Tell me about the rejections and reactions and admissions of disappointment you have had from women who saw your small...

tell me about the rejections and reactions and admissions of disappointment you have had from women who saw your small penis.

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she was afraid that my tool would rip her in half. i had to settle for a hand-job.

yer doing it wrong!

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Oh boy, where to start...

Well, one girl I met in club seemed pretty nice. I took her back to my flat and we started undressing. She seemed upset, soo I asked why and she asked if I wasn't attracted to her. I said no, so she asked why I wasn't hard... I was rock hard and throbbing, but unfortunately I max out at 4 inches. I told her, and she apologised, so we got back down to it. She told me to shove it all in, which I did, then she said "ALL of it". I told her it was, and she just looked at me and told me to get off of her. She got dressed in silence and I ordered her a taxi home. I text her the next day and told her I'd just had too much to drink, which she said okay to but I think she knew I was lying.

I have a few other reactions, but this was the time I 'technically' lost my virginity, so yeah, there you go guys.

fucking loser lmao

tell me the other times it happened please.

Just trying to contribute to the thread dude

idk, i have 4 inches too and ive had no problems, fucked a chinese girl i met on 3 different occasions, a korean girl one night stand, and 1 japanese girl that i met on 2 different occasions, and i've had a japanese gf steady for 2 years now, no problem.

Maybe its because i live in asia ?

If you're white, then you just win win win in Asia I bet! Maybe I should move there, have better luck

i have never shown my small penis to any woman

>meet girl on pof who is barely interested
>make joke about "great penis brings great responsibility"
>suddenly she is down to meet up
>on couch she feels the crotch of my jeans when I make a move
>goes dead pan serious and refuses to go any further.

Sure thing!

So another time (prior to the one I mentioned) I was at a party and a few people started getting off with girls and taking them to their rooms (student dorms) so I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a shot. Well, there was a girl I'd been chatting up and we were both fairly drunk so we headed back to my room. We made out, clothes came off, things were getting pretty hot... and then of course she saw it. She was a nice girl, but really drunk and let out a laugh, but apologised and said she was just nervous, so I brushed it off. I asked if she wanted to have sex but we didn't have any condoms so she agreed to give me a handjob instead.

That one wasn't so bad, plus we're still friends to this day.

Another party, this one after losing my virginity, another girl I brought back to my room. She was way out of my league but a bit of a slut, so I figured I stood a chance, plus we were both drunk again. Anyway, she started sucking it to get it hard, then got annoyed that I got stagefright, so she tried a bit more and I ended up cumming a little too soon. She just gave me a look like "really?" and headed off. I heard from someone else that she mentioned to her friends about going home with a guy with a tiny dick, but thankfully she didn't mention who and nobody saw me with her (I think).

I have had some good interactions, these are just the bad ones though.

>meet girl at mcjob
>girl is a 4 or 3 out of ten total white trash loser
>invite her to my place to get drunk
>we drink and she asks if im a virgin i say yes
>try to fuck her and she says "i donno you are a virgin Id feel bad" convince her anyways
>take out dick she is suprized
>"every other guy i have been with as been at least this big" she says pointing to my bog stem which i thought was huge
>shes got a tampon in refuses to take it out makes me fuck her with it in.
>wont fuck with me again, calls and tells me when she gets a new boyfriend and tells me how good he is in bed.


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My sister told her friends about my little dick. Now they joke on me often using small objects.

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I have a small dick, pic related. The WORST thing any woman ever told me was a frequent visitor and she said "yeah, your dick is below average, but you're some of the best sex I ever had." Whether she meant it or not, we fucked off and on for years so it obviously didn't matter much. Never had any other real complaints or problems with it.

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I used to have a 5x4 dick two years ago
No complaints now with my 6x5

Not a woman, but I got mine called a 'laughably tiny baby dick' by a femboy. He ended up topping me in the most humiliating and frustratingly hot night of my life.

You know how to work it well man.

I'm pretty honest so no girl is surprised, confident, great at being social. In bed, I try to make sure a woman has at least one orgasm before I even get it in.

I love that my small circumsized girldick is useless and I love being reminded of that fact.

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You're so cute!

More please, ass prefferably.

The things id do to you...

Thank you c:

Here you go! I'm a sissy~

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You're a cutie is what you are ;)

Nice, keep posting all sorts of pics please, ur absolutely delicious

I'm also small and deserve to be locked up!

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I want to sniff your feet while you suck my cock

Any videos of your sexy body?

Are my feet pretty? :o

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More full body shots, btw would you be interested in this?

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So jealous. My wife bought me a cage and my balls and cock are so fucking thick that the largest ring doesn't come close to fitting. I'm not sure where to get the right cage.


More full body shots! But no, sorry, I like girls :o

I'll be honest, that cage slips off so easily, they're all too big, even the "sissy clit" one pictured.

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Too bad, youre actually perfect.

Well I would definitely plant them on my face while im in your asshole to the hilt

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>tfw no big sister to flick my balls, and humiliate me until I cum on the floor by accident.

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Damn I wish my balls were a lot smaller. I have kids and my vasectomy. I don't need these huge pendulous things.

Got any more vids?

I've got a whole google drive full! I normally charge for these but, whatever c:

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Please show off that little cock more

I would 100% pinch those nipples and flick that little clitty

Here's one from just 30 minutes ago for a client c:

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I'm not into scat.

my threads been hijacked by some gross man tittied faggot

My wife is actually physically repulsed by my tiny penis and insists we used dildos every time we have "sex".

at the most she will give me a hand job but it just ends up being her finger and thumb.

I could fuck her for you if you want to watch

I think I'm in love

with that man face? jesus kay riest

With that beautiful feminine body and yes, that gorgeous face too. Problem? Stop being mad that you'll never be that hot, nor fuck anybody that hot.

k same-fagging delusional tranny. join the 40 percent.

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Willow actually has a pretty big dick

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>I heard from someone else that she mentioned to her friends about going home with a guy with a tiny dick
bruh, they were telling you on the sly they know about your little dick
Girls name names. Especially sluts

I asked my ex to come over and humiliate my little dick, she ended up bringing a friend. one of the hottest experiences of my life

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Fag user here.
Super frustrated that I can't find literally any guys with a super small cock.
I'm hung & pretty good looking so no issue getting to the part where I ask to see a cock.
But they're all average or above.
So I have to ask.
Do you guys even try to find people to fuck anymore?
Or have you been rejected so many times that I just can't find you because you're not looking?

shes a retard who cant hold a ruler though

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No point in trying

got sent SS after this was sent

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Where are you finding all these women who want big dicks? Every time I drop trou they bitch and whine that it's gonna hurt and I end up having to settle for a shitty blowjob/handjob combo instead. It's getting really fucking annoying

Post dick

If you're that ashamed of your junk, just donate to a sperm bank and get de-nutted so you don't have to worry about it anymore