Can anyone tell me who this girl is, I am in love

Can anyone tell me who this girl is, I am in love.

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I saw her in the past, I dont think she does anything explicit sadly, but have a bump brother

>t. Doggo

That's Paige...Trust me you don't want anything to do with her. She's nasty, she does "other stuff" with that dog too.

But I do, bring the sauce

Lonk for morbid curiosity?

Uhhh she got an insta or something?

we gotta need the source for this bro

fake news

also poor dog

this gives me the strangest boner

her name is princess. That scaggly human she is with i have no idea. Princess is pretty hot. i think i'm in love too.

gg/ fKt5zA

White girrrrrrls fuck doooooooogs they really fuck them

>white women

I dont have proof but it did happen. Last year the school in the next town over from where I live had this one slut who uploaded a video on instagram of her fucking her dog raw. I didnt know about it until the news about it spread to my school because I'm not a stupid normiefag and dont use instagram. It's funny because they acted like it was the craziest thing ever but I see shit like that if not crazier here on Sup Forums. Stupid Normiefags.

OH! She'll put anything in her mouth. ANYTHIING!!!

Talked my ex into doing shit with her dog it was pretty funny

go on.....

Drop a kik if u want the videos





Lol no more guys shit








Because i want to see her suck her own cooch butter and dog spunk off of it's tongue, while she leaks a literal cup of jizz on the floor.





Gonna have to report the news fags


Sorry to burst your bubble there user, but that is a rabbit

anyone got the vids?

That is the only vid. Newfags dropping kiks are newfags.

there's no videos of her fucking the dog you imbeciles. or other kinds of vids for that matter. I was on her insta weeks ago, nothing special, occasional butt pic, no clevage.


What's her insta faggot?

U wish fagit

Please tell me bro, I need this more than oxygen bruh.

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