Would you fuck a hot trap Sup Forums?

Would you fuck a hot trap Sup Forums?

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honestly yeah i would

Would I?
Nigga. I would suck the dick on a hot trap. If it makes me feel like its feminine, thats where my reptile brain goes. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. You cant be like "holy shit that ass is hot" and then truth is its got a dick, then do a 180. A holes a hole.

100% yes

Already fucked a cute twink, so a trap would just be even better.

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I want to marry a cute trap

My ex was one and he was really hot. Probably just based on horny levels it was better experience than dating a woman

I'm about to give my first bj wish me luck UwU

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Yeah I kinda already know that but thanks for reassuring me bro

Go get fucked Hon, have some fun!

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good luck! dont forget to swallow. post updates after

They act like the word faggot has any power over us.

like dude I've been called that for 23 years you think your dumb ass is gonna get to me?

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>Would you fuck a hot trap

Definitely. I love traps, I think it's because they have men's personalities but women's looks, so it's the best of both worlds. Plus the dick is great too.

Yeah exactly, like at this point you can call me fag all you want. My ex used to call me fag when I was kissing him LOL


No, but i would love to get fucked by hot trap.

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Hhhnnng that's so hot. Sabrina Suzuki right? her massive cock is heavenly. Imagine being totally filled up by a huge girl cock, totally emasculated by a pretty girl. Must be incredible.

Dick is 100000 times better than vag

You look like the TF2 medic

Yep. I totally agree. Dick is WAY more aesthetic. But femininity is nice. So traps are a perfect mix.

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What not both at the same time

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Yeah, but in reality, a lot of them are really depressing or psychologically messy

outter beauty can do really bad things to the human brain. I would know, I used to trap and camwhore

And I felt so ugly inside :(

I know I'm not ugly, but when you're focused on trying to be cute, all you're really telling yourself is "you're not good enough, you can be cuter."

And so you try and try, and fail and fail because you can only ever be you.

I have yet to find a trap irl where my heart said "this one is ok to be with". I have had many partners, and I have found that unless I listen to my heart's feelings, I will choose the wrong partners.

Something about traps just makes my body say "not this one" even if I find them very attractive.

So to answer your question, OP, I would, but my heart says it's a bad idea, and i know that if I argue with my heart, it'll be a bad time.

also traps don't typically go for other traps v__v;

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I would, if they looked like this.

or this:

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My trap friend actually really likes traps, but he’s also a huge dicked top so that’s probably why

big dick qts like
this one are a huge turn on for me..

I wish that hormones didn't almost kill me because I was close to that reality myself

hyperkalimia is no joke

Yes! My trap friend has some kink that makes him really like teasing tops by showing them his huge dick. He’s a crazy 9 inches and seeing that on a thin feminine body is so hot

you ever suck him off?

I cannot. Too thick makes my jaw hurt after 2 minutes. I just jerk him off if he’s with me and he starts pushing me to. He’s tried convincing me to let him top me a few times

that's a shame, he at least cum in your mouth?

My new BF doesnt like it when I say it. I use it as a word of endearment the same way the niggers did. Also it's just nice to have a word that I can say that most other people would get in trouble for.

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Nah, I ain't no faggot. I would let a trap fuck me, like a proper straight man.

uggh, what a dream *__*

I want to play with a boy like that so badly but my heart always says no reeee

I mean I am totaly not gay but I would fuck a trap idk why shit was always weird fantasy

100% yes its like a girl without the problem and a dick

Why not? It’s a lot of fun
I liked it, I thought it was funny
No he came on my face

100% but no trap are cute just picture and filter irl they look shit i keep my anime fantasy

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Some look really good honestly. It’s just INSANELY rare to find the good ones

Never seen even a passable question did trap only go for trap ? in fact i dont want to be a trap or neither i can 6ft3 220lbs 5 year of workout in gym 4-5/7 days but trap was always a real fantasy

My fiances's a trap, so yes

Pic related

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You serious

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no bad
but not going to lie those are some serious "I'm going to smother you with a pillow in your sleep" eyes

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I think your bf posts in our threads

She's as crazy as i am so she probably would!