her
>drive the fuck off in a McHurry
>sitting here with my McDonalds
>texting and driving kills. don't do it!

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Just move into the left lane and go about your day. Who gives a fuck what other people do

I do and I rule the road. And yes I carry.

what you've done is criminal.

furthermore, you got an innocent bystander involved in a car accident for no good reason.

kill yourself.

>boy i sure showed that bitch guise
U r sittin at home eating mcdonalds posting on Sup Forums about shitty drivers.. you sad lonely and pathetic faggot you

7/10 bait, love it

Thats the spirit! ...until one of those idiots hurts someone you love. Some textaholic piece of fucking shit nearly killed my wife. Hit her head on after crossing the center lane. Wife couldnt walk for weeks, vehicle totaled, and she still has mental trauma to this day.

Anyone who texts while driving deserves to die an insanely painful death. If I ever find out I have a terminal disease, I'm going to drive around and shoot anyone who I see texting while driving. Try profiling that

How does it feel to be a douchebag?

It feels like being full


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OP here, I wish I could have felt the fear that girl felt the instant she realized I was braking. I timed it perfectly so I picked up my RPM before stopping to hard so I zoomed off. I hope she feels like shit because it's her fault for thinking she's the only person in the Universe and she isn't obligated to do basic fundamental human tasks like pay attention when you're in a 4,000 pound vehicle.

now she knows

Wanna come keep me company?

well to be fair the guy driving behind the woman should have enough distance to not crash into her when she has to emergency brake. So technically, it's the fault of the driver behind the woman.

Oh I didn't know we had a lawyer on Sup Forums! Where'd you go to law school? What's your area of practice?


Kek, OP here and I actually agree with you. The person who gets the ticket is whoever was behind the chick. And if I recall it was a middle aged black woman chimping out because the chick was going too slow. Now they get to duke it out and I sip my Coca Kola

OP always wins. Do not fuck with me when I drive. You're gonna be fucked up.

So someone rear ended her? If no one was hurt, she still gets her car fixed to look like new or totalled out by her insurance for super cheap. All you did was give her a way to play victim and tell her own heroic tale of survival. She probably learned nothing by you being an absolute twat. Causing an accident because you have a fucked up moral compass makes you worse than her texting and driving. YOU could have killed someone too, idiot.

I feel better about the interaction so I really do not care.

You sound like you text and drive. You're gonna get fuckin brake checked so hard, I do not play games with people like you.

>break check
obvious b8 is obvious


Proving you're a bigger problem than her. Good job, OP.

thanks Sup Forumsro

you're b8

>zoom past her, swerve right into her lane

She was in right lane where she belonged, this is bait. Fuck off OP