Democrats own witness explains that until Pelosi hands over the Articles, Trump has not yet been impeached

Democrats own witness explains that until Pelosi hands over the Articles, Trump has not yet been impeached.

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>Pure desperation
Trump has already been impeached.

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Trump has been impeached. Impeachment is similar to indictment. He has been formally accused of wrongdoing. That is called impeachment.
Impeachment is not when he gets kicked out, it's when he is formally accused.
Republican representatives on TV are morons, and nit wits who dont do any research are morons.
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Nope not technically

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>Trump has been impeached
No moron
You can keep screeching like you have for the last 3 years, you have 5 to go.

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Only the problem lies in the fact one of the scholars that was brought in to bolster the claims the democrats are making is now saying that if pelosi doesn't hand over the impeachment to the senate and formalize the house's vote, hes not impeached. This is because the entire impeachment is a process, not a vote according to the scholar, and failing to follow through with the house's part of that process by kicking it up to the supreme court means that it is incomplete and is not official.

All this being said, simple fact the house isnt pushing it to the senate and are trying to dictate to the senate the terms of the trial portion speaks more about partisanship than about principle. The house wants to control what the senate does, which is the house over stepping its boundaries regarding the process. If it was all about impeachment and principle, then pelosinshouldve handed it over and then make.the case that if nothing comes of it its partisanship on the behalf of republicans on the senate and argue that the democrats in the house were doing things set by precedent.

Hes still president either way till convicted and formally removed from office by the Senate. So yeah, not much has changed and no one is seriously surprised the vote went the way it did. It's not some huge landslide victory for the dems. It would've been if the vote needed bipartisanship approval and got it. But that's not the case.

Not supreme court. Meant senate

He's already been impeached, idiot.
Trump supporters are so fucking stupid. No one even needs to oppose you. The best solution to this cancer is to just let them do what they want and they will die out within a few years.

>one of the scholars
more than one-


No, he hasn't been. Until the articles are delivered to the Senate, he has not been impeached.

> But Noah Feldman wrote for Bloomberg that an “indefinite delay” would pose a “serious problem”—as impeachment only technically happens when the articles are transmitted to the Senate.

The above was from a Democrat witness that testified in the house hearings.

>Retards who think impeachment means removal from office

>He's already been impeached, idiot.
>Trump supporters are so fucking stupid.
We are huh.
And not impeached, dipshit.

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He’s been impeach, you fucking mong. He just wasn’t removed from office due to the senate not giving a shit about his blatant corruption.
>using fox as a credible source
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>He’s been impeach

He's my president

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No, he hasn't. It's impeachment once the articles have been voted for and then transferred. It's fucking weird and it doesn't make sense but that's how it works.

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>Trump is officially impeached, but as Mitch said, he will be found innocent and not removed in senate vote
>TL:DR because retarded Trump supporter, Trump is 3rd impeached US president after Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton. And like those two, will not be removed from office due to senate voting him innocent.

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he isn't impeached or removed from office
they have to send it to the Senate and at that point he'll have been impeached, retard

>Trump is officially impeached

I know this is Sup Forums but you guys are not this retarded are you?

Nobody is saying impeached and removed from office are the same thing, you moron. It's not impeachment until it's sent to the Senate to decide. Think of it like writing a report and not turning it in even though your friends all know you and your classmates did your assignments together in the library.

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>turns out he wasn't impeached yet due to a technicality
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Yes, he doesn't make the rules or determine shit. So just blabber.

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>> Trump has not yet been impeached.
Not true, but who cares? Enjoy Christmas, you Big Orange Turd! Keep twisting in the wind.

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Always your Sugar Daddy, Trumpettes!

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