Tell me you faggots wouldn't stick your tongue in mama Blaire's asshole

Tell me you faggots wouldn't stick your tongue in mama Blaire's asshole.

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Is that the chick from stranger things?

Yep. MillieVanillieBobille Brown confirmed.

Smokin babe. I'd hit it for days.

Would love to see her bent over. When I first discovered the channel I legit thought it was a woman

She looks like the late queen Patricia Araujo.

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No, that's a man.

I'd stuff my tongue and nose up her asshole for literal hours


Happy to see representation of the first transgender woman from Whoville.

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She killed herself six months ago or so.

So why are you baiting?

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Elle got implants and you've moved onto this?
No girl wants a fair weather ass eater, you will never taste butthole

Are you serious? Or this is one of those "traps kill themselves" repetitions?

I wouldn't stick my tongue in mama Blaire's asshole.

par the course with their kind

that's a man, faggot

I'd suck her dick


You'd rather suck mama Blaire's cock, wouldn't you?

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I guess you could google it, no?


man legs, man jaw, man brow.

She's also self-righteous and annoying af.

Would not even associate with

I want to stare into her eyes as she fucks me bareback

where are the nudes?


his dick must be fucking miniature

Mama Blair filename

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Probably tucked it for the pic.

I'd be afraid to. Blaire's really skinny, it'd be like tearing a twink in half, if the twink took medication for so long that his bone density got weaker which meant a fat enough cock would make his ass bleed.

Surely Blaire didn't do that. Funniest fucking thing Blaire ever said was that "She" is coming off of E after nearly 6 years to try and get a surrogate pregnant.

You're engaged to a man that hasn't put 5 years of E in his body... do his balls not work? Why do you need to start growing a moustache again just so you can be the sperm donor? This means Joey has no biological tie to the child so when the inevitable divorce happens; Joey doesn't have to pay Jack shit in child support because he isn't genetically linked to the surrogate baby because his boyfriend Blaire has a superiority complex and wants to come off of E to make sure "She" helped create it. Only one of them is linked to the baby. There is no biological female in the couple who can have her egg implanted into the surrogate, so it's more than a surrogacy, this woman will be the biological mother and Blaire will be the father and Joey is a cuck.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

She still looks a little like a Hispanic boy

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god yes. more please.

Can you imagine her forcing you on your knees and making you suck her dry?

But are you telling me you wouldn't suck Blaire's cock to completion and then push all of her cum into the donor's gaping pussy? If so, you sir, are a liar.

Oh don't get me wrong I'm not a moron, you can debate pronouns till the cows come home, if it walks, talks and fucks like a duck, it's getting fucked like one too. Blaire made the effort so I'd make a woman out of him.

no, because i'm not a faggot like you

No, she's annoying

You're much more of a faggot in comparison to me if you're honestly saying you wouldn't fuck Blaire's ass to a bloody mess.

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>willing to sodomize a man until anal rupture
>calls others a bigger faggot than himself
you need to be shot in the head

keep posting, about to nut

I genuinely want to know what happens to a Trannies tits in their 80's but the fuckers don't live long enough.

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I would not.
As Blaire is looking for a surrogate to have a child with, if you raise a Tranny's son, what level of Cuck is that?

Ask Joey.

I've been wondering about this. I don't know that it would work, but the women's lib movement created the two-earner household, perhaps the tranny lib movement will create the three-earner household, where a man marries a woman and a tranny. The tranny wouldn't be a mother, but could be a "mom" or a big sister kind of figure. It seems kinda weird, but it would be one more place to stick your dick, and it wouldn't really be cheating.

imagine if he was in porn

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Omg I would love to fuck her mouth so badly that’s all I want in life before I die

Well the plan is to have the money to pay the surrogate off, and somehow survive the legal dismount. Otherwise you're stuck with another person in the mix.
I have a pet idea where non-reproductive couples should get the assistance of the sibling of the opposite partner.
Like Man marries Blaire, they get the Man's sister to be the surrogate. Then everyone is related to the child.
It also makes your son/daughter into your niece/nephew at the same time.
Otherwise you outsource it to a 3rd world womb, get the kid weaned, and then they get to know that they're mother was a baby pump for people rich enough to pull that off.

Yeah, I don't know much about it, but it seems like there are a lot of variables in both scenarios. They should just adopt an African baby like all the other couples in Hollyweird.

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benis :D

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Lmfao nice

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They should be MAGA and Adopt American Made. Plenty of kids at the Used Kid Store.
They can even make sure to get one that hasn't been raped too much.

I don't wanna be turned on but i am :(

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