New Loli thread

New Loli thread

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Delete this thread and try again.

No, I won't.

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Stfu retard

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is this nigger shit some jewish conspiracy just like the blacked and cuck threads?

stop wasting your time trying to use your jewish trickery on us

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any loli mega links?

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fuck yeah

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I like loli rape.

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don't we all

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I hope so.

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There was a comic posted recently. Two panels: top and bottom.

In the top panel was a schoolgirl loli with a backpack. A word bubble on the left has a male symbol going inside a female symbol then a question mark. The loli responds with an "Ok!"

The bottom panel is her on her back, legs in air the with a large guy on top of her.

Can someone repost?


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non shit-edited version

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Nice granny porn, fags
Where the todd at?

This is the good thread.

non shit-edited version

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I'm not wild about it.

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Got disc? If so, mine is monanon#4749

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This nigger knows the good shit.

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non shit-edited version

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tfw convinced my sister to do this when we were 12-13
Had so much fun back then

Whats a good VR loli game?

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Come on guys, I want to see the most degrading things in this Thread

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Tell us the story user, how did you convince her?

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she was a needy kid my parents always said she was a bit dumb and that got to her i was the favorite kid and when i played with her she was happy.
then i realized i could give her orders and she would do whatever i wanted but i was dumb so i only did some tame stuff like touching each other's private parts and watch her butt and pussy got bored back then.
looking back i could had an incest relationship with her but i fucked up i should have continued with that

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Someone here likes BBC

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me and my waifu love it

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why does this make me hard?

Anyone here tried to hypnotize a loli before? I hypnotized a 10 year old loli, then fucked her silly. Tearing through that loli pussy hymen is the best feeling especially when she's almost lifeless due to being hypnotized.

Sauuussse plsss

Use greentexts you absolute newfaggots

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Because there is nothing hotter than little girls who are supposed to be innocent, lusting after black cock.

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Slimdog, not my favorite but easy to find todd. If you notice you're seeing a lot more male genitalia than todd bodies.

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more of this realistic shit

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I had a 12 year old tell me they’d fuck me and suck my dick. Basically whatever I wanted her to do.

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